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DJ Nave is extremely energetic and reveals very interesting information on the 'What's The Topic?' Show.
This show is pure entertainment as DJ Nave invents his own words, creates his own amusing songs and discusses topics that are on point. Not only will you be completely magnetized to the show, but you will also be motivated, as he provides some eye opening wisdom/ advice.

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We all know Beyonce and the music industry she is involved in.
But what don't we know about her and what secrets are there that they're hiding from us?
Plus how did she get to where she is today?
All will be revealed on today's show with DJ Nave.


Generally we tend to underestimate the power words have over our lives. If we understood the full power of our words, we would stop speaking so carelessly and we would probably think very carefully before we speak.
What type of words do you use?
DJ Nave reveals the power of our words on today's show.

Christ Or Life?

Why do people choose to live a 'normal' life instead of Christ?
What makes life with Christ so much better than life without Him?
DJ Nave talks about life with Christ and what life without Christ is like...

Black Friday #LOBOLA

Lobola is a required price a man has to pay when he wants to marry a woman in some cultures in Africa.
DJ Nave speaks about Black Friday coming up and whether it is worth it or not.
What would happen if Black Friday also affected Lobola prices?

God Vs Man

Does it really benefit us in any way if we choose to be independent and be in complete control of our own lives?
How does one give God control? Isn't that scary and am I not placing myself in a vulnerable situation then?


Belief is defined as trust, faith or confidence in someone or something.
So what do you believe in?
And why are you putting your trust in that?

Blacks VS Whites

So why do most people have a racist mindset?
DJ Nave dives into where racism comes from and why we make such a big deal of colour as humans.

Different Types Of Food

Most people tend to be food lovers and we all know that our bodies need food in order to survive.
Ever wondered what kind of food your spirit needs desperately to stay alive?


Nash explores the world of the 'King Of Pop' - Michael Jackson.
What did his lifestyle look like and what can we learn from his life?

Do You Feel Down?

Are you in a position where you feel down frequently?
Or do you remember a time where you felt stuck in a pit of sadness?
DJ Nash reveals how to overcome these overwhelming emotions.

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