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Imagine if Howard Stern took over The Daily Show… that’s the vibe of The Q.

Mark Bland, a radio veteran of 20+ years, hosts the vibrant current affairs and pop culture talk show with a political twist. The show is syndicated in the U.S. and is now in Africa, right here on!

Mark entertains the fans with his Producer Bobby, while discussing some of the edgier things in the news. Whether it be interviews with authors, actors/actresses or public figures and celebrities, The Q is surely to keep you on your toes.

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Google Me

To be President of the USA, it requires a certain amount of decorum. That decorum includes how you handle yourself in the eyes of others and the world. Donald Trump fails at this daily, and it took an ugly turn this past week when he decided to threaten to investigate and attack Google... GOOGLE... because it returned less than favourable reviews of him in its search. Gary Weed flies solo this week while discussing with Mark about the Google issue. Mark breaks down the value and how this looks to everyone. What we have here people is a sensitive little man who really wants to control people's opinions. What he fails to remember is that guys like this have existed throughout history and the USA always looks down on those types of people. Gary also rounds back and verifies that Mark's laundry issue and decision was not crazy in the least - further vilifying Jonathan May and Alex Elias from the week earlier. Finally... Mark asks, "What's the weirdest home rule someone has for when you visit their house?" Gary hits Mark with an example he never saw coming, and it is real weird! Take a listen and find out what the rule is.

Am I Crazy?

We set up the round table again and we brought back Producer Bobby to hang out. But with him came friend of the show, Alex Elias from AE Consulting Solutions, as well as Jonathan May to sit down and discuss everything going on. First up Mark has a conundrum to figure out. Is he crazy or is he being logical? Mark and his wife have a broken dryer and the need to wash and dry clothes weekly. Mark discusses bringing up the need to go to a laundromat which his wife is not keen on. So Mark explains his theories to the crew and then asks, “am I crazy”? Well is he? Listen and find out the verdict. Also, Bobby brings up something that he saw at LaGuardia airport in NY. A sectioned off desk and piece of ground designed for Free Speech. It's a Free Speech zone. Bobby was amazed and this makes Mark think of pop-up Rage rooms that he has seen online. This gets Alex going and excited about a new business venture. But what about that Free Speech zone... can you say “bomb” in it? What would happen? The gentlemen discuss. Finally Mark brings up a new game he wants to play called Top 5. You name off the Top 5 of yours without telling anyone the topic... then the people are supposed to guess what your list refers to. An amazing idea that just falls apart, but could be brought back in a more permanent way down the road.

Respect the Merit

Mark Bland is joined by Gary Weed and Michael Johnson from Slam Agency, a boutique content and marketing company. Michael discusses the ramp up in life leading to Slam Agency being formed. He discusses his film company named Analogue, as well as his life, family, and a major decision he made to leave being a pastor to work within content development. This leads into the story of the week. Mark has been in the entertainment and media business since 1994. That's 24 years of being in the media in one city. He has built a solid fanbase and rolodex of connections to pull from. So when the Gateway Motorsports park jilted him on some media requests, it was only natural that Mark had to say something. Mark tweeted out to Indy Racing and Gateway that he wasn't going to be coming to the racing event because he didn't want to stand around watching Indy with a bunch of Trump supporters. Well, this set the world on fire! All the Trump supporting Indy people got very angry, but there is method to Mark's madness. It's not just whining and complaining… Mark explains the situation in full - see if you are with him or against him after he's done telling it all. Finally Trump did dumb things again and we all know that it's not necessary to discuss or ever type up a description of the lunacy on a daily basis. So Trump did stuff and no one wanted any of it. But the best was "Truth is not Truth" from Rudy Giuliani. The guys and their guest discuss it all.

The Admission

This all started with a CNN reporter asking Donald Trump about information regarding a rumour about Russia and Trump Tower meetings. On that day, Trump called it FAKE NEWS and said CNN were liars. And from then on, everyone chastised CNN and liberal news sources as liars that always put out fake stories. Cut to this past Sunday... Donald Trump goes on Twitter and tells everyone that the meeting did happen with Russia and his son was there, AND it was a meeting to get info on Hillary during the election. Well meeting with people to get dirt on the opponent is not illegal, but when you tell us CNN lies for 2 years and then you admit you actually lied and CNN was right... now we know you're purposely swaying the information to your advantage. Which is total BS. Mark is joined by Jonathan May and Gary Weed to discuss this new information and break down what it means for the country. But during the convo, a conversation from off air re-enters the room. And again it has racial implications. Mark feels that Jonathan and black culture is playing too much off things from the Civil War to justify actions in 2018. Jonathan claims that it is fair to do that. See where you stand at the end of this epic discussion!

Radiohead sucks

Mark knows the name of this episode is not gonna win him a lot of fans, but he's gotta be honest about the music business.

Mark believes Radiohead sucks as a band. He feels they were shoved down people’s throats as a darling in the 1990s and they never looked back. And, as proof, Mark has Jason Kull to disagree with him and complain… but this all starts with Iron Maiden.

On this episode, Mark is joined by Gary Weed and Jason Kull to discuss Trump’s dumb decisions for the week. But the show starts off with a discussion about Jason wearing an Iron Maiden shirt and Mark claiming they suck. This leads to a discussion about groups that are the top heavy metal groups of all time.

Also, it seems that Mueller is getting close to Trump. Trump started lashing out on twitter all angrily at everyone and that seems to be his M.O. for when people are right or on his heels about something. But why is he angry?

Finally, Mark has some letters from the listeners and the crew answers some of the more interesting questions we've had on the show. Including: What is your favourite documentary?

Learning from History

Mark Bland and Jonathan May saddle up for an amazing ride and one hell of a show.

