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The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck

Poor Jemima! All she wants to do is lay her eggs in peace. She flies off and finds the perfect place, but little does she realise, the charming gentleman who has lent her his woodshed is busily planning a delicious meal of . . . roast duck!

Grandmother's Footsteps

In this special Halloween episode we have a spooky story by the gruesome, grizzly and ghostly author - JAMIE RIX - author of Ghostly Tales for Ghastly Kids, Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids, and many more

Perseus and Medusa Part 2

Perseus outsmarts three hags that have only one single eye between the lot of them. Then he sets out to tackle the fearsome Medusa, the snakes-for-hair Gorgon. Her vile gaze turns people into stone! (Part 2 of 2)

Perseus and Medusa Part 1

Perseus, son of Zeus, takes on the challenge of wicked King Polydectes, and prepares to tackle the Medusa, a GORGON with snakes for hair! (Part 1 of 2).

King Midas

What would you wish for if you were granted one wish? A unicorn? (the narrator of this episode wants one!). A dragon? Or what about.....if everything you touched.....turned to gold!!!

The Minotaur

The people of Athens are terrorised by a ferocious beast, a hideous creature, half-man, and half-bull, called the Minotaur. But one brave hero rises up to the challenge - brave Theseus! Can he find his way through the twists and turns of the labyrinth and defeat the wicked creature? Warning - this episode is quite scary!

Daedalus and Icarus

Crafty Daedalus is imprisoned by the wicked King Minos. He creates wings that he and his son, Icarus, use to escape. But Icarus has so much fun flying, he forgets to listen to his father's warning! Be careful what you wish for, Icarus.....

The Honeyguide's Revenge

A young hunter follows a honeyguide bird to a bees' hive full of ripe honey. Instead of rewarding the bird with a share of honey, he keeps it all for himself! The next time the young man tries to find honey, the honeyguide has his revenge.....

Anansi, the Crows and the Crocodiles

Greedy Anansi tries to trick his friends, the crows, into giving him more than his fair share of figs. The crows uncover his tricks and abandon him on an island. He tries to fly, but lands in the river amongst the crocodiles. This seems like the end for Anansi. Will he find a way out....?

Katitu Momambo, the clever little girl

A traditional San story about Katitu Momambo, the wise little girl who saved her sisters from the Big Snake, saved them from the snake's children, and (with the help of her brother) saved herself from the belly of the elephant.

28 episodes

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