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The Good Things Guy is on a mission to change what the world pays attention to. Brent Lindeque believes there's good news all around us & the 100's of stories he receives every day are his proof. Brent spends his time hunting down & reporting on the best Good News stories from South Africa, and the world. In Good Things Guy, you'll meet these everyday heroes & hear their incredible stories!

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From Meth Addiction to Marathons: A SA story of healing

Author Constantinos Carastavrakis, known to his friends as Costa, talks to Brent Lindeque about his life story: growing up Greek and gay in Joburg; suffering trauma and falling into a devastating crystal meth addiction. From Meth Addiction to Marathons: It's a South African story of healing. Costa brings light and humour to the darkness of addiction and shows that true body, mind and spirit recovery is possible for anyone who cares enough to heal themselves.

Thinking outside the classroom

Valenture Institute is an exciting new global, online education space set to offer South African learners a highly engaging and socially rich learning experience supported by expert tutors and mentors. The Institute’s mission is to evolve what it means to “go” to school by transforming physical limitations into digital opportunities.
Robert Paddock is the ex Co-Founder of GetSmarter, an online education company that has educated over 90,000 working professionals from 134 countries around the world, and partners with Universities such as Harvard, Cambridge, MIT, Oxford, LSE and Stanford. And he joins Brent to chat about all the good stuff they’re doing.

72 half marathons in 72 days!

Morne Basson recently finished a crazy event where he ran 72 half marathons on a treadmill in 72 days to better a Guinness World Record while raising awareness for people suffering from Motor Neuron Disease. The passionate athlete opens up to Brent Lindeque about why raising awareness matters so much.

Forgiveness in the face of a killer

Candice Mama met the Apartheid assassin who brutally took her father's life, but instead of hatred, she felt love and shared the experience in an open letter to SA, encouraging forgiveness. Since then she’s become a Forgiveness Advocate and been named Vogue Magazine's one of 33 Most Inspiring Women alongside Michelle Obama, Nicole Kidman and Malala, to name a few. Candice joins Brent Lindeque to speak about the moment she faced Eugene de Kock and how forgiveness has opened so many doors for her.

They're SA's future leaders, and Brent is blown away!

Over the past decade, the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation has had a remarkable impact on the people and communities in which it works. Through dedication, collaboration and a commitment to creating positive change, the incredible foundation continues to build on previous achievements to create a South Africa we can all be proud of. The Executive Director of the Foundation - Chantelle Oosthuizen - has joined Brent in studio with two of her students.

Wendy Knowler, consumer champion

This week, Brent Lindeque sits down to talk with one of South Africa's top consumer journalists, Wendy Knowler. She has weekly radio shows on 702, East Coast Radio and Cape Talk, and also writes weekly print and online columns for TimesLive, Daily Dispatch and Weekend Post. Brent and Wendy talk about the power of social media; company culture and overflowing email inboxes in this episode of Good Things Guy.
Wendy's website

Cupcakes of HOPE - baking a difference every day

Cupcakes of HOPE is a South African Non-Profit Company who’s aim is to raise awareness and funds for families in need of medical assistance, and they do this all through the love of baking cupcakes. They've several events during the year but their main event is hosting South Africa’s National Cupcake Day 4 Kids with Cancer every September. This is an entirely community-driven project and an amazing event that brings the whole community together for an awesome cause! Sandy Cipriano (Aunty Sandy), the founder of Cupcakes of HOPE, joins the Good Things Guy Brent Lindeque to chat about her incredible foundation; the kids she helps and her chance meeting with Oprah.
Kegan's story Official website

Richard Wright - on overcoming the odds

He is a three time, stage four brain cancer survivor who overcame all the odds of beating cancer whilst at the same time competing in some of the world’s toughest endurance events, including six Ironman triathlons in that time. He is an expert on the power of the brain, change management, authenticity, and understanding how to overcome literally anything. He is an incredibly inspirational South African who is unbelievably passionate about our country, and a voice that we need to hear right now. His name is Richard Wright, someone who I have followed for years & he’s finally on the Good Things Guy Jacpod!

Good Things Guy breaks format as our tears for SA continue

This episode of Good Things Guy is not Brent Lindeque's usual format. He continues to highlight crimes against South Africa's women and children, following one of our darkest weeks. The TEARS Foundation's founder Mara Glennie joins Brent in studio to talk about the crisis, and how TEARS is helping those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse. It's an important listen.
TEARS Foundation

South African women stand up - and speak up

Parts of South Africa are on fire, women are being raped, violently beaten and murdered & numerous children have been kidnapped. But that was just Monday this week. When you think about what is going on in SA, it is easy to get lost in negativity, and the anger. But this is what we need to do feel to figure out how we fix it, together! Danny Painter and Philicity Reeken - two powerhouse women from Jacaranda FM - have joined me in studio to start the conversation, and understand the current state of the nation. It's not my usual Good Things Guy episode, but it's perhaps my most important.

How Alison Botha’s horrific ordeal created an incredible initiative that's saved lives

On an evening in December 1994, an extraordinary event took place in Alison’s ordinary life. She was abducted by two men and taken to the outskirts of the coastal city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa, where they raped and brutally assaulted her. She was stabbed in the abdomen more than 30 times and her throat was slit from side to side. The men left her for dead in the bushes. But somehow she lived. Somehow she was able to find her way back to the road where she collapsed. A car finally stopped and found the near-dead Alison. Despite the odds, she lived.
Woman INpowered really started when Alison Botha got up and decided to live in December 1994, but the idea was born in 2000 when Mark Grobbler wrote his thesis.
It became a full time concern in 2012. WIP as its known is an extremely simple, easy to learn yet devastatingly effective self INpowerment system that has been designed specifically for Women (and now men too) to give them the ability to make a choice in a threatening situation. Mark joins Brent Lindeque in a candid discussion about Alison, the WIP program and how it saved a Miss South Africa’s life. Listen to the JacPod episode here.

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