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Fuel like a Pro at #Comrades2018

In our last podcast ahead of the 2018 Comrades Marathon, Mark Wolff takes your from eating breakfast in the previous podcast, to handling your race nutrition. This is an extremely insightful guide on how to handle your hydration and energy requirements.

0-48 hours prior to Comrades Marathon

How you eat and drink, and sleep in the 48 hours leading up to a race like the Comrades Marathon, will have a major effect on how your race day goes. On this episode of 32Gi Sports Nutrition, Mark Wolff gets you from 48 hours to go, right up to the start of Comrades 2018.

The TRUTH about Carbo Loading

There was a time when carbo loading was as synonymous as the race itself. That race, is obviously the Comrades Marathon. Carbo loading does not have the same cult following as it once did, but there is still a space for it, to some extent. This however, is what you really need to take into consideration.

Pre-Comrades nutritional do’s and don’ts

2018 Comrades Marathon race week has arrived! While you have done the training and are raring to go, have you thought of how to handle this week’s nutritional planning? What you to today, can have an impact on your race on Sunday. Here are Mark Wolff’s, do’s and don’ts.

Shaun Meiklejohn - an ultimate Comrades athlete

1995 Comrades Marathon winner Shaun Meiklejohn joins us on the 32Gi Sports Nutrition podcast this week. Not only is he a former Champion, but Shaun has never run slower than a silver medal, and will be going for triple-green in 2018. He is an inspiration, whom you can learn a lot from.

Renier Grobler's "Wings" for running

We chat to Renier Grobler of the KPMG Running Club on this episode of the 32Gi Sports Nutrition podcast. The ultra-distance runner recently finished 2nd in Zug, Switzerland, and 6th overall in the Wings for Life World Run. Did this prove to be a great tune-up for Comrades 2018?

Why 32Gi Endure remains so enduring

Want to train and race, while consuming nutrition without a spike and crash? 32Gi Endure remains one of the most enduring products on the market when it comes to stable release! Not only does it utilise a great mix of carbohydrates, but it helps burn fat while you are at it! Diabetics and kids, it is also safe for you!

Tip 5 - #OMTOM2018 Time to recover

The importance of recovery after any event, ultra events even more so, is so critical. On our final tip podcast around the 2018 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, Mark Wolff talks you through the three key stages of post-event recovery.

Tip 4 - #OMTOM2018 RACE DAY!

#OMTOM2018 is here! Our fourth tip podcast in the build-up to the event is all about race day nutrition. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive yet compact guide to Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon race-day nutrition with Mark Wolff.

Tip 3 – #OMTOM2018 last week (& 48-72 hours to go)

While every stage of the build-up to a race like #OMTOM2018 is crucial, from a nutritional point of view, it doesn’t get much more important that the final week! In the latest of our pre-Two Oceans tips podcasts, Mark Wolff talks us through the last week, right up to the night before. It’s nutritional make or break time!

Tip 2 – #OMTOM2018 taper week

Mark Wolff’s second tip ahead of the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, is all about taper week! Here’s how you need to taper your nutrition to match your change in running. There are 4 key avenues to look at…

Tip 1 - #OMTOM2018 hydration

Ahead of the 2018 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, we bring you 5 super important nutritional tips to get you to, through, and from the race; in the best possible state. Tip 1 from our nutritional guru, Mark Wolff, is hydration!

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