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Episode 18 - The Million Dollar Question: What is Mainstream Veganism Doing?

In this episode we discuss and critique some recent forms of vegan activism, from offering Trump $1 million to not eat animals for a month, to vigils, to reenacting non-human animal exploitation, to The Game Changers documentary. We also respond to some interesting listener feedback.
The Lonely Vegans (Instagram Post) Muslims Aren’t A Race, So I Can’t Be Racist, Right? Wrong. (Article) Racism and Islamophobia (Article) Yes, Islamophobia is a type of racism. Here’s why The Instagram Conundrum: Why did a photo of James Aspey spark outrage and split opinions? (Article) Blue Horizon International Foundation (Website)

Episode 17 - Nuance & Naysayers

Recently Carnism Debunked (George Martin - also of Anonymous for the Voiceless) made a “debunking” video of our 11th episode. This is our response.
We discuss a range of ideas such as “carnism”, “men’s rights”, centrism, intersectionality, consistent anti-oppression, fascism, feminism, Trump, circumcision, consent, privilege, the gender binary, conscription, patriarchy, domestic violence, Anarchism and veganism.

Content warning: racism, homophobia, ableism, sexism, sexual assault, domestic violence, genital mutilation, suicide, Islamaphobia, Anti-semitism, misogyny

For feedback and questions, email us:

All music and editing by us.
Kimberlé Crenshaw; The Urgency of Intersectionality Episode 11; Are All Animal Rights Activists Worth Supporting? There Are More Than Two Human Sexes Factbox: Female genital mutilation around the world: a fine, jail or no crime? The Registration and Drafting of Women in 1980: Position Paper of the National Organization for Women, February 6, 1980 Congress Wrestles Over the Question of the Draft for Women Consistent Anti-Oppression Unite the Right Rally White Right: Meeting the Enemy Deeyah Khan There’s Been An ‘Outbreak’ Of Nearly 900 Hate Incidents Since Trump’s Win An Oral History of Trump’s Bigotry Virginia KKK Leader Calls Donald Trump ‘Best For The Job’ David Duke: Voting against Trump is 'treason to your heritage' Donald Trump Declines Three Chances To Disavow David Duke Domestic abuse is a gendered crime Hail Trump: White nationalists mark Trump win with Nazi salute US election: The white supremacist grateful for Donald Trump An examination of the 2016 electorate, based on validated voters The Mirror Vegan Hip Hop Movement Christopher Sebastian

Episode 16 - Rebellion and Revolution

In this episode we discuss Rojava, live animal export, whether bearing witness at slaughterhouses is a good thing or not, some more listener questions about veganism and revolution, and our views on Extinction and Animal Rebellion.

For feedback and questions, email us:

All music and editing by us. Open Letter to XR Why XR Can't Save the World False Solutions From XR to a Desirous Rebellion Dismantle White Privilege in XR Greta Thunberg Criticisms

Episode 15 - Resistance and Inconsistencey

In this episode we discuss a range of topics, mostly surrounding some listener questions. We talk about Rojava and Hong Kong, Femicide and rape culture in South Africa and some challenging vegan ethical grey areas.

Let us know your thoughts!

Recording, editing and music by us.
National Geographic: Indigenous Peoples Defend Earth's Biodiversity Amnesty International: The Death Penalty The Cranky Vegan: Intersectionality and Animal Rights CrimethInc.; Hong Kong: Anarchists in the Resistance to the Extradition Bill

Episode 14 - Idea Share - Cognitive Errors

Episode 14 - our first Idea Share Episode! We’ve decided to start a new series of episodes that focus specifically on sharing ideas that either one or both of us have learned, through studies, books, documentaries or personal interest. We want this to be a space where we can share bits of knowledge that we have in some way benefited from.
In this episode we discuss some common cognitive errors and biases.

Email us with feedback, questions, or any other ideas you’d like us to share:

Episode 13 - Dissecting Language

In this episode we respond to some listener feedback and discuss what we expect from the new “Game Changers” documentary. Our main discussion delves into the language that we use when we talk about non-human animals and the ways that this can perpetuate oppressive and exploitative norms. We also go on a bit of a tangent discussing “dog moms”, “bunny dads” and “furkids”, and how we view and treat our companion animals.

For questions, comments and feedback, e-mail us:

All recording, editing and music by us.

Episode 12 - Are We Too Negative?

