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The Morning Breakfast Show is like a breakfast buffet. It's the show that keeps on giving, with two explosive personalities that bring you relate-able, funny and accurate content. Start your day with S&M.

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The Spirit Of December

December is here and it seems like this crazy December spirit takes over where most people do things they wouldn't do.
What is this December spirit all about? Why do people lose it at the end of the year?

16 Days Of Activism

So the 16 days of activism have begun, but the question remains - what is going to happen after people have been made aware of the violence and abuse around us?
Will anything really change or improve?

The Reality Of Witchcraft

DJ Panda and Masefeli talk about witchcraft and share their own personal encounters with witchcraft.
What is the problem with witchcraft and is it really that powerful?
You will also enjoy the amusing personalities of our presenters as they give us a news update and have random/hilarious debates.

Idiocracy - Woman Proposing

Is it right for a woman to propose or is it an abomination, even if it's part of 'a culture'?
Masefeli and Panda explore what goes on in a society that would give a women the confidence to get down on one knee for a man.

History 101 = Black Friday

DJ Panda has a very interesting conversation with a guest today about Black Friday and where it comes from.
Is Black Friday really as great as it's made out to be?

Has Feminism Gone To Far???

Feminism seems to be the flavour of the month, or should we say the year...
The question - is why has feminism become such a big deal? And are the ideals behind this movement right and accurate?

Don't Kill Your Character For Your Reputation

We are all focused/ concerned about our reputation to a point.
However we tend not to be as concerned about our own character.
DJ Panda and Masefeli discuss how character is a way bigger deal than reputation.

An Idiocracy - Open Marriage And Relationships

DJ Panda discusses a crazy topic on today's show and explores what it really means to be in an open marriage/ relationship.
Is that even a relationship? And how would anyone be happy to be in a relationship like that?
Plus get the latest news happening all over the world.

Generation Z

Masefeli and DJ Panda's conversations and debates are just the funniest.
Get the latest news updates.
Find out what generation Z is and what our presenters have to say about this group...

Bro Zone

DJ Panda and Masefeli talk all about relationships today.
They take a deeper look, and reveal, the different types of very interesting zones there are out there.
So how do you get out of the friend zone?

Make Or Break - It's Your Choice!

DJ Panda reveals how much power you actually have when it comes to your mind.
Did you know you can choose whether things make or break you?
So how do you master handling criticism well?
How can your critics can build you and how should you respond to them?
DJ Panda answers all these interesting questions, plus more on this show.

Legalize It!!!

So weed has recently been legalised in South Africa. But what will the effects and consequences of this decision be?

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