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The SABC Disability 360 Campaign aims to empower People with Disabilities by providing on-going disability related content on-air, online and on the ground (events) through SABC various platforms which will be providing the sector with information about job opportunities, training opportunities and pertinent disability content, in all 11 official languages.

This Campaign will allow maximum access to information by the Disability Sector in South Africa, thus ensuring that the SABC broadcasts not only compelling content but also content that empowers its audiences. The Disability 360 Campaign further aims at creating an online “community” where people with disabilities can go and engage and access any disability related Information.

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#SABC360 - Mr Welcome Nyalunga from DFSA-Deaf Awareness Month

4 Things You Can Do to Spread Deaf Awareness
I’d like to encourage you to do something this month to spread awareness of hearing loss.
Inform your colleagues:  Let your colleagues know about the things we struggle with. By informing them on how you best work, you can enhance your communication within your team. Maybe you can even create a better work environment. If there are tools or resources that help you work better, let your HR department know. Advocating for yourself is one of the best ways to create an even playing field and collaborative environment at work.
Teach Sign Language: If you use sign language to communicate, consider teaching sign language to kids in schools, your friends, colleagues, or other people in your life. Even just a few signs can go a long way, and it’s fun to learn!
Make a Poster: Raise awareness in your community. Make signs or posters to put up at your local library, community centers or schools. Awareness is the only way we can give others some understanding of our disability. You can share information about how common hearing loss is, how to protect your hearing from loud noises, or the different levels of hearing loss.
Support a Deaf Business: Find local or online business that are run or supported by deaf business owners. Finding a job with hearing loss can be tough, but supporting these deaf-owned businesses can help people make their own living.
I personally will be presenting an assembly at the school I work at. I’ll also be keeping my eyes open for other opportunities.
Remember, our biggest enemy is ignorance. People often don’t help because they don’t know how to help – make sense?
“…if it helps to raise awareness and give others some understanding of our disability, share it!”

Ms Victoria Shongwe Mr & Ms Deaf World, Asia & Europe

Miss & Mister Deaf World (MMDW) is an international beauty pageant which crowns young Deaf women to "Miss Deaf World" and young Deaf men to "Mister Deaf World" every year, usually in Prague, in the Czech Republic.
MMDW is a Nonprofit organization which was created in 2001. The pageant is organised by the companies MISS DEAF s.r.o. and MISS – MISTER DEAF s.r.o., and their president is Josef Uhlíř.[1] The official language in the contest is International Sign Language,[2] and the crystal crowns for all the finalists are made by Astera s.r.o.[3]

By the rules of the contest, a winner is disallowed to participate in another beauty contest.[4] In July 9, 2010 there was a MDW contest in Tbilisi, Georgia,[5] and Miss Julie Abbou from France contested.[6] She won three titles of the first Vicemiss Deaf World 2010, the second Vicemiss Deaf World 2010 and of the Miss Sympathy Deaf World 2010.[7][8] Afterwards, Abbou contested Miss Deaf International[9] in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 31, 2010, and was crowned as Miss Deaf International.[10] As a result, Uhlíř published an announcement at MDW website about disqualifying Abbou from the titles of 1st Vicemiss Deaf World 2010 and of Miss Sympathy Deaf World 2010, which Abbou won during the final ceremony of Miss Deaf World 2010 and Miss Deaf Europe 2010 competitions in Tbilisi. Uhlíř stated that during the MDW competitions, Abbou was personally informed, as well as the other competing girls, that in the case of receiving one of the official titles of the MDW competitions, the winner would be prohibited from participation in any other Miss competition. Uhlíř explained the reason for keeping the high status of the both competitions, keeping the high reputation of the gained titles and preventing any hurt of Miss Deaf World and Miss Deaf Europe competitions prestige. Uhlíř added that every girl could participate these competitions, even two times, if she was not awarded any of the titles during her first participation.

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