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Noelzi is the DJ with the smoothest words; always having the perfect things to say at the perfect time.
On Rhymes and Poetry, Noeleen takes a look at famous poems and their meanings, aspiring poets, as well as the variety of poems, rhymes and raps existing. She will also introduce you to amazing poems you’ve never heard of and will entertain you with some of her very own fresh poems.

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Russian Poetry

Did you know there was such a thing as Russian Poetry?
In this series of podcasts about poetry around the world, Noelzii talks about Russian art and how Russian poetry will actually give a completely different view of the nation as a whole by giving us a bit of insight into their culture.

Kanye West - Jesus Is King

Jesus Is King is the ninth studio album by American rapper - Kanye West, released on the 25th of October 2019.
The album follows a Christian theme, with West describing it as "an expression of the gospel" and has been trending.
Is the album that good and is it really impactful in any way?

Are Record Labels Legit?

Record labels these days actually trustworthy or is it better to just go solo?
Do record labels make an artist financially secure?

Hierogliphycs & Poetry

The Egyptians invented their own unique alphabet called hieroglyphics.
It was used primarily for writing with reed brushes, and later reed pens.
Did you know that they used forms of poetry?

Robbed By My Record Label

Noelzii focuses on social club misfits and how record labels literally mess artists around.
Did you know that there are countless stories of record labels stealing work from artists, and money?!
Why and how does this happen??

Korean Poetry

Noelzii takes an in depth and interesting look at Korean Poetry.
Find out what their poetry consists of and sounds like.

Indian Hip Hop

Did you know that Indian Hip Hop actually exists?
Does it even sound like the American hip hop we are used to?

Colombian Poetry

Did you know that Columbian Poetry even exists?
Noelzi explores what this kind of poetry sounds like and what these poems require.

Top 5 Mistakes Rappers Make

Most people dream of being rappers these days, but what are the necessary skills you need to become a good rapper?
Noelzii goes through some tips and tricks on how to step up your rapping game.
What are the mistakes most rappers make today?

Poetry Around The World - Indian Poetry

Noelzii ventures into Indian poetry - how different is their poetry and what does it sound like?
She focuses on how diverse poetry can be.
Is it possible that India has some of the best content worldwide?

Lecrae A Christian Rapper Again?

There was a point in time when Lecrae did not want to be a christian rapper anymore.
Now he claims to have repented, and is claiming to be a christian artist again. Is this true?

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