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"How to be a Grown-Up in 30 or so Minutes" This is a funny, witty, noisey and absolutely great company type of show hosted by Onai and three of "Other Guys". This diverse group of friends, have conversations about topical issues, opinions and they hopefully, unfigure out Adulthood, one pun at a time. With cool segments like, "Guys/Girls Dont Get It and interviews with total Cool Kids, they are sure to be your select squad. Join them each episode as they go through the week, the internet love dilemas! #MakingMondaysGreatAgain

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The NOOGieByte...Special Midweek Episode

So, it's been two weeks since we had a NOOG episode, so Archie and Jerry the former Bartender decided to come through and give a small dose. Special messages from the Cap26Free team! By the time you are reading this maybe the price for data bundles has gone up, maybe you're still stuck in the office because the kombi price went up and you didn't have a return fare. The synopsis can't be longer than the episode, let's get to it.

Alternative Titles:
The NOOG-Lite Episode
Has the price for short-time gone up?
Where have the other guys gone?
Why are all the alternative titles questions?

Zigzagging Moments with Glen Andry Dhliwayo

Moe Chishato is joined by Skittles & Glen Andry Dhliwayo (the Noogie guest for this week). A leadership connoisseur, entrepreneur, author & was once part of the Zimbabwe Youth Council. They talk about whether the naming & shaming of Harare City Council officials was enough to tackle the alleged fraudulent matters, Zambia and it's cholera screening antics, how the retirement & reshuffling of some government officials is a great move as well as the "agenda" behind the weed legalization in our neighbouring country. Hashtags & Dotcoms brings in the question of whether we should watch what we tweet without stifling our creativity because you might be denied access to reign free on the CurateZim account. We also get to know whether Glen would like to appear on the Forbes Africa Under 30 List.

Alternative Title:
Onai's VP comes to rule

We tried not to be serious

With the captain of the NOOGnation ship away (Onai), the Other Guys come out to play. Skittles & Nigel (Mr. Sweet) discuss the opposition parliamentarians seemingly rowdy behaviour, 2008 Zimbabwean problems coming back to haunt us and if there is even a good reason to hold a mock inauguration adding in how it's similar to another African country's playbook.
In Hashtags and Dotcoms, the discussion is around whether it was a justifiable cause by the Ministry of Health to start a crowdfunding mission to help alleviate the Cholera epidemic. Finally on the Feeling Station, how we & most people around us make interracial dating a big deal.

Possible Titles: Slowly turning into a political show*cringe*

People I wouldnt date coz of their Job!

Archie, Jerry and Nyasha join Onai on this special episode that was actually recorded midweek with everyone tired and done with work. Find out the ugly side of a day job! They talk mostly about the new Cabinet, the new quota system as well as why there was no episode last week. Interesting hashtags where they figure out how to adjust one's underwear without being noticed in public and in the Feeling Station, find out if the guys would not date certain people because of a particular proffession. Dont miss a special announcement about where Onai is soon going and how that may affect the name of the Show!

Alternative Topic Names

1. The Cabinet that I know is in the living room
2. Miri and the Pun Cakes
3. The Legend of Nigel and his Weinbreiners!

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When strings get too attached

Skittles and Miri join Onai in this episode where they first celebrate Skittles birthday and she explains why she isn’t so “happy” about it. They then go into the constitutional court ruling, if Chamisa was really taking people through a wild goose chase or did they really get the raw end of the stick in court. The team also talks about a Zimbabwean who says that they will not be sending money home to people who still want the state of the country to stay the same.Aaaaand do you think its easy for the country to “just get over it and move on?” In Hashtags and Dot coms, how far is too far when it comes to the way your significant other talks to other people of the opposite sex? Can you take back a flirtatious boyfriend. We find out if there really is trouble in the Tytan and Olinda camp, his reaction and her reaction to it. Finally, does a person in a “no strings attached” relationship have the right to complain when she/he finds out that they are not the only one in the “no strings attached” relationship?

Alternative Topics

1. “Just get over it” A whole country told
2. Flirting isn’t such a bad thing if you don't get caught
3. Birthdays were the worst days!
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The one thing girls will laugh at a guy for

In this episode, Monalisa, Nyasha and Skittles join Onai for an episode with sad news, and tense news, thoughts about Election Hangover and people getting deported from Zambia. They also start a new game involving reading screen grabs that they collected all week. In the feeling station, is it still body shaming when girls laugh at guys because they dont measure up down there?

