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A podcast with a comedic take on consciousness, personal-development, ego, psychedelics and everything in between. Conversations with comedians, coaches, myself and a bunch of other interesting folk!

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EP #86: The Wanky Element with Bob Perfect

Bob is a comedian and host of The Almost Perfect Podcast, where he talks to creatives about their process, to help others learn from experience. He’s a really interesting cat and I thoroughly enjoyed our convo. He has a lot of passion and conviction for what he believes in, and there’s bugger all wrong with that I tell you! We have very different views on a lot of topics but still managed to go on for almost 2 hours! Proving you don’t have to agree with someone to see their point of view, hear to what they have to say and have a pleasant, insightful and fulfilling conversation. I think we just solved world peace GD. It would probably be easier to say what we didn’t talk about. We get into Trump, meditation, podcasting, psychedelics, spirituality… You know what just listen to the bloody thing!
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EP #85: Media & Conspiracies with Isuru Jinasena

Isuru Jinasena is a hilarious comedian, and the caramel half of the Sunday Best, the weekly YouTube show that raps up the VERY strange world we live in. The news is often so damn serious, it's great to get a taste of humour with the otherwise sour world of sensationalist media. We get into exactly that, the media and how messed up it is, where comedy is going and giggle along the way, while doing some writing too. Great catching up
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EP #84: The State of Comedy with Casey McLain

*First 1:50 is all about podcasting equipment, so if that doesn't tickle your ballsack skip ahead*

Casey McLain is a hilarious comedian, host of the Nobody Likes Casey McLain Podcast, podcast producer and founder of the Cascaudio podcast network, huge Tuesgay and just awesomely affable dude, from Tacoma Washington, in the USA. We go balls deep, raw dog no lube, on everything comedy. Damn it was great to chat to someone with a such deep love and knowledge of comedy. We gabbed like two girls at a slumber party for ages. Really enjoyed chatting to him.
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EP #83: Lockdown but not out with Mario Campbell

A conversation with comedian Mario Campbell. He's not letting the Lockdown get him down or stopping him from bringing comedy to the world. He does a daily Instagram Live show, where he chats to comics from all over the world, it's loads of fun. We get into life and fatherhood. Always love chatting to Mario, always happy, always fun and always a good time. Loved this chat.
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EP #82: WTF is going on with Vuyi Xaba

A conversation with comedian, writer & producer Vuyisa Xaba. We revel in the weirdness of the world right now and WTF is actually going on. We discuss alines, the Smith's, comedy and a bunch more while giggling like two girls a at a slumber party. Had a great conversation, Vuyi is undoubtedly one of the nicest blokes in SA comedy. Glad I finally got him on.
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EP #80: Woke AF, with Josh Murphy

A conversation with comedian and SWJ Josh Murphy. We get woke and I learn how to Virtual Signal. Great chat about comedy and the state of it in today's "current climate" because let's be honest, it's weird AF out there!

Josh is an warrior for the Anxiety Revolution, offering a little guidance and help, which let's be honest we all need in these times.
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EP #76 - Corona, Podcast & China

I show you what I listen to to keep the Corona Cabin Fever boredom away. I get into what I'm watching, Corona and China.

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