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This show is all about LOVE!! There is not 1 person who will not find this show interesting, informative and helpful. Jaemii gives the perfect tips on how to flourish in relationships and get the most out of relationships!

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Loving Is Illegal!!!

Okay... what has happened to our love DJ? Why is loving suddenly illegal now? Tune in today's VERY intriguing show with Miss J and find out why loving is illegal.

The Philosophy Of Pornography

A lot more people are addicted to porn than we realise. So many have been sucked into this sexual world. Why do people get addicted and find out how porn changes our brain structures/ fluids. Find out how porn will even affect your sexual life in marriage. Today Jaemii answers the question - what is wrong with porn?

YOH! So much MONEY?!!

Jaemii takes a look at the most expensive cakes, dresses and the most expensive weddings... Would you spend that much for a wedding or for a cake?

How To Get Through A Fight?

Ever had fights with people you love? Of course you have... The question is - how do you overcome it? Jaemii reveals how you can solve fights quickly and effectively.

Valentines Day Is SO Overrated?

So Valentines Day is only THREE DAYS away... On today's love show, Jaemii reveals why she thinks Valentines Day is a little overrated, even though the flowers and chocolates are nice.

Hot Love Advice

On this show Jaemii reveals the top/ best love advice. The best advice regarding what to do and what not to do when it comes to love, dating, marriage and relationships.

Myth Busters

Today our love DJ takes a look at some love myths and busts them. What facts about love are actually so wrong?

Bad Advice

Enjoy this spicy show as Jaemii goes through the worst dating advice people get. What dating advice should you listen to and what dating advice is completely wrong?


Jaemii takes a look at news that is on everyone’s lips and discusses taking revenge on your ex. When there's been a terrible break up and now you're wanting to get back at your ex for how they hurt you, what should you do? Get the erfect tips from Jaemii now!

Take Me Out

Jaemii talks about going out on real life dates on this show. What should we expect on a date? Plus Jaemii covers some of the best places to take someone out on a date and gives tips about what not to do on a date. Learn how to have the perfect dates today.

Sex Trafficking

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Get the best love advice in 2018 right here! Today Jaemii talks about sex trafficking on the show. Plus she talks about New Years Resolutions when it comes to love. Jaemii also gives us the perfect tips/ ideas for Valentines Day coming up next month and tips on what you can do for your special person.

Preparing For A Relationship...

MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! On this special day, Jaemii reveals what you need to do to prepare for a proper, good and serious relationship. Relationships can be daunting or can look complicated, so Jaemii gives the perfect tips on how to prepare yourself and get yourself ready for a relationship. She also shares her own personal stories of her Christmas experiences as a kid.

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