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Amabookabooka Sue Brown

Today's author is Sue Brown whose memoir, The Twinkling of An Eye, ​is one of the most difficult books you will ever read, but you should read it because you get to meet Chris Brown, a remarkable young man - and hear about a mother's heroic fight against her son's rare brain tumour.

Amabookabooka Chris Whitfield

Today we deviate from Amabookabooka to bring you amabike-a-bike-a - well, actually it's a book about bikes so it's an Amabooka-bike-a episode. On Your Bike is a guide to mountain biking written by the Whitfield Brothers ... Chris and Tim.

Amabookabooka Jennifer Friedman

Jennifer Friedman is the Queen of the Free State, she’s also Mamselle X, heroine of the French Resistance, and a vegetable-hating, frog-catching, dog-loving, piano playing adventurer.

Amabookabooka Lesley Smailes

Before Lesley Smailes left South Africa to go on a gap year to the United States her mother told her not to get married or join a cult. She did both.

Amabookabooka Raymond Suttner

Today’s guest is anti-apartheid activist and jailbird, who while he was in prison kept his own jail bird – a beautiful green and blue-tailed lovebird who ate out of his mouth and sat on his shoulder. Raymond Suttner was imprisoned for more than 11 years. His struggle memoir, Inside Apartheid’s Prison, has been re-issued with an introduction dealing with his more recent life outside the ANC

AmaBookaBooka - Stanley Manong

This week's episode of Amabookabooka features Stanley Manong, who has written If We Must Die - a compelling memoir about life as a soldier in the ANC’s army. This episode was recorded in 2015.

AmaBookaBooka - Bram Fischer

This is a special edition of Amabookabooka – it’s from a previous podcast series we produced called Extraordinary Lives. This episode, recorded two years ago, was never released and we’re releasing it now to coincide with the 109th anniversary of the birth of Bram Fischer – the South African prime minster we should have had.

AmaBookaBooka - Jacqui L'ange

Author Jacqui L’Ange’s outstanding debut novel, The Seed Thief, is a gripping love story that bursts with spirituality, mythology and ecology – and a family secret.

AmaBookaBooka - Christa Kuljian

The author featured in today's episode of Amabookabooka is Christa Kuljian, whose new book Darwin’s Hunch joins 26 other excellent South African works of non-fiction on the longlist for the prestigious Sunday Times Alan Paton Award. Christa tells Amabookabooka about her journey to writing – from mid-career shift, to Ruth First Lecture in 2010 to publishing Sanctuary in 2013 and now Darwin’s Hunch.

AmaBookaBooka - Karin Schimke

The Amabookabooka guest this episode is poet Karin Schimke, winner of the prestigious Ingrid Jonker Prize for her debut collection of poetry, Bare & Breaking.

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