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The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is being felt by every sector of South African society, business and education. Schools and colleges are closing in countries across the world, in an effort to prevent further spread of COVID-19, remote learning is however being used in some countries as a means of limiting disruption to learners' studies. Despite the majority of South African learners having limited or no internet access from their homes, are there ways and means for educators in South Africa to employ technology to keep lessons continuing uninterrupted?

Title: [• Mr]
Name: [• Ari Katz]
Position at organisation: [• CEO of Boston City Campus]

Using music to change boys’ attitudes to GBV

In an era where the protection of women and the girl child is a constant goal to reach, one cannot help but wonder what is being done to groom a generation of young men who will not only respect, but protect the women of our country.
In the Eastern Cape, with the help of the Department of Social Development (DSD), a talented young man, with a gift for music, is playing his role in ensuring that the spotlight is also placed on the plight of the boy child.

Title: [• Mrs]
Name: [• Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu]
Position at organisation: [• Deputy Minister – Department of Social Development]

Title: [• Mr]
Name: [• Selunathi Ntsika Dontsa ]
Position at organisation: [• Musician ]

Title: [• Mr]
Name: [• Oyama Tayi ]

Title: [• Mr]
Name: [• Samokelo Thwala ]

Employer-employee relations at the Public Investment Corporation

The Presidency has finally released the report of the judicial commission of inquiry into the Public Investment Corporation. The commission found that there had been "substantial impropriety" at the state-owned asset manager and its board is said to have been "divided and conflicted".
The report - which runs to nearly 1 000 pages - further recommends that former acting CEO Matshepo More and former head of human resources Chris Pholwane be internally disciplined for inappropriate conduct relating to misleading the PIC board.

Title: [• Mr]
Name: [• Yongama Mabece]
Position AND organisation: [• Secretary General at the National Union of Public Service and Allied Workers Union (PIC Branch)]
Title: [• Mr]
Name: [• Tshifhango Ndadza]
Position AND organisation: [• Deputy Secretary General at the National Union of Public Service and Allied Workers Union (PIC Branch)]


Entrepreneur and business coach Jamal Sahib has just published his book Start with the End in Mind – The 5 Secrets to Life & Business Success. Start with the End in Mind takes readers on a journey of discovery into themselves, the people around them, and the mind-set they bring to succeeding in life and business.
Using real-life coaching examples, coupled with the latest coaching techniques and insights, it is said that this book will help you strip out imposed ways of thinking, enable you to crystallise your ambitions and deepen your understanding.

GUEST : Mr Jamal Sahib - Entrepreneur, business coach and author

How can business alleviate the socio-economic burdens caused by COVID-19?

At many underprivileged schools throughout the country, over 9 million learners are supplied with lunch through the National School Feeding Programme, and in the frightening majority of these cases, this is the only substantial meal these children receive all day. Having worked with schools in youth marketing through his agency, Superiate, Brad Stern woke up on Monday the 16th of March – the day following the president’s address – wondering what might happen to the learners who rely on the one meal they receive at school. Brad decided that the only course of action to stop thousands of children from going hungry was to make a plan of his own - Cans With Purpose.
Cans With Purposes aims to generate funds and donations in order to buy canned food to help curb the imminent hunger among underprivileged South African learners. The initiative gained traction in a matter of hours, raising an unprecedented R 25 000 in under two days.

GUEST: Mr Brad Stern - CEO of Superiate

#TheAfrikanNarrative - Africa and Climate Justice

Africa is the most-exposed region to the adverse effects of climate change despite contributing the least to global warming. The region is already disproportionately feeling the impacts related to a changing climate. Devastating cyclones affected 3 million people in Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe in the spring of 2018. But even with all these adversities, the fossil fuels business, particularly coal, continues to grow at an impressive rate throughout Africa. New coal-fired plants are being projected from South Africa to Senegal, from Kenya to Mozambique, via the DRC and Ivory Coast.
How can Africa mitigate the impact of climate change? Why are we the hardest hit, yet we contribute less to the degradation of the climate?

GUESTS: Prof Oluwatoyin Adejonwo - Environmental Law Professor and lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos

Guest: Ms Sivuyisiwe Mapapu - Environmental Science Graduate from UCT

The homeless need help now more than ever

The homeless are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus which spreads primarily through respiratory droplets coughed or sneezed from an infected person. Homeless people who mostly survive on selling recycling materials, collecting scrap and eating from the dustbins are at a risk of contracting coronavirus by touching dirty tissues from the dustbins.
Furthermore, in order to prevent this virus from spreading people should wash their hands with soap or sanitiser regularly and for homeless people this will be impossible as they cannot afford these materials. Have we thought about how were going to help homeless people deal with this global?

GUEST: Illa Thompson - Piblicist for the Denis Hurley Centre


The whole world is obsessed with COVID-19, but in Africa we have been slow to be affected. Whilst our actions until now have been sufficient, the number of cases is increasing and so should our efforts. We have the 'advantage' of having seen exactly what we should be doing and when, by studying the actions of other countries, and the growing epidemiological and biomedical evidence base.
We’re in conversation with PHACT (Public Health Action Team), a coalition of South African Public Health Professionals, has and they have identified urgent steps government needs to take to push back against the exponentially increasing SARS-CoV-2 infections in South Africa. One mobilisation strategy has been an online petition, listing all the recommended actions, which has garnered nearly 10 000 signatures in the first 24 hours:

GUEST : Dr Atiya Mosam – Co-founder of PHACT (Public Health Action Team)

National Water Week: Does South Africa need an independent water regulator?

According to a paper by the Institute of Race Relations, the appointment of an independent water regulator is essential if South Africa is to overcome its perpetual water crisis. Entitled "Thirsty Land", the paper notes that one of the key components of success in ensuring adequate water supplies is high-quality regulation. Regulation should be the responsibility of an autonomous government agency run by technocrats rather than politicians. The paper also notes that the South African government needs no encouragement to introduce controls, and it points out that an independent regulator would have to be free of corruption.

GUEST : Terrence Corrigan - Project Manager at the Institute for Race Relation

Practical solutions and actions to rescue state owned entities

The Strategic Dialogue Group (SDG) and the Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) held a dialogue session which emphasised a need to move public discourse towards practical solutions and actions that can rescue state owned entities (SOEs). SDG and PARI entered into a collaborative relationship aimed at improving public discourse about how to address South Africa’s poverty and inequality in the manner that current challenges are defined and addressed. Dialogue sessions such as this one are intended to guide the development of research papers, advocacy, submissions to strategic bodies and engagements in public platforms.

GUEST : Dr Sihle Moon - Spokesperson for the Strategic Dialogue Group ]

Analysis of the 2020 Budget Speech

Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni, had an undesirable task this afternoon, and his Budget Speech proved to be a roller coaster ride. There were certainly ups and downs, and the finance minister weaved through tax breaks and spending cuts. There were flashes of positivity, and gloomy forecasts in equal measure. Let’s talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of the 2020 Budget...

Mr David French - Tax Consulting Director at Mazars AND
Mr Neil Coleman - Neil Coleman, Co-Director of the Institute for Economic Justice
Dr Ntokozo Nzimande - Lecturer in the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance at UKZN

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