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The View Point 22 April 2019 #HealthOnMonday

Songezo Mabece is in conversation with Mpho Mpogeng – President of the South African Emergency Personnel Union (SAEPU) AND Jolene Page – She is a paramedic, she has been working this weekend and she’s also part of the Community Medics Media team, talking about the plight of EMS workers

We’re wrapping up the Easter Weekend and in a couple of hours, reports will be handed in and the Easter Weekend Accident and Death toll stats will be added up. So we thought, let’s have a conversation with the ‘silent’ voice in all of this – THE PARAMEDICS.
Emergency healthcare workers attend to some of the most gruesome scenes and they’re the first point of call in an accident. But how often do we talk about their work environment (especially during such busy weekends) and the challenges that they face? Do we even pay attention when there are reports about paramedics being mugged or paramedics being urged to carry firearms?

The View Point 22 April 2019– FOLLOW-UP DISCUSSION: The role of women in traditional leadership

Guests: Prof Digby Sqhelo Koyana – Advocate of the High Court of South Africa and author of a textbook titled: Customary Law in a Changing Society

Adv. James Pusch Commey – Author of 100 Great African Kings and Queens, Researcher and Advocate of the High Court of South Africa

Inkosikazi Nosandi Mhlauli - Deputy Chairperson of the National House of Traditional Leaders

Zolani Mkiva – Secretary General of CONTRALESA

We continue our conversation on Traditional Leadership and the role of women in those structures.
Last week, we had a discussion that stems from the Supreme Court of Appeal ruling in favour of vhaVenda Princess vhoMasindi Mphephu to have her uncle, Toni Mphephu-Ramabulana, removed as the VhaVenda king. The tug-of-war that divided the VhaVenda nation had been going on for six years. Princess Masindi argued that Customary Law favours first-born male children thus violating her right to equality – a right which is guaranteed in the Section 9 of the Constitution. Her uncle, Mphephu-Ramabulana, is adamant that the Kingship is decided based on tradition and not gender.
We realised that different tribes have different rules and as a result, we thought it is best to have a full discussion on what the stance of various Traditional Houses/Clans is on this subject. Is there a place for women in traditional leadership structures? Where is that place?

Easter Road Safety

In most cases, there are many things that lead to car accidents and we tend to miss them. What is it that investigators and accident construction professionals find at this time of the year? Is there something that we’re battling to understand about road crashes hence there are so many of them?
GUEST: Darrell Strydom - Accident Analyst and convener of the Magalies Drive Safe Campaign

The View Point 18 April 2019 Easter Season and giving thanks

‘Only when we understand how sacrifice can be a force for good, have we any hope of restraining our destructive capabilities’ unknown
The Easter period begins with the fast for Lent which is a 40 day period where people fast to repent. As a part of the Easter season, the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion is commemorated on Good Friday, which is the Friday before Easter Sunday. What is your understanding of Easter and how does the notion of sacrifice apply to your life?

The View Point 18 April 2019 Are political parties prioritizing issues of global warming?

Guest : Ferrial Adam - Associate and Climate Activists at COPAC
COP25 will be held in Chile in December 2019 – world governments will sign agreements and promise to honour all sorts of policies that advance environmental sustainability. But how many of the previous agreements have been fully honoured? Ok, say we put politics aside and introspect on our individual consciousness of matters pertaining to global warming and environmental policies, is our fight for environmental justice rigid enough? Could this be the reason why the political parties, that we support and vote for, are not prioritising issues of global warming?
We’re in conversation with COPAC (the Co-operative and Policy Alternative Centre), they have written, what they call, the Climate Justice Critique of South African Political Parties.

The View Point 17 April 2019 #TheAfrikanNarrative: Why are the super-rich leaving South Africa?

Songezo Mabece spoke to Makwe Masilela - Chief Investment Officer at Makwe Fund Managers (Pty) Ltd. about the significant
number of rich and/or highly skilled people who are migrating to others countries.

Global wealth migration is accelerating ad South Africa is not immune to this. According to a report by New World Health, about 3 000 super-rich (those with wealth of about R14m or more) "migrated" from South Africa over the past 10 years. Most of them went to the UK, Australia and the US. Mauritius seems to be the only African country that was attracting ‘wealth migrants’.

The View Point 17 April 2019 The Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge

Songezo Mabece spoke to Zwelinzima Nkwinti, a Sport lover and founder of Amazing Events, about the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge

EASTER in Kowie is set to be filled with boundless sports excitement as Amazing Events presents the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge to kick off at various water and beach locations from the 19th of April. Amanzi promotes adventure and water sports among

The View Point 17 April 2019

Songezo Mabece spoke to Judge Albie Sachs - an activist and a former judge on the Constitutional Court of South Africa about the
Legacy of our democracy and the importance of protecting our Constitution and the rule of law (now more than ever)

We’re in conversation with Judge Albie Sachs, who delivered the keynote address at the Trialogue Business in Society Conference in Sandton.
In his address, he spoke about a range of issues including the abuse of our power and the disrespect that has been displayed on our constitution. Is this the democracy that they had envisioned pre-94?

The View Point 16 April 2019. #The AfricanNarrative.

Guest: Mustafa Mehta – Head of the African Desk at Media Review Network
Libya is on fired and with every conversation that we hear, colonial influence is at the root of the unrest. When you take a closer look at most of the problems that Africa faces, one sees the ghost or hidden hand of colonial imperialists in one form or another (e.g. Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Boko Haram in Nigeria, the terror threat in Cabo Delgado Province, Northern Mozambique).
Why is it that instability on our continent seems to be concentrated in highly resourced areas? What lessons can Africa learn from what is happening in Libya?

The View Point 16 April 2019. Political campainging in the workplace.

Aadil Patel - National Practice Head, Director of the Employment Practice at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr (CDH)
Political campaigning in the workplace is not illegal, but there are restrictions that apply. With the general elections looming, how can employers and employees avoid potential conflict? What are the rights and responsibilities that are laid out in South African labour law?

• Can it be avoided
• What is acceptable campaigning at work – where do you draw the line
• We’ll also touch on whether or not employees may wear clothing that supports their political party of choice in the workplace
• Are political gatherings/meetings permitted at work
• Activities that an employer can decline

The View point 16 April 2019

The African’s experience in the workplace and the institutional shortcomings I the protection of African professional advancement
Guest : Andile Nomlala – President of the Black Management Forum

We’re in conversation with the Black Management Forum about a range of issues, including it having the youngest President; the mandate of the BMF and the lobbying powers that it has with business and politics.
We’ll also get their views on the advancement of black females into senior positions and the political will do advance black management in South Africa (as opposed to using black managers as a front).

The View Point 15 Apri 2019.. Sizwe Nzima - Founder of Iyeza Health,

#TheAfrikanNarrative: Iyeza Health receives funding from Bill & Melinda Gaates Foundation
Guest:: Sizwe Nzima - Founder of Iyeza Health, a service that delivers chronic medication to residents in Khayelitsha
Iyeza Health startup has received $10 000 (est. R140 000) from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation after winning the foundation’s Vaccine Delivery challenge. Sizwe Nzima, a Social Entrepreneur who delivers chronic medication to patients throughout Khayelitsha, and his team of bicycles are often seen fighting rain and shine ushering life-saving medication between clinics and homes. The company was born out of the long waiting times at clinics. Every day thousands of patients wait for hours to collect their medication, but for a mere R10 Sizwe's service will deliver these drugs right to your door.
He recently opened I-Heath Pharmacy, Khayelitsha’s first independent medical dispensary which he worked with the Western Cape department of health to get off the ground.
He has also been featured in Forbes Africa's list of Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30.

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