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We interview lifestyle-related professionals who can advise or help on ideas that you can use in your everyday life. These include your work day, health related issues like fitness & yoga, motivating yourself and financial matters.
Karlien spoke to Stephen Slabber about safety basics and the responsibility of the bike rider. They spoke about the importance of safety gear and also covered topics such as where to drive, when to lane split and when it's safe to overtake.
Christine visited the mining vessel Mafuta in June 2017. She had a unique opportunity to see what goes into the operation of the DebMarine Namibia mining vessels. It was an eye-opening experience, and will make you feel proud to be Namibian! *NOTE: The company name is DebMarine Namibia, and not De Beers Marine as stated.
In today's rushed and busy world many of us find it difficult to make healthy eating choices, and much of the time we may not even be sure what is healthy or not. To clear things up David spoke to Samantha du Toit and Annalien Turner from 'Eat CLEAN Namibia'.
Knowing how to invest your money successfully can be daunting so to make things a little easier David spoke to Relf Lumley from Capricorn Asset Management on your behalf.
For World No Tobacco Day, observed each year on May 31st, David spoke to local doctor Willie Bruwer about what exactly smoking does to your body, how your smoke harms more than just you, why it is so difficult to quit smoking, and how your body can actually, to a certain extent, heal itself if you quit.
We have spoken in the past about how to compile the best CV as well as how to increase your skills to make sure that you stand out when looking for a job, we now speak to Elite Employment's Yvonne Le Roux about how you can ace the job interview to make sure you get the job you're hoping to.
Do you constantly find yourself in situations where you feel uncomfortable or resentful because you said yes to a request, when in fact you would rather have said no? Coach Lauren Voges gives us more insight and help on how to say NO!
It's not a topic we like to talk about but without proper planning your family could be left with loads of hassles and headaches following your death - and nobody wants to do that to their loved ones.
Lynne Fraser is an executive wealth and performance enhancement coach. She talks about the fact that we are all energy, and our thoughts become our feelings which create our reality. The world is a mirror and it reflects back the energy that we send out. You are in charge of your thoughts, and you can choose your thoughts. By being aware of your thoughts and the vibrations you send out you can change your life for the better.
David spoke to Patrick de Goede to find out more about getting kids to exercise, how you know when enough is enough, and an exciting new bike park that will be opening to make it even easier for them to be active.