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The Unravel show talks about the menial influences in businesses in Nigeria that ultimately make huge impacts both positively and negatively in business success. The host takes on these influences in different episodes, amplifying on their purpose, advantages, disadvantages and how to. The show also create a social media engagement portal for offline engagements which will form the last segment of the show. While some episodes can be taken from the social media engagement, comments and questions on topic posts shared on the radio to create the audience engagement.

• Business hacks
• Challenges within different business
• Publicity
• Pros and Cons within different business
• A simple layman’s idea of business

Every Wednesday 9hr00 CAT, Repeat on Sundays 16hr00 CAT on http://www.africabusinessradio.com

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Sales Advisory For Small Business Owners in Nigeria

On today's episode with we are all about sales which is KEY to growth. Without sales your business service or product based is non-existent. Once you are not able to quantify your actions within your business then you haven’t started. From the definition of sales, to application of sales strategy, selling through on online marketplaces, selling on Instagram to unconventional tips for turning inquiries to sales, our guest gives in-depth sights into this.

Motunrayo Idowu-Kuola is the CEO of Aurione Limited, a private firm dedicated to helping businesses grow and improve certain processes within their company. His experiences go from sales and business development in the telecommunication industry to media consultation in radio and then sales and marketing in core IT for Signal alliance and later Microsoft west Africa before you started Aurione.
Africa Business Radio

Growth Strategies For Small Businesses in Nigeria - Olatunde Odebiyi

On this episode, we look at some reasons why service based businesses are harder to market and therefore grow while providing solutions to entrepreneurs within these sectors with tips to adapt to their business.

We focus on 3 major businesses:
Photography and
Makeup artist
Guest on the show is Olatunde Odebiyi, the Managing Partner at Cornelli and Mosh Consults Limited.
Africa Business Radio

Legal Advise For Entrepreneurs In The Creative Economy - Yemisi Falaye

On this episode, we explore the importance of understanding a creative brand is a business and the need to treat it as one. Entertainment lawyer Yemisi Falaye talks to us about some repercussions which occur with creative personalities such as singers, actors and so on who do not protect their brand and work.

Yemisi Falaye works with the prestigious law firm of Adepetun Caxton-Martins Agbor & Segun and heads the Entertainment Law Group of the firm. ‘Yemisi has over the years garnered in-depth experience in providing premium legal advice and representation to individuals and organizations in the entertainment industries in Nigeria, which include film, music, theatre, art, television, radio, publishing and digital media.
Asides entertainment law, ‘Yemisi also has a wide-range experience in Intellectual Property, Immigration and Company Secretarial matters in Nigeria. She focuses on the prosecution of trademark, patent, copyright and design on behalf of clients. She manages the immigration status of several expatriates in Nigeria and is involved in general corporate and commercial matters in the firm.
Africa Business Radio

Customer Service - A Key Factor To Business Success In 2018

On this episode of Unravel, using personal horror stories from different people, we review best practices for organizations on how to treat your customers better both offline and online.

We explored the following points:

The important roles customers play in your company beyond profit
Ways customer service affects your business bottom line
Tips for practicing efficient customer service on social media
Why Good Customer Service Is Your Most Important Metric for your business
Africa Business Radio

Productivity Hacks For Startups in 2018

Its a new year and with that comes new year resolutions and a review of the previous year. On this episode, we talk about setting productive hacks for your business.

From the importance of setting weekly goals to setting new year resolutions using Mark Zuckerberg past resolutions as a case study, we explore all the benefits of setting a fresh pace for your business in 2018.

Dealing With The Complexity of Competition As A Startup

On this episode, we look the complexity of competition in business taking a deeper dive into the subject matter and tips.

You will learn in this episode:

Defining and identifying competition
Driving competition crazy
Working with competition
The need for competition for personal and business drive and success
Turning Heavy Competition Into an Advantage by Copying Your Competitors' Best Features using snapchat and Instagram as case studies
How to promote healthy competition within your organization and the need for this.
Africa Business Radio

Tricks/Tips For Website/SEO Optimisation - SMEs

On this episode, we look into the different ways small businesses can enhance your website with tips, tricks, and Google applications. From Google, AdWords, google my business and more Charles Dairo takes us through easy ways to get our business noticed.

Charles Dairo is the founder and CEO of CKDigital, one of Nigeria's leading digital agencies, with a mission to help businesses succeed through excellent digital services.

Charles has been in the web design and digital marketing space since 2009. In that time, he has helped hundreds of companies do a better job getting results online.

Passionate about helping people succeed, Charles is also a speaker and mentor and teaches regularly at CKDigital Academy helping people begin their careers in Web Design & Digital Marketing.
Africa Business Radio

How Do You Survive When Your Startup Isn't Making Money Yet?

