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You've seen the business news, got the gist of the bourses and heard what the country's top CEOs have to say. It's now time for some in-depth markets analysis.

This half hour show was the first of its kind in the business TV market in South Africa – every night our anchors are joined by two markets experts who tell you what shares to be buying, holding or selling.

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Stock Watch-Stock Picks - Sasol, BHP and Shoprite

Having not chosen any local companies since the start of 2019, David Shapiro from Sasfin Securities says he has been looking at resources and chose Sasol and BHP as his stock pick of the day.

Keeping it local as well, Nick Crail from Ashburton Investments chose Shoprite Holdings as his stock pick of the day. The stock looks attractive over the long term. Looking at it from a short term perspective it might be a bit more pressured and one might not find that this is the exact bottom but on a 3 to 5 year view you are not going to go wrong.

Stock Watch- Stock Picks - AngloGold Ashanti and Mondi

Greg Katzenellenbogen Sanlam Private Wealth chose Anglogold Ashanti as his stock pick of the day. He believes that over the next couple of years we are going to see a massive rise in the price of gold and that is not only because we will eventually see a weaker dollar but we will see the return of inflation in a couple of years time.

Chantal Marx from FNB Wealth & Investments chose Mondi Ltd as her stock pick of the day. Technically there is a quite a bit of momentum behind Mondi at the moment and from a fundamental perspective the valuation still looks quite compelling relative to its expected growth profile. It also came out with a trading statement on Monday that beat the market expectation by quite a significant margin which tells you that the market isn't quite pricing this stock correctly.

Stock Watch-Stock Picks - Super Group and Mondi Ltd

Jonathan Fisher from PSG Wealth Sandton chose Super Group (SPG) as his stock pick of the day. A broad based supply chain management business, involved in dealerships as well based in South Africa. They also have operations in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe. Their last set of full year results were very good and based on what they came out with on the 18th of Feb, their HEPS are going to be up by between 9 and 14,8 percent for the half year.

Rowan Williams from Nitrogen Fund Managers chose Mondi Ltd as his stock pick of the day. We saw a trading update from them late last week and the numbers looked very pleasing with up to 29% earnings growth which is slightly ahead of what the market was expecting.

Stock Watch- Stock Picks - Sasol and Discovery

Gerbrand Smit from NeFG Fund Management chose Sasol Limited as his stock pick of the day, the share price is down a further 2/3 percent since he previously chose it as his stock pick of the day. Sasol came out with a statement that they will be having a cost overrun on their projects in Louisiana. The stock is certainly very cheap at the moment.

Graeme Körner from Körner Perspective chose Discovery as his stock pick of the day, Discovery is set to release their results next Wednesday and often just before results are released the stock "wobbles" a bit. It should show a lot of money spent on the opening of the bank but, a lot of their other operations are kicking into gear.

Stock Watch- Stock Picks - AB Inbev and Softbank

Wayne McCurrie from FNB Wealth & Investments chose Anheuser-Busch InBev SA NV (ANH) / R1090.00 (+4.52%) as his stock pick of the day sitting at multiple year low PEs, the world economy is not disappearing. They have challenges with taking over SAB breweries and massive debt but there is still good demand for their product and the share price actually look reasonably valued.

David Shapiro from Sasfin Securities chose Softbank (9984:TKSE) / ¥107.65 (+4.92%) as his stock pick of the day. A Nikkei listed company gives you a chance to invest in Eastern Asian Silicone Valley. It's trading at a big discount to its NAV and has some great investments like Uber, the Japanese "Yahoo" and they have announced a big buy back in the share which saw the share price going through the roof. This is a buffer type investment.

Stock Watch- Stock Picks - Toyota Motor Corp and AB Inbev

Ricus Reeders from PSG Wealth chose Toyota Motor Corp as his stock pick of the day. Toyota can trade in the US as an ADR. looking at the current valuations their dividend is at around three percent and they have thirty six percent of the market as far as alternative vehicles are concerned.

