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Jaemii is the DJ of the heart throbbing love show, which airs once a week - every Wednesday morning at 6am.
On the love show, Jaemii has some exciting love quizzes, talks about the most romantic and the craziest/ weirdest love stories and incidents. Get the 101 on how to flourish in your relationships and get the most out of our relationships. Plus learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to love.

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Drive Your Girl Crazy In Love

What are the things that guys should be doing to keep their girl happy and to make them feel loved.
Jaemii gives the perfect advice on how you can have a successful and enjoyable relationship.

Why Girls Get Crazy?

Why do girls go crazy?
Is it the things guys do that cause them to go mad or is it the things they say?
Jaemii explores the peculiar reactions and behaviour of girls in relationships and reveals what triggers it.

Heads Up!

Jaemii goes through things to watch out for when you are in a relationship, like sneaking behind parents.
What signs and behaviour should you be avoiding in a relationship?

Friend Zone

How do people find themselves in the friend zone?
And is it wise to have the opposite gender in your friend zone?
Jaemii shares the funniest friend zone stories and shares her thoughts about this zone.

Sex Talks

Today's show is all about sex...
Is sex really that bad?
How does it complicate things in relationships?
Is it really possible or logical to not have sex before you get married?
And why would anyone want to wait for marriage?

99 Problems

Guys and girls generally think very differently and have different problems they have to face internally.
If you are a guy, how do you get the girl you are with to understand you and if you're a girl, how do you get your boyfriend to understand the way you think and feel?

What's Up With The List Thing??

Jaemii takes a look at the whole list thing - girls that have a list about the type of guy they want and what they expect in a guy
Plus she explores why guys don’t like this whole list ‘movement’

Sex Drugs

Did you know that sex drugs are available in most stores and are more common than you realise?
Jaemii reveals the 'undercover' names of these drugs and why people would have a need to use these drugs.

Dealing With Your Ex

So should your ex be worth giving a second chance?
And how do you handle your ex when they start talking to you or want to get back together?
Jaemii has the perfect answers for you!

Charlie Says It All...

All single people have questions about marriage, find out what DJ Espresso has to say, since he become a married man.
Jaemii finds out what guys have to say about what girls expect or think...
She asks him a whole lot of very interesting questions that most girls ask.

Myth Busters

So there are a lot of myths about what a good guy is supposed to be like, tune in to find out whether what you've been taught is true or false...

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