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Paul runs the hip hop and happening show that takes a deeper look into the world of hip hop - Hip Hop World.
You can learn about the hottest hip hop artists out and listen to the latest and best hip hop music.

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Black Jesus

Was Jesus white?
And what's up with the whole white, black issue?
Paul focuses on the issue whether Jesus was white or not and if it really matters at the end of the day...


Paul explores the true meaning of the word Perception.
So what does perception have to do with hip hop?

Best Of The Best

Paul focuses on the best in the hip hop world.
Hear about the top tracks, hottest artists and best rapping/ lyrics today.

Welcome To The Jungle

Today’s show is inspired by Africa, as Paul focuses on African Hip Hop.
He looks at how hip hop is rising up in Africa and going to a new level.
Could African Hip Hop be taking over Hip Hop?


Our lively presenter talks about Women In Power.
Today’s show takes a slight twist as Paul puts a spotlight on women, looking at the difference between women now and women in the past?
Paul also takes us through the top 6 latest and leading hip hop tracks.

The Top Five

On today's hot show Paul takes a look at the recent hottest 5 hip hop tracks out at the moment.
Get the best hip hop update and best hip hop music with Paul.

On The 3rd He Rose

Paul takes a deeper look in to the significance and importance of Jesus resurrection and the significance of Easter.
So what is Easter really about?
And how did eggs and the Easter bunny come to be?

The Top 7!

Get the best of hip hop right now on today's show!
Paul focuses on everything to do with music on today as he looks at the top and hottest 7 tracks that have been released in 2018 so far in his opinion.

Black Panther

Paul introduces us to the best hip hop music out at the moment. He also takes a deeper look into the culture and motive behind the craze around The Black Panther movie.

Mask OFF

So why did Paul choose this topic and what does it mean? Find out now! Enjoy the latest and best hip hop music on this show.

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