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These presenters are full of fun and will definitely keep you entertained as they discuss topics and give advice that will help make your life better! This show will help you to enjoy your day more.

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Who Do You Look Like?

What do people see when they look at you? Many times the way we see ourselves is very different to the way others perceive us! Find out how you can become a better person and look better - which will make you more attractive and influential... Who are you imitating and is it making you a better person or not?

How To Deal With Temptation?

DJ Dash and DJ Dave bring some fun to your morning and give the perfect advice as they talk about overcoming and experiencing a whole new level of freedom! We all have that 1 thing that we battle to get over. So how do you overcome temptations/ sins that have been controlling you for most of your life?

The Picture Of My Outcome

Why wondered why most of the things that you imagine or dream about happen to you and come to pass? DJ Dash and DJ Nave talk about how our lives are a result of the pictures we create in our minds. Learn about the power of your mind and how you can use it to shape your future for the better!

Why Does Suffering Exist?

We all want to be wealthy and successful. No one plans to be poor or to fail, so why does suffering exist? DJ Dash and DJ Nave have the answer to that question, with a whole lot of comedy.


Have you always wondered why some people are always successful and are always rising up, while there are others that don't? What is their secret? Find out now with DJ Dash and DJ Nave.

Who's The Hero Now?

Enjoy the hottest music as Dave and Nash have the most interesting conversation on today’s show. They talk about heroes and what makes one a heroine?

Sex Trade

DJ Dash and DJ Nave humour us with their jokes, singing and lively personalities as they discuss a very deep topic... Why would one get involved in stealing people for human trafficking? How do people find themselves trapped in the world of sex trade and is there a way out?

You've Only Got 24 Hours

So we've got a cheque of 24 hours every single day. What are you doing with your time? How do you ensure you don't let your life waste away? Find out now with our spunky DJ's and hot music.

Is Your Heart Ok?

Today DJ Dash and DJ Nave talk about protecting our hearts. How do we know if we are doing things with the right heart from a logical, biblical and physical perspective?

Pushing Through Adversities

Enjoy listening to Dave and Nash today as they reflect and talk about the changes they are planning to make this year. Most people find it difficult to make decisions and then stick to them. Why is this the case?

Big Steps

Today DJ Dash talks about making it to another new year. So you’ve made it, now what? What are you going to do now that you have made it into 2018? What have you planned to do with the rest of your life?

The Value Of A Degree?

Dave takes a look at whether the value of degrees at a university have decreased or not...There are many cases where people have degrees, and yet they battle to find a jobs. So Dave looks into the question - Are degrees really valuable anymore and why?

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