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The objective of the show is discuss the narrative of Africa: what it currently is, who shapes it, how it impacts the continent’s development and what can be done to ensure Africans own their own storytelling tools and platforms.

Educational Outcome:
A deeper understanding of the implications of Africa’s reputation on African lives.

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Decolonizing African Education

Some of the issues that we tackle on today's show with Mr Godwin Khosa, CEO National Education Collaboration Trust:

What does the debate around decolonizing education for Africa mean?
Who would it benefit and how?
What would be the implications, in an ideal world, of a decolonized curriculum for Africa?
What process would this entail?
What would an ideal curriculum look like?
Do we have the political will for such an initiative? How is this translated into implementation?
Can we really speak about a decolonized curriculum when the basic state of our schools and teaching is already not meeting international standards (such as for maths and science)? How much of a priority should this be?
What can we learn from the rest of world that we can apply to Africa/South Africa in terms of this movement?
Africa Business Radio

African Youth Immigrating Abroad - Speculations That #AfricaRising is Just A Hoax

The objective of the show is to talk about African youth immigrating to Europe. African youth migrating out of Africa in search of greener pastures: the reasons, the challenges, the opportunities, and also what this phenomenon does to the narrative of Africa in the wider international discourse.

Educational Outcome:
A deeper understanding of the reasons why the African youth immigrates to Europe and the challenges/opportunities faced through their journey.


Yasin Kakande - TED Fellow, Journalist and author of "Slave States: The practice of Kafala in the Gulf Arab Region"

Do you have the same questions we do? Or do you have
something to share with us regarding the topic, which is
African youth immigrating to Europe? Please do join the
conversation by sending your questions and comments
now on Twitter @AfricaBizRadio and you can tag me
@mkalinda #TalkingToAfrica.

Illegal immigration from Africa to Europe is significant.
Many people from poor African countries embark on the dangerous journey for Europe, in hopes of a better life. The main aim of migrants is to reach European soil - be it mainland Europe or the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla or islands in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. But first the migrants must cross great distances.​They go through dangerous routes, such as having to sea cross to Canaries, crossing Sahara, guerrillas and crossing the desert. Sadly some illegal immigrants die during the journey and most of them who don't get asylum get deported back to Africa. This issue of illegal immigration is witnessed even within our continent and countries. The reasons, the challenges, the opportunities, and also what this phenomenon does to
the narrative of Africa in the wider international discourse will be discussed.
Africa Business Radio

The Cameroon Crisis Exposing The Failure of Paul Biya's Administration

The objective of the show is talk about the issues in Cameroon, between the Anglophones and Francophones, which have led to recent unrest in the country and the call from Anglophone Cameroonians to separate from Cameroon and form their own country. We will explore how these issues started, the common narrative around them both locally and internationally, and what can be done to tell a better story that gives all parties a voice.

Professor Yap Boum and Olivia Mukam.
Africa Business Radio

What is African Narrative and Why Does it Matter?

The word narrative is trending, Almost everywhere we turn, someone is talking about the narrative of this or that situation, country or person. This introductory episode will focus on the issue of narrative itself- what it means and why it’s important. Then we will delve deeper into the narrative that is specific to Africa, where it currently stands, and what can be done to get it to where we, Africans, want it to be.
Africa Business Radio

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