In this episode we respond to two listener questions and consider whether we (Pete and Taryn) are too negative, and perhaps even divisive within the vegan community. We delve more into what we think about sharing vegan health facts and messaging that is food-, fat- and disease-shaming, and speak more about our views on abortion and Gary Yourofsky. We also discuss the importance of self-care and dealing with the guilt of escapism in the context of unavoidable participation in a capitalist system that causes harm and exploitation on so many levels.
Trigger warning: We make mention of topics surrounding abortion and sexual assault.

All recording, music and editing by us.
Bearded Vegans- Fat Shaming Episode

Episode 11 - Are All Animal Rights Activists Worth Supporting?

In this episode we answer some listener questions, do our regular "The Bad and the Rad" segment and then break down how we feel about the idea of supporting any animal rights activists, even if they are problematic, just because it's "for the animals".

Main discussion: 31:06

All recording, music and editing by us.

Email us on: Visit our website at
#truthofcube video #truthofcube response video Carol J. Adams Statement About DxE Gary Yourofsky: Is The Backlash Warranted? The Dangers Of Hero Worship In An Activist Movement Our Website Colin O-Brady Antarctica Crossing Vegan Ekasi ARWIA’s Statement On Gary Yourofsky Aphro-ism Food Empowerment Project A. Breeze Harper Christopher Sebastian

Episode 10 - Anarchy! An Interview with Aragorn Eloff

In this episode we interviewed Aragorn Eloff about Anarchism, his role in projects like the bolo’bolo Anarchist Collective, running the first vegan restaurant in South Africa, his travels around the world making a documentary on Anarchism, the music that he makes and his (and other Anarchists’) views on topics ranging from free speech to voting, violence and the problems within the vegan community.

Outro song:
Pig - Aragorn23.

All other recording, music and editing by us.

Email us on: or visit our website at
bolo'bolo Anarchist Collective Aragorn23 Anarchism and Animal Liberation: Essays on Complementary Elements of Total Liberation Why Don't the Poor Rise Up? Organizing the Twenty-First Century Resistance Let's Rage Together

Episode 8 - White Privilege!

In this episode we talk about white privilege, and why it’s so important to recognise, acknowledge, and dismantle it. In our ‘The Rad and the Bad’ segment, we talk about vegans supporting the Beauty Pass app, lonely elephants, running, and the new documentary Everything Must Fall. We end the episode with a song by local political hip hop act Soundz of the South.

Main discussion: 24:55

Outro song:
They Feed On It - Soundz of the South

All other recording, music and editing by us
The last Knysna elephant has a message for people Environmentalists, City officials can't agree on lonely Joburg Zoo elephant's fate Zeb Luhabe Me and White Supremacy Workbook Peggy Mcintosh: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack What Is White Privilege, Really? White Privilege As Seen By Someone Who Isn’t White Why Are White People So Bad at Talking About Race? Aphro-ism Christopher Sebastian A. Breeze Harper Food Empowerment Project Vegan Hip Hop Movement Soundz of the South Everything Must Fall Documentary

Episode 5 - Smash the Patriarchy: An introduction to Feminism, Rape Culture and Toxic Masculinity

In this episode we discuss some listener feedback about the last episode and a question about guide dogs. We also chat about the Hambach Forest evictions, the proposed Cresta Shopping Mall aquarium and the World Day for Animals fast.
Our main discussion centres around an introduction to feminist concepts, including toxic masculinity and rape culture.

Trigger warning:
Rape, sexual assault, sexual violence, gender discrimination, racism, domestic violence

Patriarchy, Feminism, Intersectionality, Veganism, Rape Culture, Toxic Masculinity, Equality, Capitalism, Guide dogs, Ableism, Speciesism, Sexism, Misogyny, Racism, Transphobia, Homophobia, Gender Binary, Gender, #menaretrash, #notallmen, #rememberkhwezi, Jacob Zuma, Domestic Violence, Serena Williams, Sexual Assault, Sexual Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Total Liberation, Let’s Rage Together, Environmentalism, Animal Rights, Animal Liberation, Ecofeminism, Feminazi, the Matilda effect, Pay gap, Slut shaming, Victim blaming, White Feminism, Intersectional Feminism, Radical Feminism, Classism
18twenty8 Tracee Ellis Ross - A Woman's Fury Holds Lifetimes of Wisdom Audre Lorde Ban Animal Trading Cresta Shopping Centre Aquarium Petition Hambach Forest Herbi Vohr Jackson Katz - Violence Against Women; It's a Men's Issue Judiciary Mortality Rate The People VS Patriarchy Carol J. Adams - The Sexual Politics of Meat Unoffensive Animal Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - We Should All Be Feminists World Day for Farmed Animals

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