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With great music and loads of interactive social media conversations, Damon Beard helps you get through your morning with ease. He's also well known for his popular weekly feature, The Big Favour, now in it's 14th year - in which he helps people in the province realise their dreams.

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Nqongqotho Primary: One of the #ECRToyStory18 beneficiaries

Toy Story Corporate Day is a day synonymous with large scale giving in KwaZulu-Natal. Big businesses and celebrities will rally together on Friday 07 December to raise funds for underprivileged children in KZN as part of East Coast Radio Toy Story, in partnership with Toys R Us & Babies R Us. All the money collected will be directed to the greatest need at four identified schools; Jabulani primary, Maria Memorial primary, Mqhathi primary, Nqongqotho primary.

Should you invite your colleagues to your wedding?

Weddings are expensive, and with every additional head that is added to the guest list, it also comes with an additional cost that will be added to your bill. But, unfortunately, it becomes difficult to add them to the guest list, let alone deciding on which to invite. Ouch! But is there some kind of pressure that is put on to-be-wedded colleagues when deciding to get married?

"I don't want to invite my coworkers to my wedding"

Weddings can be a costly affair and may cause you to exclude certain individuals from your guest list. But when it's your colleagues in question, where does that leave you? This KZN woman says she is feeling pressurised to invite her colleagues when she doesn't want to.

Egyptian actress to be trialed for 'racy' dress at film festival

Rania Youssef is facing a backlash from social media fans and the citizens of Egypt after she wore a dress described as 'revealing' to a film festival. Youssef is being charged with 'public obscenity' for the dress, and people have said that she "committed obscene public behaviour" by using the long black transparent dress which showed off her legs and thighs. Listen to what Damon and KZN have to say about it.

Does your partner have the right to dictate your whereabouts?

It’s that time of the year where Christmas parties are in full swing, and while it’s not an issue for some, it’s a big deal for others, because their controlling partners won’t let them go. Controlling behaviour from a partner knows no boundaries and a toxic relationship can sneak up on any of us, at any time. Do you think your partner has the right to dictate to you where you can and can't go? Find out what KZN and Damon had to say.

TRELLIDOR reacts to viral video of burglar who got through a security gate

On today's 'Breaking The Internet' feature on 'The Damon Beard Show' on East Coast Radio, Damon discussed the viral video of a Burglar who was on camera while he was maneuvering out of security gate at a school. The burglar was caught red-handed by police after attempting to rob a school office in Pretoria this past week. Marketing and Sales Director, Peter Lawson decided to contact Damon to re-emphasis why TRELLIDOR urges the public to avoid DIY security gates for this very reason.

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