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Mental Health Awareness - Depression

World Mental Health day is on 10 October. And in the lead up to that day, I'll be exploring a few themes around that with the help of Dr. Anina du Toit, a clinical psychologist practising in Windhoek.
In part one we discussed Depression in more detail.

Allan Gray Namibia Offshore Series - Part 2

Now that we know the why of investing offshore, this episode looks in more detail at the how, including how much, what currency, the fund type and asset managers to choose, and even what taxes and duties your offshore investments could be liable for.

Allan Gray Namibia Offshore Series - Part 1

Etienne le Roux from Allan Gray Namibia discusses different types of diversification, some of the things you should consider when wanting to invest offshore, and why it's not actually that expensive to do so while the returns you can earn are probably better than you think.

Allan Gray Namibia Tax and Investment Series - Part 2

In this episode we look at the tax implications for Namibian investors both in terms of Namibian investments and more importantly South African ones, looking individually at tax on interest and dividends as well as how you could actually be liable for both Capital Gains and Estate Duty depending on what investments you have across the border.

Allan Gray Namibia Tax and Investment Series - Part 1

Find out the difference between 'source based' and 'residency based' taxation and which one applies in Namibia, what it means to be 'ordinarily resident' in a country, as well as many of the different types of taxes apply in Namibia and South Africa, and how even though South Africa charges some types of taxes Namibia doesn't, you could still be liable for those taxes on your South African investments.

Intra-Uterine Device Contraceptives & Breast Cancer - A Study Explained

Sunet sat down with Dr Justus Apffelstaedt, a specialist surgeon, about the findings of a recent population-wide study done in Finland on links between certain intra-uterine contraceptive devices, and increased breast cancer risk. Dr Apffelstaedt explained the findings, and what women need to consider about their contraception.

Pasta La Vita – Busting Carb Myths

Melanie Meiring is a nutritionist who came in to debunk some myths about the DREADED CARB!
We asked her what the reason was behind “Carb hating”, and why we should actually start incorporating some carbs into our Diet. Not only are they good for you but they are imperative for a healthy human brain to function. And as your mind begs the question: “I wonder if they will include Pasta?” the answer is a big fat YES!! But what kinds…..check out the interview and she’ll tell you.

Radiowave’s 2019 Fitness Series Pt.3 - Hermien Elago

I recently sat down with Hermien Elago. Social Media Influencer, fitness enthusiast and the most positive person you will ever meet. Her outlook on life and fitness will not only inspire you to get up and squat, but her humour and love of life will have you appreciating your body and life. On this interview, we talk about how her love for fitness began, her relationship with food and why impossible does not exist in her vocabulary.

Radiowave’s 2019 Fitness Series Pt.2 - Nelao Nengola

Nelao Nengola is an incredible force. Behind the titles of CEO, wellness consultant and Youtuber, you will find a survivor that is now an inspiration to 1000’s of women. We sat down wit this incredible woman to find out more about her fitness focused lifestyle, her YouTube channel and ofc, her favourite go to fitness recipe.
For Nelao’s full story, visit her website here website here:

Interview with Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Sepiso Mwange

The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders begun in 2014 and is the flagship program of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) that empowers young people through academic coursework, leadership training, and networking. I had the honor of speaking to Sepiso Mwange, a 2018 YALI alumni, where she shares her experience and why you should be grabbing this opportunity with both hands!


Karlien spoke to Liesl Vermaak who is an occupational therapist in the private sector and they discussed anxiety and depression and how occupational therapy could assist in making life more bearable for someone who suffers from anxiety. They also discussed why anxiety exists as well as "tools" that you can use to get you through stressful situations.

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