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76. "There's "Zim", Then There's "The Miz"

pretty self explanatory, pretty angry episode too. tuck in, it's this week's sadza or like how they say it kunorth samora, dzaas.

Don't forget kuti kupa kunemufaro, kunokunda kugamushira. Our ecocash and paypal details are still the same...

74. "Those Days Ndanga Ndichiri Kuita Weti Mumagumbeze.."

You guys don't even deserve us, 2 in one week?!

We talk about what President Ginimbi is doing for his beloved country, the lady who paid Lobola for herself and now wants her money back. How Mthuli Ncube heard that the High Court ruled that the 2% tax is illegal and he said "Saka?", how boys reNyaradzo went kublue roof vakati "howfar bag?" team rekublue roof rikati "bag? satchel here kana monarch?" Best believe there's a bunch of conspiracy theories about why the rate is behaving like a bad bad.

We preview some new tunes from Asaph, Freeman, Burna Boy and Oluwa Wizkid in the Kikky Badass Segment Check it out, it's another classic episode!

We also announce the new Sadza In The Morning Board.

Don't forget to show love via paypal & ecocash ka. #SadzaInTheAmPod #MupotoHive
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73. "Pasi NaSekuru Vako Nhanha" - A Blow by Blow History Of Robert Mugabe

There's a method to our madness, there's a reason why you guys haven't received an episode from us. We knew, we knew that certain things would happen, and certain things kept happening.

So we are here, we bring you the episode that you've been waiting for. There has been a lot of hot takes, rubbish opinions, wild and outlandish reactions. we bring you the only reaction that matters.

The Robert Mugabe Special. In the spirit of full disclosure of you related to the Mugabe family in any way shape or form, or your father worked kublue roof you might want to skip this episode.


72. "Volume Bho!"


New week new chimunya, new theme song! Yes you heard right, new theme song!

This week we get into what our President has been up to, not that president, our actual President Genius Ginimbi Kadungure. Who has doubled down on his inspirational message tour and renovated the club previously known as Sankayi to 'Dream' and has made it clear that 'broke boys' are not allowed, whoever that is.
We also catch up with what has been happening with the Chief Ndiweni case, our first lady threatening bakeries and we fight it out about Chappelle's new stand up.

That new music segment, now called the Kikky Badass Segment. Nguva yezvipo, please ipai veduwe...

70. "No One Cares About Your Top 50 List, Bro"


In this new episode, we catch up with Begotten Sun's antics, Keeping Up with the Chapels, as usual we throw around a couple of conspiracy theories? Why are "things" suddenly available? Why was the arresting officer in Priscila Mupfumira's case transfered to Karoi? What's up with all these nonsense lists?

We even introduce a new segment! "Nguva Yezvipo!"

69. "Olinda Anosimudza Marombe Kubva Muhuruva"

Oh you thought just because this is episode 69 we would have a dirty title huh? Nzveeeee.

Guys, we are changing things around here, kwave nenguva yezvipo, every episode there's going to be segment dedicated to guilt tripping you into sending us at least a dollar per episode.

We are talking Olinda, the biggest supporter to our Arts industry, boys dzefraud, and pane ngoma dzarira. Tune in!


68. "Mupoto Hive HOYE!"

A day late is better than a week late right?

This week's episode features on update on Keeping Up With The Chapels, Vimbai took off her clothes AGAIN but this time she actually had a reason to. Nelson Chamisa said some bigoted shit again, Wickness Chivhayo has a message for his haters and OUR President has started a foundation for entrepreneurs. It has also been a year since YOUR President has "elected" into office, angori mapromises nemabakery"

Tune in!!

67. *ahem* "Where Were We?"

It's been long, yeah, we know...

We are back not, that's al that matters. We are catching up with all the shakara that has happened in the past, the face app, Magaya and his insuarance scam, and the chilatest chaOlinda.

Politics and Above is also pretty packed with the most recent shanenigans reboys remasmooke and mirrors. But on a positive note, our ladies did us proud in Liverpool. Well done Zim Gems.

Get your dancing shoes ready for this weeks music Segment! It’s a party!! Tune in

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