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65. "Gweru Sex Workers Dollarise. That's it. That's The Headline."

Chanonoka hacho but chauya!

We are back baby, we are talking the Gweru sex workers who have dollarised and are not accepting monopoly money anymore! Power to you ladies! We also about that yellow car, the situation in Sudan, the continued nonsense with this thing that we are forced to call a currency. We talk about Dumiso Dabengwa and his place in history, Biti's continued beef with Mthuli.

In our music segment we discuss Urban Grooves, yes again.

tune in!! #SadzaInTheAmPod

64 "Saka Toti Bev For President?"

Ladies and Gentleman,

Zanu PF & Thieves, Zimbabwe iya haichagarike, we bring you this episode of chimunya to make things a little bit better. Dig in,

We talk about Kev's recent visit to Chikurubi, the passing of National Hero Dumiso Dabengwa, the current rate remaUSD, price yeMazowe, new music, or did we mention Bev? And a whole lot of nonsense!

This episode is proudly brought to you by Platinum Luxury Virgin Hair, specialists in 100% virgin hair. Contact them on +263 772 394 860 or +44 7775 783817.

63. "Podcast YemaVolunteer

chauya chimunya!

We talk about Tsitsi Dangarembga's fundraising efforts for her new film 'Nnenna.' we also talk about the witchy behaviour that our gvt continues to exhibit by sending out tweets in the middle of night. Who are youi trying to fool? We know you're not working that late. Our small house was *ahem* treated badly this past weekend.



62. "Thank God, Grace Mugabe Never Had Access To Dragons."

We are back! And like corrupt government officials we keep entering new levels. This new plate is complete with Pokello's new shenanigans, Olinda wished 'Happy Birthday' to the wrong husband and in the smoke and mirrors department, the ZANU PF government made Fortune Chasi the Minister of Energy and what that ACTUALLY means for Chibabest. We also discuss the Marital bill that has been put before parliament and why one of it's provisions is about to make Zimbabwean small houses the envy of other small houses in all of Africa. Please vote for Audrey Mzondo in the JZA competition.
Tune in. #SadzaInTheAmPod
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Episode 61 "Even in Winterfell, Men Are Trash."

Ladies and Gentleman,

It was feelings galore on GOT this week, Gendry, Brienne, Tormund, They also had their own version of Heroes Acre. And we go into all this on, Game Of Thrones yemaGhetto Yut!

Just when we thought our government officials were going to let us down and go 2 weeks without a corruption scandal, ZINARA came through in a major major way. Aux Cable was recently appointed Health Ambassador. We also go about our predictions for this year's South African elections.

Tune in!!

Episode 60 "60 Magate!"

Ndiani waronga izvi?!

Guys, episode 60!! 60 gaya?! This week we bring you a more detailed Game of Thrones yemaGhetto Yut segement, with the biggest takeaways from episode 3 of GOT. If you haven't watched they don't listen, yet. Spoilers galore! We also chat about the King 98 album launch and how broke people are going to be in May.

There's a long list of shoutout, if you don't catch your name hamenoooooo. #SadzaInTheAmPod

Episode 59 "Jon Snow Is Also The King On LinkedIn!"

Another episode!

We catch up with what happened over the past week, Judas doing his thing, Sauti Sol was in Zim, Bread Prices went up, Unplugged prices went Up, Netone prices went up, you know what else went up? Our President.

Okay we are lying... he hasn't actually been in the air in a long time, and we are starting to get worried.

Episode 58 "Don't Compare Us To Another Podcast Again!"

Ladies and Gentleman in this episode we bring you empirical evidence of why Sadza in the Morning is The People's Podcast, Podcast Yevanhu, Podcast YaBantu!

We had a chat with Tanya & Vimbai Masiyiwa, yes THAT Masiyiwa and Leeroy Gopal who were in Chimanimani this past weekend on behalf of #PledgeIdai to assess the damage of Cylone Idai. They let us in on what PledgeIdai is all about and why it is important for Zimbabweans to still remain vigilant and continue helping the Chimanimani community.

Yup, that's basically the episode, and the reason why we don't eve wanna hear any comparison. Thanks to us you now know what their voices sound like. You're welcome.

Now, send ecocash.

Episode 57 "But Munenge Muchiita Sei KuPeterhouse?"

Once every 3 months people who went to private schools always do some weird shit that will cause social media to go into a frenzy. This week it was Peterhouse doing their bit.

And since one of the hosts of this very illustrious podcast happens to have gone to this esteemed school, (hint: it's not Kandoro) you're going to get a first hand account of what in the Kendall Jenner happens at these schools.

Episode 56 "Ya'll Just Mad Because Y'all Are Broke Boys." - E.D Mnangagwa.

The sadza is here!

This week is a bit different, we are happy. The warriors did a thing for us, for the whole nation. We deserved a win and they gave us that. Scarfmore Tongombeya continued blogging his way through our taxes and Mthuli Ncube was unusually quiet. He's probably cooking up some taxe.

We also talk about Gogo vaye, ZANU shenanigans, New Music, and all that good stuff.

Episode 55 "Thoughts & Prayers"

Who would'a thunk it?!

We are still here mayne, penetrating new offices, new borders, Podcast yeVanhu YeRuzhinji!!!

Thank you, thank you, now send us ecocash.

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