Many Entrepreneurs struggle to survive in the early days of their startup when the business isn't generating revenue yet, many don't have personal income and the struggle to pay personal bills tend to affect the business journey.

We look at the early stages of starting a business. The journey and what you need to survive the early stages.

Our main focus includes:

The will to move on when business isn't
Ho to grow your business without spending money
You are growing now, so what?
Developing a growth mindset

Wealth planning for individuals and businesses

On this episode, we talk about wealth planning for the future, saving, separating business account from personal and investment.

Guest today is Olubunmi Samuel-Adeyemi. She is a Money Therapist and Personal Finance Coach at LIMER Personal Finance. Over the years, she has trained young professionals across the globe in the art of managing their personal and family finances.
Olubunmi is very passionate about multiplying funds for individuals and providing same to viable businesses as capital or for expansion. Her passion to empower young people to create and manage wealth has led her to impart financial literacy knowledge to individuals and groups, irrespective of their economic status. She loves helping people to see that they can master money and live life on their own terms.
At the helm of affairs at LIMER Personal Finance, Olubunmi is constantly speaking and training on handling Personal Finance via private coaching sessions, classroom learning and group sessions. Her vision is to substantially reduce poverty across the world.
Olubunmi has bagged several certifications and taken short courses on Personal Finance, Financial Planning, Financial Literacy and Business Financial Health at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia and the Sydney Institute of TAFE. She was also certified in Business Data Planning and Analysis at the Lagos Business School, Pan Atlantic University.

In addition to engaging in the fundraising efforts for LEAP’s Youth Leadership programmes, she coordinated activities required for the successful publishing of LEAP Africa’s 4th book on business leadership.
And in July, 2016, Olubunmi was nominated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to volunteer her expertise on its Technical Committee on Financial Literacy, a role which afforded additional opportunities to take financial literacy education efforts nationwide.
Africa Business Radio

One-Man Businesses Tagged The Worst To Do Business With in Nigeria - Find Out Why

Today we look at some of the common issues surrounding one man businesses and the effect they have on staffing which ultimately leads to down time.
Our guest on the show is Oscar Ikele Onus, he is the lead strategist and co-founder of Lemon Tech; a leading management and strategy consulting firm in Lagos Nigeria. He has authored various articles on performance, development and human behavior.
Oscar began his career as a business process consultant and a social media strategist with one of the leading oil and gas consulting firm in Nigeria before moving to join the nations national oil company to work as an interface coordinator liaising on behalf of his company, the federal government of Nigeria and other IOCs.
Africa Business Radio

SMEs in Nigeria Are Leapfrogging Entrepreneurship using Artificial Intelligence

On this episode, we look at how technology has quickly advanced and its adaptation in everyday business activities. We talk about some misconceptions, partnership opportunities, value of data and the future of artificial intelligence in Nigeria.

Our guests today are AI experts and creators of lara.ng
Ladi Ojora and Samuel Ore Odeloye.

Ladi is an entrepreneur with a specialization in Transportation Technology companies, and current Co-founder of Road Preppers technologies. Ladi has had significant experience building tech products and taking them to market successfully in the Nigerian tech industry.
And he spends his time educating the Nigerian public on the benefits of adopting AI in our day-to-day lives and businesses.

Samuel is an Adventurous serial Technology Entrepreneur; with keen interests in the African Mobility and Transportation Space. He is currently one of the Co-founders of Road Preppers technologies. With over 10 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, he is often seen as an execution focused, in-tune and assertive leader, He enjoys spending his time educating & helping fellow Nigerian entrepreneurs leverage on the use of technology to leapfrog some of our developmental challenges; such that they are well positioned to create a prosperous Nigerian & African future.
Africa Business Radio

The importance of branding and brand positioning for SMEs in Nigeria

On this episode we start a series of Branding and Positioning a very important and highly necessarily for business owners. We look at:

How to define your brand
What is your company's mission?
What are the benefits and features of your products or services?
What do your customers and prospects already think of your company?
What qualities do you want them to associate with your company with?
Our guest and brand expert is Olatunde Odebiyi the Managing Director of a consultancy firm (Cornelli and Mosh Consults Limited). Olatunde is a business and brand consultant; an ardent speaker and instructor with over 7 years’ of experience in developing human capacity, business, brand and communication strategy, project management and delivering training services.

He is a fellow member of the chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). He is currently an active Business and Brand Consultant who manages several Projects Multifaceted with Small, Medium and Large Enterprises in Nigeria. He has also led a successful professional career prior to establishing his entrepreneur platform. His career trajectory includes Branding, Business Process Restructuring, Business Management, Corporate Strategy, Assessing the Marketing Environment and Initiating new business ideas in the country. Within those roles, he led and implemented several diverse large and small scale projects. Also he has turned out several corporate branding for different corporate businesses within the country.
Africa Business Radio

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