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The Morning Breakfast Show is like a breakfast buffet. It's the show that keeps on giving, with two explosive personalities that bring you relate-able, funny and accurate content. Start your day with S&M.

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Enjoy this thrilling show as our amusing presenters take a look at murders, different types of murder and weird movements. Is murder really murder?


This show is all about the LGBT movement. Masefeli and DJ Panda have a discussion about where the gay rainbow comes from.

Craziest Technology Invented

You'll be amused as you listen to the funny conversations Masefeli and DJ Panda have today. Get the latest news update and learn about the most interesting/ craziest things that have been invented in our world recently.

Summer Take My Body

Be fully entertained as Masefeli and DJ Panda take a look at the top trends in plastic surgery and why people are pushing to do plastic surgery? They discuss all the different trends coming out as people get ready for summer.

Is Slavery A Choice?

We all have our strong opinions about this topic. However, what would you say is someone asked you the question - "Is Slavery A Choice?"

Is Lobola Biblical??

Lobola - among Southern African people, a bride price, traditionally one paid with cattle. Lobola is the practice of paying a bride price. So is it Biblical to prevent one from marriage till a price has been paid? And is it ok to put a price on your daughter?


Our amusing DJ's decide to look at the new trend - Hashtags. When do we use Hashtags and where do hashtags come from?

Sexual Abuse And The Church

These 2 presenters will definitely pull you in to the show today as they have mesmerizing topics and hilarious conversations. Plus they talk about a very controversial thing as they discuss sexual abuse and what happens in the church regarding sexual abuse... So is the whole church involved? DJ Panda and Masefeli address the issue and also share very interesting stories about the matter.

Dealing With Fetishes And Rejection

Masefeli and DJ Panda will make you laugh as they talk about dealing with a fetish and handling rejection at the same time? What is a fetish? And how do you get over rejection? You are guaranteed to be fully entertained as they use the funniest examples and share their own personal fetishes.

Mixed Reviews /Woman's Role in Society

Discover the craziest thing you never knew existed this morning. DJ Panda and Masefeli discuss take a deeper look into the reviews for the Black Panther movie. Are women really second to men? And what should/ shouldn't a woman be doing in a society?


Masefeli and DJ Panda talk about life in a completely unique way today. Get a whole new perspective on life by listening to this exciting show! What is your perception? How do you see things?

The Right Way To Start Your Morning

Welcome to the very first S&M Morning Breakfast Show! DJ Panda and Masefeli come together to make your mornings the best mornings to wake up to. Today they talk about what you should be doing in the morning and how to start your morning.

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