Alternate topic names
1. size counts
2. we are sorry for the delay
3. we blame it on the economy

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The Epic adventures of the Zim Voter ft The Other Guys

Jerry, (formely known as Jerry The Bartender), Archie and Mark join Onai in this very late edition of the podcast. This podcast is a non-expert but very important to listen to review of the Zimbabwean elections. The gents talk about their different experiences voting, who they bumped into as well as critical questions on the results of the elections. Who was the biggest loser? How does the crew feel about Fadzayi Mahere and other independent candidates not winning? What is cult voting and what type of democracy does it create? They also break down how why ZANU PF has so much love in the rural areas and what it is that its opponents didnt do that they did. If you think that the views expressed in the podcast are insensitive, remember one thing, "we are a child". If that line went over your head, listen to the episode and enjoy..

Alternative episode names
1. (obviously) I am a child
2. All body parts matter
3. We are just talking.. nothing else

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Zim Decides & The Thing About Girls Who Make More Than Their Dudes! ft Shanee Rue & Chef Kuchi

Social media influencer, Shanee Rue and Chef Kuchi join Onai in an episode where they talk about the Ex that matters, and thats the one that will be put in the voting booth as it is election day. They talk about their wishes, hint on who they might be voting for and why. They also dig into Shanee's life as Facebook celebrity, how it al started and her amazing new live radio show. In the Feeling Station, They are joined by Kiki and Anthony from Kenya and unfigure out why it seems that ladies who make more money, are more educated, or higher in terms of social status than their male significant others act superior or are intimidating to their partners!

Alternative Show Topics
1. The only Ex That matters
2. Vote Wisely
3. When she makes more than you..

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Why Your Boyfriend Needs To Move Out of His Mommas House

Archie and Jerry (formerly known as Jerry The Bartender) join Onai in this episode where they first try to see if Ginimbi was behind ZANU PF's "All White Rally". They go through peoples reactions and ask the question, "did the differential treatment of the White Zimbabweans show the different racial treatment people get because of colour or was this good political strategy?" They also dwell on ZEC boss, sex scandals and unpack other scandals like them to see if men really have a problem with women in power, thus the use of sex scandals against them or thats just how the political game works regardless. Archie and Jerry narrate their never been told story about an accident that they were recently involved in and how they blame friends who don't answer phones for it and lastly, Onai is beginning to feel the strain of living in his mommas house. They discuss whether moving out is a good idea to do for bachelors.

Alternative topic names
1. All Rallies are equal but some are more equal than others?
2. The embarrasing thing about the accident
3. Netflix and Chill till mhamha vadzoka kubasa

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You can marry anyone Bestie, Just not my EX!

A NOOG listener, Tapiwa Nyemba, Nyasha and for a bit Archie, join Onai for this weeks show. First of all, are you not part of the chosen ones if ZANU PF didn't send you a "Please vote for me message" They discuss their concerns over the credibility of the elections because of the texts as well as the postal votes. Onai gets sort of emotional about Ariana Grande's new video and how creatives are driving offensive narratives to create positive messages.. DISCUSS! In the feeling station, they try and answer this issue, "Is it okay for your friend to date and maybe even marry your ex girlfriend?" It gets interesting

Alternative titles
1. We didn't diss Miri in her absence
2. Kiki didn't pick her phone up (maybe she doesn't really love me/us..gerrit?)
3. When Nyasha's english broke into a million pieces

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The worst advice I got from Twitter? ft Tino Maveneka from New Zim Forum

Miriam (award winning blogger), Moe Chishato, Skittles and Onai link up with Bridgit Kiki over the phone from Kenya as well as Tino Maveneka with the New Zim Forum update. They speak about the event and how it got to help young people and why you should participate in the next one. Whats the worst advice you have got from Social media? The crew break it down and also explain how you should sift through the madness called social media.

alternative headings
1. Sosho media made me do it
2. Get Bridgit an ozzband already!
3. The reason the pastor had condoms in his pocket

fb -the noognation
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I almost dated a Churchboy & The Case of similar isms ft Bridgit Kiki

Moe Chishato, Skittles and Onai are joined by Kenyan Connection and Nairobni Noogibae Bridgit Kiki on the phone from East Africa. They go on and talk about attack on privileged folks who have privileged names and probably dont have to face data issues like the squad did in the episode. Why cant "My mum is Ndebele, so I cant be tribalist" be a good answer? Kiki also tells them how tribalism affects Kenyans and what their government is doing about it. They also try and see whether Terry Crews was a gee for not fighting back after being sexually harassed and if that type of guy is good enough for the girls. From Kenya, Kiki and the team talk about the churches there and how crazy things can get.

Alternative Titles
1. I almost dated a church boy until he asked for money
2. Stroke an ego.. Just do it
3 From Nairobi with love and Samoosa's

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