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Bringing insight into the kind of conversations that the youth are having today. Using political satire as well as their comedic backgrounds, The Worst Guys bring light to even the darkest situations. Telling the truth with an undeniable sense of charm, look to them to see into the future of our nation. For raw, for real, for truth!

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Can you go longer?

We are honoured to have Jonti Searll in studio with us. He is the host of "Sex Talk" on Cliffcentral and has all the answers Sway. By day he's a sex therapist by night he's a worst guy. Listen to all the secrets for how to go longer in the bedroom and as always #TheWorstGuysCypher

Independant Artists on the #ArtistZone

In studio we are joined by rapper Sean Trimmz, alongside singing duo Miss Charlie. We talk about levelling up, success as independent artists, beauty contests that aren't about beauty and everything in between. And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Tips for the Struggle

As you may or may not know, The Worst Guys are passionate about inspiring people to live their dreams, because, why would you settle for anything else, right? That being said we do understand that chasing your own vision does come with its obstacles and challenges. So we've compiled a few tips you can use to help along your journey to success. And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Is the Rainbow Nation Real?

We all want peace and harmony, but sometimes we just don't get along. We are all different after all. Is this natural or can we co-exist without conflict? And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Are you a n*gga?

Black people have taken the term nigga and made it their own, using it as a term of endearment. Is this ignorant? When the term comes up in music is it okay for white people to sing along to those lyrics? And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Online Dating & the Kanye Controversy

Would you want the story at your wedding to be "It was love at first swipe"? Join Mark Mdluli as he chats to various guests about how they feel about online dating. The show then takes a heated turn when Kanye West calling slavery a choice is brought up. The debate didn't even give the guys a chance to Cypher... that's when you know!

What Makes a Man?

What does it take to be a man? Men's role in society is changing as the future is becoming more feminine. What is the new role of the man? And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Was Nelson Mandela a sell-out?

There have been murmurs in the streets that Nelson Mandela did not actually do enough for black people whilst negotiating for our freedom - could this be true? Is it possible that the most celebrated person to come out of South Africa is a fake? And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

What are we Fighting for?

Our generation is said to be entitled, soft and lazy. That we speak too much and do too little. That we should be grateful that we don't live in a time of war. But what if we want more? Better yet, why shouldn't we? Hear the voices of the youth speak about what ignites their political fire. And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

Be Better, it's just Better

How do you see yourself? As an infinite being with the power to change the world? Sometimes not. We've all felt insignificant at some point, but how do we overcome that insecurity? Self improvement... because being better is just better. This week, it's all about unlocking the power within to achieve greatness. And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.

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