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Not Just A Carpenter

We are created to have complete authority, so how do we get that authority? Many take Jesus and salvation for granted, find out the problem with familiarity and how we can overcome it.

Finding Your Origin

What is your origin? Why were you created in the first place? Find the answers on today's amazing show with Pastor Gavin. Plus find out what can and will block you from receiving the word? Learn about the problem with offence and the destructive power it can have.

Growth Is Natural!

When something is unhealthy it stops growing. Learn how to ensure that you are always experiencing growth in your life and the power in the small. All great things start small.

Faith Is For Now!

This talk is absolutely inspirational. Discover how to have faith that can turn every situation around for the best!

The Ultimate Secret

Ps Gavin reveals the ultimate secret to living in freedom and breaking free from poverty/ poverty mindsets. We are meant to manage and be in authority, so what steps can we take to get our authority back?

Parables and Clarity

Why did Jesus speak in parables? Was it just for effect or is there a greater purpose to his stories? What did his parables even mean?

No Where To Go

Most people think/ feel that there's no way out of the situation they are in. Is there? Find out why most people are so unhappy with their lives and how to get out of the endless pit of despair.

There's No Way Out...

Most people get stuck in life because they are trying to live an independent life without depending on God. What does being independent really mean? Most people place significance on not being dependent, when it's actually quite impossible to achieve.

Today Is The Day For Victory

God's promises include victory and prosperity, but why do we rarely see these promises coming to pass in our lives? Discover the secret to REAL success on today's episode!

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