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News stories that didn't make our on-air bulletins but that we felt worth sharing with you anyway in 'From The Edit Suite Floor', as well as a look back at the week's news from 'Behind the Bulletins', and recap of some of the biggest stories of the week in the 'Week In Review'.

Footsteps to Inspire Swakop beach run

David caught up with Claire McFarlane who is going to be running 16kms along the beach in Swakopmund this Sunday to find out more about the what's, where's, when's, and most importantly why's of the event.

NAMPHIA Survey Interview

The Namibia Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (NAMPHIA) Survey 2017 is currently underway across the country, we decided to find out more about the survey as well as why it is important for people from all 'walks of life' to participate.

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