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Jaemii is the DJ of the heart throbbing love show, which airs once a week - every Wednesday morning at 6am. On the love show, Jaemii has some exciting love quizzes, talks about the most romantic and the craziest/ weirdest love stories and incidents. Get the 101 on how to flourish in your relationships and get the most out of our relationships. Plus learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to love.

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What Do You Mean???

Find out what girls or guys really mean when they say certain statements. Are they complimenting you or not? Jaemii reveals the true meanings on today's show!

Should The Church Date?

Is dating a good thing? There is a pre-concieved idea that church goers should forget about dating and should never have love problems. So is it Biblical to date?

With or Without...

We all have things that we can live with and things that we can't live without. So what is so special about the 19th of May? We smell something royal going down. Jaemii gives us the inside scoop of the exciting event coming up...

Shifting To Boundaries

A lot of relationships, if not all, don't seem to last anymore. Find out why two partners break up and how you avoid those situations of hearts being broken into pieces!

How To Be Happy

We all want to be happy... and to take it further, we all want to be happily in love/ 'happily ever after'. Is there such a thing as happily in love forever? Jaemii has all the answers on this show.

I Love You But...

So how far is just way too far? Where do you draw the line? Jaemii features some very special guests to find out how far you should go when it comes to love...

Which Race You Must Never Date!

Should people only date their own race or should they date other races? Today Jaemii talks about interracial relationships. With all the issues of race going on throughout the world, is it wise to bring two different worlds together?

Cheat More Often

What?? What does Miss J have up her sleeves this time for us? Find out what Jaemii is talking about by listening now! Is she encouraging people to cheat? Is she saying cheating is good??

Loving Is Illegal!!!

Okay... what has happened to our love DJ? Why is loving suddenly illegal now? Tune in today's VERY intriguing show with Miss J and find out why loving is illegal.

The Philosophy Of Pornography

A lot more people are addicted to porn than we realise. So many have been sucked into this sexual world. Why do people get addicted and find out how porn changes our brain structures/ fluids. Find out how porn will even affect your sexual life in marriage. Today Jaemii answers the question - what is wrong with porn?

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