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Young Achievers - Itumeleng Selepe founder of WORD ON THE STREET which helps kids and kick the habit

arrived Johannesburg in 2004 and I was a model student coming out of high school AND the only substance I abused was weed and alcohol.

I started smoking week weed at the age of 15. When I arrived in Jozi in 2004 I met a fiend and we went to Braamfontein and hit my first line

I was a functional addict in the beginning and just using for fun
Those 11 years of me using was the worst time of my life . I stole ,lied and many other things.

In 2014 I decided to give it up..not by choice....I went to my second rehab...where I kicked the habit.

I’ve formed an organization called WORD ON THE STREET which helps kids and the youth kick the habit.

Guest: Itumeleng Selepe - Founder of WORD ON THE STREET which helps kids kick the habit.

Artist Profile - Njabulo Mthunzi Ndimande

Born Njabulo Mthunzi Ndimande in Hammersdale, Mthunzi was coined thesecond name by his grandfather, referencing “uMthunzi wokuphumula amatshitshi namajongosi” loosely translated a place of rest for the maidens and His late mother, believed he would be a force to reckon with. At barely 3 years of age, she would instruct him to sing in front of his peers, carving that confidence and resilience in him.

Guest: Njabulo Mthunzi Ndimande


A lot happened this week. But don’t worry In Case You Missed it, we most certainly didn’t. We have eyes and ears everywhere. Media Personality and friend of the show, Samora Mangesi has got us covered!!

Guest: Samora Mangesi – Media Personality


It was on this day June 14th in 1999 that South African parliament elected former President, Thabo Mbeki to succeed President Nelson Mandela.
Mbeki was elected by the 400-seat National Assembly general election that the ANC back into power for a second five-year term at that time. Unlike what we’ve seen in the past few years, his election was not opposed by the official opposition Democratic Party, he had been effectively running the country for as deputy president, after a long career in the ANC as an organizer, administrator and negotiator with the white government.

In 2008, Mbeki was ousted as president due to his role in the spy tapes saga which eventually exonerated Jacob Zuma.
Between then and now Mbeki had been a huge critic of the ANC well until this year’s ANC manifesto when he announced his support for the ruling party again.

Guest: Adele Nchabeleng – Transform RSA President


Joe and Case, Faded Pictures. They’re singing about faded pictures and broken hearts, too bad so sad gents. We have completely different kinds of pictures to talk about today.
You do good and we talk about it here on Life Happens. It’s another Do Good Dongerdag and we have another incredible Do Gooder in studio with us from Beautiful News SA.

Do you know those people who dig through garbage in landfills and collect trash? Well most of them do it to survive, they take what you and I consider trash and turn into an income. They sort out kilograms and kilograms of plastic, paper and metal, trade them in at waste recycling companies in exchange for cash.

For years now the Department of Enviromental Affairs has been urging South Africans participate in recycling solutions as the country’s landfills are rapidly running out of space. Waste collectors are contributing to the solution and helping to create a more sustainable environment.

One young man recognizes what they were doing and set out to capture their stories with his camera.
His images attempt to highlight their efforts and give them the recognition they deserve through his photo series called A Place to Call Home for the Waste Pickers.

Guest: Mpumelelo Buthelezi - Photographer


After studying beadwork, design, and leathercraft, he moved to Johannesburg from Port Elizabeth with grand visions of opening a business. He had talent, and mountains of faith.
But then Life Happened and he found himself with no money and no place to live and was left homeless in Hillbrow. Though he faced a harsh reality, Solani refused to be knocked down by fortune’s hand. He was determined to get out of the streets and eventually he made his way back to college to stitch his life back together. Today he’s a refined Designer and owner of the Shaka Xhosa bow ties brand.
He makes very distinctive leather bow ties that are sold from the Johannesburg all the way to London

Guest: Ntsikelelo Solani


So many of us have found ourselves there at some point in our lives but we rose and we want to encourage, remind and let somebody know today that you can rise and rise and rise and rise again.

Oh you should see how bright the studio is right now, that’s because a PYT (Pretty Young Thing) just walked in. She is proof positive that dynamite comes in small packages. But don’t her petite stature fool you, she’s a powerhouse entertainer, actress,
and presenter both on screen and stage.

She has this amazing ability to draw audiences in with her charisma, which she exudes with warm sincerity and genuine interest. It’s why WE love her.

You may know her as Keke in Rhythm City, or the sassy gold digger Tumi in the popular ‘kasi’ drama Zone 14 or maybe you know her as a side chick named Buhle on Muvhango if not for her most recent role as Precious on The River

Guest: Mmarona Motshegoa


The road to self-improvement never ends does it? We here at Life Happens make it our job to make sure we give you the tools you need to get well, body, mind and soul.

How does stress relief, balance, refreshment and revitalization sound?
Well you’re in great company, because we’re talking about reflexology therapy, an empowering practice that helps you to cope with everyday pressures. It’s a lot more than a foot massage, reflexology is a healing therapy that can assist in maintaining and improving health and has been proven to support our bodies by reducing stress, improving blood circulation, detoxing the body and reducing the harmful toxic load, and assist in maintaining balance in the body.

But I’m not qualified to edify you about this, my guest is though. She graduated in 2012 from the International Institute of Reflexology in the UK at the original Ingham Method® of
foot reflexology as a Therapeutic Reflexologist.
Upon returning to South Africa she studied Therapeutic Reflexology & Meridian Therapy at the International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy.
Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage treatments benefits breast cancer patients who experience secondary lymphoedema of the arm as a result of medical intervention. From her experience RLD is also highly effective for patients with primary lymphoedema and those
suffering from auto-immune diseases like; Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Guest: Gaby Rockett - Therapeutic Reflexologist

Trending Topics

we’ve been tracking the day’s trending topics to keep you informed in case you missed it.

Guest: Mongezi Mtati - Digital Strategist and MD of Word Start and Friend of the show

The Future of HR - Tech Improving Potential for Employment

This year’s Future of HR Summit is carefully put together to tangibly focus on the very near future, unpacking the latest implications of digital disruption in the industry and the changing job descriptions of HR professionals. The summit starts tomorrow [We will unpack some of the outcomes of this summit tomorrow afternoon on the show]

Guest: Ralf Fletcher – Founder of the FUTURE OF HR Summit

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