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The View Point 19 June 2019 Boipatong Massacre

Asanda Beda spoke to Monako Dibetle – Former Mail ad Guardian Journalist, PR and Marketing Specialist. His father was a policeman during the time of the massacre and the trauma had a huge effect on the family
As part of youth month, we look at various life changing moments in our country’s history that young people need to be educated and engaged on. Today we zoom in on the Boipatong massacre. On 17 June 1992 the Joe Slovo Informal settlement in Boipatong outside Vereeniging was attacked by a group of about 300 armed men from Kwa Madala Hostel in nearby Sebokeng Township. The armed men were affiliated to the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and observers suspected that the attack was aimed at undermining the negotiations process between the then Nationalist Party (NP) government and the African National Congress (ANC). In response to the massacre the ANC withdrew from the negotiations, blaming the NP government for the attack. More than the political effects of the massacre, were the many lives and families negatively impacted by this part of our history...

The Viewe Point 18 June 2019 Circumcision season 2019

Asanda Bed was in conversation with Dr Nelson Igaba, a Senior Technical Advisor for Medical Male Circumcision Programmes at Right to Care.
Circumcision season is underway and around this time of the year (when it’s winter holidays) boys are sent to initiation schools and some are taken to clinics to get circumcised. We’re in conversation with Right To Care, an NGO that plays a pivotal role in raising awareness and alleviating the burden that comes with chronic illnesses; each year, they embark on an programme that gives free circumcision at clinics in previously disadvantaged areas. We engage them on a range of issues, including the need to incorporate trained professionals into the circumcision/initiation process; the benefits of circumcision; the challenges they face when offering free MMC in a region that is predominantly occupied by people who are stringent on doing things in a certain way - AND also their views on women and their involvements (or lack thereof) in circumcision issues

The View Point 18 June 2019 Corruption, fraud and illicit flow of funds in the NGO sector

Asanda Beda was in conversation with Tracey Henry – CEO at Tshikululu Social Investment about NGO fraud and corruption.
Illicit flow of funds in the NGO sector: How much do NGOs know about their funders and where their aid comes from? I the past couple of years we’ve heard numerous reports about corruption, fraud and illicit flow of funds and some of these reports link a number of NGOs. With the recent one being the investigation of U.S taxpayers’ money that went missing from the pentagon being linked to a South African NGO… Why are NGOs being targeted as channels to move money?

The View Point 18 June 2019 – Is it getting more and more expensive to have a helper?

Asanda Beda spoke to Ms Hester Stephens – President of SADSAWU (South African Domestic Service and Allied Workers Union) about the costs of having a domestic worker and the working conditions which some domestics workers are exposed to.

On May 23rd, a judge ruled in the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria that the exclusion of domestic workers in the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act of 1993 is unconstitutional. But the law has yet to be changed. Some domestic workers get lucky when they find employers who put them on medical aid and even offer some help with the children. Are domestic workers asking for too much? Is it getting more expensive to have a helper?

The View Point 30 May 2019 Department of Arts and Culture Africa Month Colloquium

The National Department of Arts & Culture (DAC) in the partnership with State-Owned Entities Communicators Association (SOECA) will host the final colloquium in celebration of Africa month focusing on the imaging of Africa and the forging of intra- African solidarity for Africa's people. The theme of solidarity has been part of many conversations this Africa month – why is Africa divided; what are the effects of such divisions; has Pan Africanism failed?
BONGI GWALA was in conversation with Lisa Combrink – Spokesperson: Department of Arts and Culture

The View Point 30 May 2019 A conversation with the Speaker of Parliament

Ms Thandi Modise is currently serving as Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa. She served as chairperson of the National Council of Provinces from 2014 to 2019. She left South Africa in 1976 to join the African National Congress and received training in Angola. Ms Modise has recently assumed her role as speaker of parliament – we engage her on various issues including the composition of the new parliament, the road ahead and handling parliamentary sittings and the recently announcement cabinet.
BONGI GWALA was in conversation with Ms Thandi Modise – Speaker of the National Assembly

The View Point 29 May 2019

The Constitution of the Republic stipulates that the President must assume office within five days of being elected by the National Assembly – and thereafter appoint a Cabinet and assign its powers and functions. President Ramaphosa has announced his new cabinet – what do you make of it? Are you happy with it? Was it enough to cut the departments from 36 to 28 or could he have made more cuts? What do you make of the number of deputy ministers? What do you make of some of the names that did not make it to the list?
SONGEZO MABECE was in conversation with Mr Karabo Moiloa - Director, Analyst and Writer at Aristo Intellico Communications

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