The Clinch TV

eNCA  |  Podcast, ±21 min episodes every 1 week
Africa's first and best Mixed Martial Arts Television Show brings you eNCA's Simon Stephens who goes in-depth with a special guest to unpack the latest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) news in South Africa and the rest of the world.
Joe Cummins slick ground game proves too much for De Lange, Birmingham's Joe 'Silk' Cummins talks to reporter Khumo Pulumo. Visit for the full interview.
In this cracking episode of The Clinch, Simon talks to EFC’s Communications Manager Guy Lazarus about his journey as a social media expert.
JOHANNESBURG - Simon speaks to one of Africa’s most respected MMA referee’s, Ferdi Basson about making the right calls, working with MMASA and IMMAF and his main card picks for EFC 58.
In this weeks cracking episode of The Clinch both EFC title contenders Elvis Moyo and Danny Henry are both looking to seek a vengeance in the cage. EFC's heavyweight star Elvis 'the bomber' Moyo speaks about the forthcoming fight on Saturday against Mike ‘The Tank’ Vernmeulen. Scotlands very own Danny Henry has landed in city of gold ready to snatch back the gold belt from Igue Kabesa at EFC 57 on the 4th of March.