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The Island

A film review of a movie no one really knows, Sash claims to have known the director is Michael Bay and seemed rather excited.

Black Widow

Sash and Ryan take a look at one of Marvel's latest releases - due in 2020 but was only released in 2021 due to Covid.
Was it worth the wait?

Alice in Wonderland

Sash and Ryan review the new Alice In Wonderland.
Was it better than the original or was it a fail?
Sash and Ryan discuss whether the actors having to act in front of a green screen with 'invisible' animated characters ruined their acting...

The Upside

Sash and Ryan review a film based on a true life story, starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart.
Get their thoughts about this comedy-drama that spikes the idea of an unlikely friendship between people of 2 different worlds.

Boss Level

Sash & Ryan review a movie about a former special forces agent trapped in a time loop that relives his death over and over again. To escape the terrible situation, he must track down those responsible and stop them.

Jungle Cruise

Sash and Ryan give their opinion on Jungle Cruise movie.
This show is unique as Sash and Ryan have opposite opinions about this film. Witness the entertainment as they debate about the success of the movie...

Steven Spielberg

Ryan and Sash focus on Steven Spielberg - one of Hollywood's finest and most well known movie directors.
Find out why this is one of Sash's favourite directors in the industry, and what his top movies are.
They also ask some listeners, and other Active FM presenters, to share what they think is Steven's best movie and why.

The Terminal

Viktor Navorski gets stranded at an airport when a war breaks out in his country - while he was in the air. He is forced by the officials to stay at the airport until his original identity is confirmed - without knowing how to speak English, and without money.
Why is it a must to watch this movie?


Sash and Ryan review a movie about a girl named Emma.
Emma is a self-proclaimed matchmaker who meddles in her friends' love lives. Her misguided matches and romantic missteps lead her to find love that has been there all along.

The Tomorrow War

Imagine the thought of defending the earth from a future war against aliens, given the possibility that you could die - and you weren't given a choice.
Sash and Ryan talk about the brilliant aspects of the movie, as well as some failures/ glitches in the film.

A Quiet Place Part 2

The long-awaited sequel to A Quiet Place is here.
Grab some popcorn as you listen to Sash and Ryan's thoughts on the film. It's going to be intense.

The Soloist

Sash and Ryan review a film based on a real life story where a journalist befriends a homeless mentally ill, street musician that possesses extraordinary talent.

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