First up, Mark has had Jonathan on the show many times but never had a chance to really get to know him a little better. So Mark takes it upon himself for an impromptu interview of J-dog, finding out about his family and upbringing.

Next Michael Cohen decided to release the Trump Tapes to CNN and the entire world is ablaze with the revelation that Trump tried paying off MORE THAN ONE woman to have sex with him. As damning as liberals want this to be, it's not illegal for Trump to be a horrible husband (3 times now). Honestly it’s quite pathetic to know that either his hot wives are such bores that he has to find other women… OR… Trump is such a crappy person that he can't tell anyone including his own wives the truth either.

Mark then gets into a discussion about the history of Presidents that were assassinated and what you can learn from watching those situations go down. Right now, Trump is nailing all the things that historically led down this crazy path to a certain ending. Nobody on The Q or around the world is wishing for it, but could it happen today? The guys discuss.

Plus a little on the new Sacha Baron Cohen TV show and George Washington, and probably how his life as President went.

The Round Table

Mark welcomes back Producer Bobby, along with Gary Weed and Jason Kull to do a Round Table of topics.

First up, Mark has some questions regarding the Trump/Putin Summit in Helsinki and how these fine men view Trump as their President here in mid 2018. Does he fair well, or is all this fake news becoming too much to handle?

This brings Mark to one of his newest points... Trump has hurt his brand more than help it. How will people view Trump when the presidency is over? Will he get opportunities or will he fade into the past without much fanfare?

Eventually the name Maxine Waters comes up and Mark is not sure if Bobby knows who she is and or whether she has touched his life. But this should put to bed the notion that democrats tend to take advice from people like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

Finally Bobby brings around the new game called ‘This or That’, where he grills the panel to find out a little more about the guys.


Gary Weed and comedian Jonathan May join the show to discuss the historical shift in the Supreme Court of the US after Donald Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh as the newest "member of the team".

Mark has been fielding tons and tons of incorrect fake conservative outrage because of the SCOTUS nomination, but he’s here to quell the fears and let everyone know… Kavanaugh is somewhat centrist like Garland and willing to vote liberal if necessary on some topics. This will do nothing to dissuade people from jumping down his throat, but Mark is attempting.

Also, Mark has been thinking of bringing a phrase back and wanted to get the opinions of his guests regarding that phrase. Find out what phrase and if he gets the go ahead or if this is a no go. Plus 12 kids got trapped in a Thai mine a few weeks back and they got released. The guys discuss this heroic moment.

Finally, Mark takes some questions from the listeners about life and one specifically that brings the show to a grinding halt. When was the last time you called 911, and what was it for? Find out Jonathan's amazing answer to the question on this episode of The Q.

The State of our Unions

Glenn Kage joins Mark Bland and Gary Weed to discuss UNIONS and their stance in the wake of the Janus decision by the Supreme Court of the US.
Glenn is a veteran of the Unions in the state of Missouri and currently the President of the Local UAW hall in Wentzville, MO. He also presides over 4,000 people - as well as thousands of other retired Union employees. Glenn discusses his career in the Union and with the auto industry, as well as his thoughts on the state of the union today. This leads to a discussion about hobbies and things in peoples lives, when Mark - who's been searching for a rant he had - hears that Glenn is into crossfit, which sends Mark off on a diatribe about crossfitters and their lifestyle and all of it (nothing personal to Glenn of course). Eventually the original rant Mark had about Liberals helping each other out comes to the surface. Mark reached out to form some alliances and the response he heard was a telling sign of where the mindset of hardcore liberals and democrats are at. Take a listen and find out the results. Glenn then hits the famous Q Show Hot Seat to answer some questions and open up about himself a little more.

"What About-ism's"

"What About-ism's"....seems to be the only thing a certain section of political supporters can do to keep their shallow ideals and beliefs relevant. Jason Kull and Jonathan May join the show to discuss how things things from the past just refuse to go away. This on the heels of a historic week where kids have been separated from their families while stuck in a foreign country. Then on to a discussion about how Trump tends to create issues and fix them so he can have a check in the win column. Also the guys discuss drugged up river eels and how their coke habits are getting way out of control.

1-800 Bill Murray

Anthony Rogers and Gary Weed join the show to discuss how Trump meet with Kim Jong Un in Singapore to sign a "friendship agreement"... not a peace treaty. Mark and team discuss all the intricacies regarding this historic summit. Then they discuss a meme that Gary sent Mark which got them thinking. But the most surprising moment was when Anthony Rogers, the actor extraordinaire, explained that he has the number for the famous Bill Murray 1-800 number. It's well known that Murray takes voicemails off the line and makes his business decisions off of that. So the guys use it to call Bill directly to pitch coming on The Q.

Channing Tatum

Jonathan May and Gary Weed join the show to discuss the big topics of the week. So you ask, why is the show named Channing Tatum... what happened with him this week? Well nothing happened with him this week at all, unless you're Jonathan May and your head is stuck in the gutter. Gary once again starts the show off with an interesting question that makes Mark question everything in his world.

Eric Greitens decided that being a bad person and being watched and attacked for it was enough. He stepped down as Governor of the state of Missouri after being accused of raping and sexually assaulting a female. The guys touch on it, but in typical moderate fashion, there is really nothing more to say. It's in the past now and will stay there. Instead the guys focus on discussing Roseanne losing her show on ABC and how she could have avoided it.

Finally, Jonathan May is not liking this Drake vs. Pusha-T beef and Mark is clueless - along with Gary. Jon updates them and gives the newest piece of the beef. A child exists and has been outed... do Mark and Gary agree with Drake or Pusha-T?

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