Nick Kunze from Sanlam Private Wealth chose Anheuser-Busch InBev as his stock pick of the day. As were heading into a volatile period in the market side, the stock has been quite heavily sold off which is traditionally a "safe haven" play . It's starting to show its characteristics again and has bounced around R60 off its lows so far. There were some concerns over their balance sheet which they are addressing as they cut their dividend. From a risk aversion play this is looking quite interesting.

Stock Watch- Stock Picks - Alviva Holdings and Bhp Group

Sekgabo Molelekoa from Umthombo Wealth chose Alviva Holdings Ltd (AVV) as her stock pick of the day, the IT company was formerly known as Pinnacle. The company has made a few bolt on acquisitions trying to move more into the solutions space which makes it attractive from an annuity income perspective.

Deryck Janse van Rensburg from Anchor Securities chose Bhp Group Plc as his stock pick of the day, there are a couple of things that are going to affect resource shares in the short term. We saw a big fall out with the Vale Dam Disaster in Brazil and Iron Ore price shot through the roof and BHP is very well positions to benefit from this.

Stock Watch-Stock Pics - Sasol and Estée Lauder

Wayne McCurrie from FNB Wealth and Investments chose Sasol Limited (SOL) as his stock pick of the day, there is a bit of uncertainty with Lake Charles and whether it is coming online within six months or one years time but that is not the key to buying this stock, the key to buying it is that there is no more Capex and they are generating serious cash flows. The oil market does not look to bad either as it seems asif Opex is prepared to cut to get the price to around $60 a barrel. No matter what Trump says, America doesn't want oil below $60 for to long because then their industry suffers.

David Shapiro from Sasfin Securities chose Estée Lauder Companies Inc as his stock pick of the day. They released unexpected knockout results. What is coming out is that the Chinese are actually spending.

Stock Watch- Stock Picks - Alphabet Inc and Docusign Inc

Nesan Nair from Sasfin Securities chose Alphabet Inc as his stock pick of the day, the released their results recently and the market didn’t like the fact that their costs were growing ahead of guidance but if you go deeper into their results they are still growing their advertising revenue 20% plus a year. They invested in a whole lot of new technologies that is costing a whole lot of money and they are throwing a lot of resources and people at it. At some point in time it will break even and when it does, Google is going to be a market leader.

Bright Khumalo from Vestact chose Docusign Inc as his stock pick of the day. This company sits in a 25 Billion US dollars market of e-signatures. These are integratable into any device most importantly your ERP’s (enterprise resource planning) at work and Docusign have 60% of the market and they are worth 8,5 billion US dollars. The share price trade normally and there is always volume.

Stock Watch- Stock Picks - Home Depot Inc and Absa Group Limited

Paul Chakaduka from chose Absa Group Limited as his stock pick of the day. Fair and fine the banks are still going to make money in this environment and the share price has really run hard and was down 4% on the day. But with the news last week of the "change of guard" at the helm of Absa which brought about some positive sentiment in the market.

Gary Booysen from Rand Swiss chose Home Depot Inc. as his stock pick of the day, an American stock and the company is the equivalent to SA's Builders Warehouse. An absolutely monolithic company that generates an enormous amount of cash. Last year they doubled their share buy backs so significant cash is being returned to shareholders already and it has a dividend policy where it pays out 55% of earnings to shareholders as well.

Stock Watch - Stock Picks - Sasol and Richemont

Gerbrand Smit from Nefg Fund Management chose Sasol Limited as his stock pick of the day. The stock has gone down about 30% in the last six months. The currency strength the oil price came down. Everyone forgets that Sasol is busy building a plant in Louisiana should add around R180 a share. A good company in the long term. They do have a few headwinds with the oil price at the moment and the currency that is strengthening gives an excellent buying opportunity.

Greg Katzenellenbogen from Sanlam Private Wealth chose Compagnie Fin Richemont as his stock pick of the day. The stock took a knock today as the Swatch results were not great but 27% of Swatch products trade at $500 or less whereas only 7%of Richemont watches trade at that level so it's a much higher end watch. The Euro was stronger today which is not good from Richemont as it makes their products a lot more expensive. At the current levels with the strong rand so from a risk/reward standpoint, buying Richemont at R90 is a very good deal.

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