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The Top 7!

Get the best of hip hop right now on today's show! Paul focuses on everything to do with music on today as he looks at the top and hottest 7 tracks that have been released in 2018 so far in his opinion.

Black Panther

Paul introduces us to the best hip hop music out at the moment. He also takes a deeper look into the culture and motive behind the craze around The Black Panther movie.

Mask OFF

So why did Paul choose this topic and what does it mean? Find out now! Enjoy the latest and best hip hop music on this show.

Battle Of The Sexes

Paul battles it out on today's show as he discusses a widely asked question - Are men better than women? Most men have dominated the hip hop scene for a while, but as women rise up, are they taking over or do the men and women compliment each other in hip hop?

The 'N' Word - Distraction Or Expression

So what is the ’N’ word? Paul talks about the 'N' word and goes into detail about what people are saying about the ’N’ word. Keep it hot by listening to the best hip hop music on the show!

Love And Hip Hop

Today Paul speaks about how love and hip hop are related. Can the two really come together? Could you use hip hop to show someone some love? Find out while listening to the freshest and best hip hop tracks now.

Fresh Material Or Old School?

Paul takes a look at the hottest beats that have been released in 2018 so far, as well as the hottest releases from the end of 2017. Find out which year is killing it more so far?

Last Days Fam

Today Paul is focusing on a specific hip hop group from South Africa - Last Days Fam. Find out why Paul believes this group stands out and why he believes this group is so impactful.

A Few Things To Do This Year

Paul goes through a list of things all of us should do in 2018. On top of that, for the first time on Hip Hop World, Paul plays and introduces us to some of the best Hip Hop mixes.

Shut Up And Listen

Today Paul talks about the new 'Zombie Drug'. This drug has caused much fear as it continues to spread. After doing research and reading some articles, Paul explains what this drug is, what the symptoms are and what its side effects are. Plus Paul reveals 5 crazy facts about this drug. Listen to the awesome hip hop tracks Paul has for us today!

Joey Prophet

We are going old school on the show today as Paul focuses on a specific artist that goes way back- Joey Prophet. Find out what makes this artist stand out. And as always, enjoy the best hip hop music!

Black Friday Mayhem

Paul focuses on the aftermath of what happened on the weekend - the greatly anticipated Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The question is to Black Friday or not to Black Friday. Our presenter looks at a few things that happened over the weekend and why it is that people lose their minds. He also talks about money and where we don't manage our finances properly. Did you know that most of the top artists in the hip hop world have to manage their finances? Find out what they do...

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