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Entertainer, MC, radio presenter Danny Painter is proudly "born and bred in Brakpan" and brings you interesting interviews with people from all walks of life. Catch her on Jacaranda FM every weekday from 19:00 - 22:00. To send your music requests, SMS Danny on 37942 or Whatsapp her on 084 850 0942.

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Izelle Hoffman's favourite ingredient!

Our 'Food Fairy Godmother' is back for another 'one ingredient lockdown challenge! And this week the ingredient is one of her all time favourites! It will be one of the most polarising ingredients we've discussed on the show, but we will discover if the health benefits make the price worth it!
This week we are talking all things almond! Milk, flour and more!

There is no planet B. This singer calls on the world to face the music

At the heart of the universe there is music. The call of a bird, the rustle of leaves and the crash of waves all culminate to compose nature’s symphony. But the noise of destruction makes Mother Earth’s songs difficult to hear. So how do you get people to listen? Sarah Farrell’s solution is to sing.

The environmentalist knew she had to rethink her methods of social activism if she was to play any part in the world’s recovery. Frustrated with slow progress in South Africa, she picked up her ukulele and began to strum a new tune for the future. “We need to talk about climate justice in ways that are more accessible,” Farrell says. “Music is a great way of doing that.” Marrying harmonies of hope with lyrics of reform, she takes people on an emotional journey as they feel her melodies rather than just hear them.

“Music helps me process my own ecological grief and communicate change,” Farrell says. From rampant consumerism to the extinction of species, her songs highlight pressing issues around the globe while providing sustainable solutions and cathartic release. Farrell’s melodic approach has become an integral driving force in South Africa’s environmental movement. In 2019, she led three climate strikes in Cape Town and wrote songs for multiple green campaigns in an effort to engender transformation.

Through her soulful sonnets, Farrell unites people from all walks of life to add their voices to the chorus demanding action. “Go to protests, call on the government,” she says. “Focus on how we can change the system.”

Beautiful News

Brent Lindeque has our Monday Good things!

From an insurance company doing the most to a hospital porter sharing his experience of contracting Covid-19 in a positive way to what love 3 really, really means, Brent joins us to break it all down!

Lockdown couldn’t stop this Iron Mom. She blazed through Ironman – in her backyard

It was 7am on Sunday morning. Charlotte Raubenheimer took a deep breath and jumped. The pool was icy and her plan was extreme. It was 7am on Sunday morning. Charlotte Raubenheimer took a deep breath and jumped. The pool was icy and her plan was extreme.

This was supposed to have been the start of the Ironman African Championship, which Raubenheimer had been intensely training for. But the outbreak of COVID-19 delayed it by months as a national lockdown was announced in South Africa. Raubenheimer wasn’t phased. Powering her way through the water, she was embarking on a mission of her own – completing the challenge in her backyard. “Quitting was never an option,” Raubenheimer says.

When her friend Phillip Jansen van Rensberg’s wheelchair broke, Raubenheimer decided to raise funds for a new one by competing in Ironman. Donations for her endeavour came flooding in, but then the event was postponed. Raubenheimer refused to let her contributors down. So when the big day should have arrived, she mapped out a course at home and didn’t look back until 13 hours later. After covering the three-kilometre swim in the pool, 180-kilometre cycle on her stationary bike, and 42-kilometre run around her garden, Raubenheimer crossed the finish line victorious. “Running a marathon in circles around my house was one of the toughest things I’ve ever endured,” she says.

Her two sons presented her with a homemade trophy – an ice-cream tub and plastic bottle plastered with Ironman stickers. But Raubenheimer had earned a greater reward. Exceeding the target she set for the wheelchair, she raised over R100 000 for Jansen van Rensberg. The excess funds enable Raubenheimer to continue supporting him, and the results of her commitment have surpassed her own expectations. “With determination, strength, and a goal, we are all capable of absolutely anything,” Raubenheimer says.

Don Diamont joins Danny via Zoom to talk all things Bold!

He has been voted as the sexiest soap hunk of all time, as well as the sexiest veteran soap actor!

Don Diamont, who plays Bill Spencer Jr. on the hit CBS show 'The Bold and The Beautiful', joined me via Zoom to chat about the show, how lockdown has affected his life, and what the future holds!

Another Monday filled with Good Things!

It's been almost ten Mondays or twenty, who knows, since the beginning of lockdown and Brent Lindeque has spent those spreading good news with us!
He is the man behind the award winning 'Good Things Guy' website and has actively spread nothing but good news since it started!

This week we are talking about a volunteer run feeding program, a baby that needed help, a 'cuddle curtain' and a viral song!

A father’s life-changing invention leads his daughter to her first steps

Immobility can feel like being held captive. Derek Boshard realised this when his daughter Erin was born with a rare genetic disorder called dup15q, which rendered her unable to walk.
afford the device, Boshard had to come up with an alternative option.

Venturing to his garage, he structured a unique, lightweight walker using a variety of materials, mainly PVC piping, to help Erin strengthen her core and legs. “I’m not an industrial designer, just a father with a big passion,” Boshard says. The impact that the gadget has had on Erin is remarkable. “From lying on the floor and not even able to crawl, we’re able to walk a full kilometre just holding one hand,” Boshard says. “We don’t think she’d be where she is today if it wasn’t for the walker.”
After sharing his experience on Facebook, Boshard’s design gained considerable attention. He’d unintentionally created a tool that could aid people with disabilities. Boshard has since developed his invention, which he calls the Freedom Walker.

“It’s had a compound effect on the hope that we’ve experienced for ourselves,” he says. “We get to see that in other people’s lives.” Through his innovation, Boshard has helped many others take their first steps. “One of the greatest gifts you can give a child with special needs is independence,” he says.

It's another one ingredient lockdown challenge!

Each week we give lifestyle chef and author Izelle Hoffman one ingredient to turn into something magical for the whole family!
She's turned sweet potatoes into chocolate brownies and has been known to turn chickpeas into sticky toffee pudding!

But what can our 'Food Fairy Godmother' do with one of our favourite, cost effective, and nutritious ingredients? We asked her to turn a bunch of spinach into something delicious and nutritious! As usual, she smashed it out of the park!

All your Monday 'Good Things'

There is always a bit of good, but sometimes we just need help finding it...
That's when we call in the big gun, the good news guru, the man behind the award-winning Good Things Guy website - Brent Lindeque!
He is the knower of all things good, feel good, and doing good, and every single Monday he joins us to share some of those stories to help make lockdown and life a little lighter!

This week we are talking air pollution, award winning movies, giving back, and feeding a different kind of homeless!

Danny and Oli Milne chat stage fright, nudity, and lockdown drinking

He is one of South Africa's biggest rising stars - a singer/songwriter who is unafraid of being vulnerable. Oli is set for the highest of heights. We chatted via Zoom about everything and anything! He was a great sport and answered all my (prying) questions with an honesty he has become known for!
Oliver Milne is a singer/songwriter who we recently featured as a #JacHotHit with his song 'I'll Be Okay'. He is a multi-talented human who has his lockdown ups and downs, just like the rest of us.
We chatted about lockdown, drinking as a lockdown sport, and nudity! You can listen here:

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