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Amabookabooka: The quarantine chronicles - Melinda Ferguson

In Just Seven Days Frank-N-Furter can make you a man. Well, that’s
nothing because in just seven days Melinda Ferguson can make you a
MAN… uscript. Melinda is a best-selling author, a prized publisher and
an unstoppable force. A few days ago she published Lockdown, the
Corona Chronicles. Written by 17 authors, in 7 days and published in
10 … it’s surely the fastest book from concept to publication. Each
chapter is a story of life in lockdown and they range from whimsical
to wry to profound to inspiring to heart-breaking to hysterical. She
explains how she pulled off this publishing coup.

Amabookabooka: The quarantine chronicles - Moe Shaik

Moe Shaik’s memoir, The ANC Spy Bible, is an enthralling first-hand account of the relationship between Moe and his unlikely mole in the belly of the apartheid beast - The Nightingale. The book is thoughtful, detailed and nuanced and provides a bird’s eye view of the mysterious world of secrets.

Amabookabooka: The quarantine chronicles - Brent Meersman

Brent Meersman’s compelling memoir, A Childhood Made Up, sees the
author hurtle down memory lane to his childhood in Cape Town, where he
grew up in a family where storms were constantly ranging. His father,
Willy, had a hairlip, an alcohol-addiction and battled with
depression. Brent’s mother, the captivating Shirley Meersman aka
Shirley Morris, aka Sirrom aka Churley aka Sherli, leaps out of the
pages. Shirley is an absentminded artist who is contemptuous of South
Africans who think Picasso is a type of cheese. She also suffers from
schizophrenia. A Childhood Made Up is a poignant and powerful memoir
skilfully told with raw and gritty honesty, but Brent also has a light
touch and there are times were you will laugh out loud. It’s a tale
about pain and sorrow but it’s also a tale of recovery and redemption.

Amabookabooka: The quarantine chronicles - Raashida Khan

Raashida Khan had worked in a bank and for NGOs and as she was
approaching 50 she took a giant leap of faith and threw in the 9-to-5
towel and picked up a pen. With that decision she became a fulltime
writer - and has two novels, a poetry anthology and a collection of
short stories under her belt. Her first novel, Mirror Cracked, tells
the story of Azraa Hassim a successful woman whose perfect life is
shattered when she discovers her husband is having an affair. The
book, which received an award, explores themes of betrayal, sexuality,
homosexuality, drugs and mental health in the Muslim community.

Amabookabooka: The quarantine chronicles - Bontle Senne

Bontle Senne loves feisty girls who kick butt and break gender
stereotypes. She also loves the rich tradition of African mythology.
And she loves writing. These triple loves led the celebrated author
and literacy advocate to pen the four-part adventure fantasy series,
the Shadow Chasers. The Shadow Chasers are warriors who have protected
their villages for hundreds of years. They are fighting against an
army of shadows; monsters in a spirit realm who are trying to break
into the real world - and destroy it! It’s a deliciously delightful
horror series for tweens - and even adults who enjoy escaping into a
magical adventure.

Amabookabooka: The quarantine chronicles - Judy Klipin

Ten years ago Judy Klipin was an unhappy, disillusioned, chronically
stressed, seriously single, semi-employed consultant. Today she is a
calm, settled, happy master life coach - and the author of two
important books, Recover from your Childhood: Life Lessons for the
Adult Child and Recover from Burnout. Judy has been waging a war
against the scourge of burnout and with South Africa being one of the
world’s most stressed countries she has had her work cut out for her.
Now the world is turned upside down and in a few short months our
lives have changed forever, making stress levels next level. In
today’s episode of Amabookabooka, Judy explains how not to burn out in
the age of lockdown.

Amabookabooka: The quarantine chronicles - Fred Khumalo

I Write, Said Fred: Fred Khumalo, according to one of his publishers,
has been described as a ‘reluctant Zulu’, ‘clever black’ and an ‘equal
opportunity offender’, but for Amabookabooka he is one of South
Africa’s leading story tellers - who blends history and fiction into
thrilling novels. He’s written 11 books. His first, Bitches Brew,
turned 15 this year. His latest is The Longest March, which tells the
tale of 7000 Zulu miners who walked for 10 days from Johannesburg to
Ladysmith in 1899. Fred took this historical event and added a love
triangle. He then showed that he’s not 'all talk and no walk' and
followed in the footsteps of the miners, making the 350km journey by
foot. He talks to us about the similarities between writing and
walking, how he's keeping sane during the lockdown, and the worst
person to be isolated with (spoiler alert: this person's name starts
with an 'S' and ends with a 'teveHofmeyr').

Amabookabooka: The quarantine chronicles - Hedi Lampert

Hedi Lampert is an award-winning writer, editor and the lead vocalist and keyboard player for Echo and the Merry Men. She has also grown up with an aunt who suffers from the genetic disorder Fragile X syndrome, and Hedi spent the last 15 years researching the condition, which has resulted in her just-published novel The Trouble with my Aunt. The book tells the story of 32-year-old Leah Fine who is at the centre of a complicated family saga, incorporating an intriguing medical conundrum. It’s a gripping and heart-warming story of love, romance and the bond of family. It’s also told with dollops of humour. As author Gus Silber writes, “The Trouble with my Aunt grabs you by the heart and never lets go.”

Amabookabooka: The quarantine chronicles - Sara-Jayne Makwala-King

Sara-Jayne Makwala-King is the queen of Late Night Radio. She is also
the author of the riveting memoir Killing Karoline, which documents
her journey from Karoline to Sara-Jayne back to Karoline and then
finally - and triumphantly - to Sara-Jayne once again. It’s a powerful
and poignant story about an affair between a black man and a white
woman in apartheid South Africa, a primal wound, identity, adoption,
belonging, sort of belonging, not really belonging, rejection, loss,
hair trauma, the pencil test, race and racism. The book, like
Sarah-Jane herself, is smart, thoughtful and authentic. Sarah-Jane
gives us a sneak preview of the new book she’s working on … and we are
desperate for her to finish it so we can read it.

Amabookabooka: The quarantine chronicles - IMRAAN COOVADIA

Author’s Lockdown: T minus 18: Today’s guest is one of the best
novelists to come out of South Africa - and if you don’t believe us
ask Gary Shteyngart - that’s what the Super Sad True Love Story author
said of Imraan Coovadia, adding that his prose is 'charming, clever
and sly'. Enver Eleven, the central figure in Imraan's latest novel A
Spy in Time, has a very useful machine... one which could save the
world right now.

Amabookabooka: The quarantine chronicles - DEON MEYER

T - 19 Days to Freedom. If crime writing had a king it would probably be Lee Child. If it had a mayor, though, it would definitely be the award-winning, best-selling Deon Meyer, who is today’s guest on Amabookabooka: The Quarantine Chronicles. Deon has written 13 novels which have been published in more than 40 countries. His 2017 book Fever imagines the world devastated by an infectious disease that spreads rapidly and catastrophically, before preventive measures can be developed. Sound familiar?

Amabookabooka - Melissa Volker

n our second episode of Amabookabooka: The quarantine chronicles we interview ‘Sup surfing diva, beauty therapist and the world’s only environmental romance author, Melissa Volker, who weaves romance, suspense and eco-fiction into nail-biting plots and unputdownable novels. Spoiler alert: 10 hours into the lockdown she hadn't yet run out of toilet paper!

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