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Bringing insight into the kind of conversations that the youth are having today. Using political satire as well as their comedic backgrounds, The Worst Guys bring light to even the darkest situations. Telling the truth with an undeniable sense of charm, look to them to see into the future of our nation. For raw, for real, for truth!

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Ethics vs Profitability

Is it all about the money? Do we really care about ethics? What really takes preference and motivates us in our daily dealings, as well as corporates in their businesses? Listen to all this and as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Things my Mama said

As we grow older, we start to realise that our moms were right about everything. For instance, we used to despise going to sleep early now all we dream of is nap time. What are the things that mama always said to you that you carry throughout your life? We also have a special guest - Anthony Sikanadze - in studio, who's on the cover of March's Fitness magazine. He gives us some tips on how to be a champion. And as always, The Worst Guys Cypher.

#ArtistZone ft. Pick Me Up Poetry

Poets are some of the most underrated performers in the industry. Come hear one of the best there is - 'WebsterThePoet' from Pick Me Up Poetry, who tells us how poets do what they do. And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Way Too Woke

Our generation is one of far too many social justice warriors and virtue signallers who see no opposing views or opinions as valid. Are you one of those? Are you too woke to have a constructive conversation with people who have different opinions from yours? Listen to this to find out how to chill the eff out. And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Working Class Woes

The life of the working class is often overlooked. We rarely consider the different life conditions of working class people when we live a privileged life. How do you treat people who work "below you"? From taxi drivers to till attendants... we dive into the life of the people who are actually the engine of society and how we value them. And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Social Media Psychology

Social media has quickly become a part of our reality. People are finding lovers through the DMs. Others are getting divorced because of Facebook, and a small few are making bank on these various apps. How important is social media in your life? And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

#ArtistZone ft. Asap Shembe

This week we are in the #ArtistZone with none other than Asap Shembe in the building. We discovered him at a live show at Kitcheners, and have not seen or heard a better rapper yet. He chats to us about his life as a rapper, the influence of his culture on his music, and why he lights imphempo on stage. We also discuss trending news topics such as the EFF, H&M and the Guptas - plus a live performance from the main man and who knows... he might just hop onto #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Is it All about the Money?

Why do you want to be rich? Where does it end, and what does it mean for equality? The Worst Guys dive into the depths about why we want to be rich.... and some other crazy conversations too. Plus as always - #TheWorstGuysCypher.

One Big Ass Cypher

After a whirlwind year, the guys decide to end it off with a bang by doing a full episode in #TheWorstGuysCypher mode. They rap out over a number of instrumentals and make some fresh tunes on the spot... all while reflecting back on the dopeness that has been 2017.

We Live in the Future

Have you thought about what the future is going to look like? Machines are going to play a big part in making our lives easier. Ran out of milk? Let your fridge buy it for you. But how will it pay? Yup, you guessed it, cryptocurrency. Find out why everybody's talking about it, with Bertha Kgokong. And as always - #TheWorstGuysCypher

When Sh*t Hits the Fan, Are You Still a Fan?

For a lot of us, especially entertainers, our heroes and idols have turned out to be total scumbags. This leaves us with a moral conundrum as we still appreciate artists for their contribution to the world, but now have to oust them from the very same world. Or do we? When sh*t hits the fan are you still a fan? And as always, the #WorstGuysCypher.

#ArtistZone: Dathan Parsons

This week #TheWorstGuys are in the #ArtistZone. Our featured artist of the month, Dathan Parsons, weighs in on how he feels about honesty, accepting our flaws and dealing with pressure. He also blows us away with a LIVE performance of 'Broke Boys'. Don't miss out on your next African superstar! And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

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