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Lebo Leabile sits with me as we discuss health, fashion, beauty, cooking, financial literary and children issues while playing music that talks to your soul. Resemeletse is an entertainment and lifestyles magazine show that is geared towards empowering women & other “house managers”. Content is meant to benefit the entire family through the “link”. The brunch meets lunch show consists of features such as health, fashion, beauty, cooking, financial literary and child rearing that the listener keeps coming back for more. The music is laid back, relaxing and inspiring

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Mokgwa o mafaratlhatlha a ka ungwelang bagwebi-potlana ka gone le Koketso Mphahlele wa Take-A-Few Online

One of the few major life lessons we have thus learned from this year is that one may plan to do this and that, but the higher forces above us will have a deciding plan or move of action. The very same needs to apply with life and the things we get up to or rely on to make life simpler and smoother, we need to have plan B’s or alternative options to implement during rainy days.
This current tough Covid-19 time shave shown us that indeed life can pan out to be something else; life can derail your plans and do as it intends to and one will have to either implement their plan B’s or adapt and suffer with life’s new changes. Many jobs are currently on the line as a result of the economic hard fall due to the Covid-19’s lockdown.
Just as many South Africans are trying hard to raise their heads as entrepreneurs; Lockdown has also affected the small entrepreneurs sector. Luckily for many entrepreneurs, a good Samaritan and smart thinker realised that a viable option of boosting sales is needed, an online platform whereby all vendors showcase their products and sell online as well.

Go belegela ko malapeng mo nakong eno ya mogare wa Corona le Dr Tebogo Deo – Gynecologist &

Pregnancy and childbirth are natural life events and in most cases you will have a natural birth. If you have a straightforward pregnancy and both you and the baby are well, you might choose to give birth at home. Healthy women who have been assessed to be at low risk have an option to choose where they want to give birth, either at hospitals or even at home. Amidst the current on-going pandemic, one will have to practice extra precaution when giving birth at home to ensure protecting and preventing of unnecessary infections including that of the current troubling Coronavirus.

Mokgwa o mogare wa Corona o ka amang bagodi ka gone le Dr Boitumelo Mashitisho – Specialist Physician

Since December, 2019, the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), which originated in Wuhan, China, has become a global public health threat. The elderly citizens have been most affected by the pandemic due to various reasons. Older people don't have as strong an immune system so they are more vulnerable to infectious disease. Elders are also more likely to have conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes or kidney disease, which weaken their body’s ability to fight infectious disease. So in-light of the unfolding of the pandemic, it is wise to ensure that elders are properly taken care of by well informing those in charge of their wellbeing.

Mofuta wa kgwebo ya go tokafatsa matshelo a batho mo matlhotlhe-pelong ano a mogare wa Corona

Just as the world is struggling to deal with the current pandemic posing a serious threat to the humanity a sa whole, majority of South African citizens are struggling the worst due to the on-going wide known issue of lack of resources.
Many South Africans have for long been living on a hand to mouth system, meaning they constantly have to visit the supermarkets to acquire their essential needs. Now lately due to the current enforced lockdown, many find themselves being forced to go out to the supermarkets and mixing up with crowds of consumers who are also on intention of buying their needs. Amidst the commotion currently faced by the South Africans throughout this lock down, one great South African identified a challenge and immediately came up with a solution. Mr Wamafatshe Letswamotse from Zeerust decided to start up a service of placing grocery orders through an app, and then within a reasonable time the essentials are delivered to the door.

Mokgwa o mogare wa Corona o ka amang bana ka gone le Dr Tumelo Leeuw – Paediatrician

Since December, 2019, the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), which originated in Wuhan, China, has become a global public health threat. With so much information circulating in social media, one cannot help but wonder whether if the war against this pandemic is winnable or not, and most importantly amidst all the information shared, which is trueth and which is not as people’s lives are at stake here. For parents it is double the worry, not only do they have to worry about themselves, but their children as well. Parents as they are constantly on a quest to protect themselves, they also need to consider and ensure the optimum safety for their kids as well.

Dikgwetlho tse di itemogelwang ke dikgwebo mo nakong eno ya kiletso ya motsamao le Mpho Ntlatleng

Many South Africans are inspired with starting their own businesses, creating employment not only for themselves but for others as well. Venturing into entrepreneurship does not only give one freedom to be their own boss but also an opportunity to address some of the social or economic issues the communities are facing. Three years ago a young 30 years old Sharon Mpho Ntlatleng saw an opportunity within the media and communications sector, and she has never looked back ever since. The now 33 years old single mother has had her fair share of success, going as far as creating employment to just over 10 people.


Mokgwa o mogare wa Corona o ka amang boimana ka gone le Dr. Tebogo Deo – Gynecologist & Obstetrician

Since December, 2019, the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), which originated in Wuhan, China, has become a global public health threat. With immunocompromised status and physiological adaptive changes during pregnancy, pregnant women could be more vulnerable to COVID-19 infection than the general population. As COVID-19 is rapidly spreading, maternal management and fetal safety become a major concern, but there is scarce information of assessment and management of pregnant women infected with COVID-19, and the potential risk of vertical transmission is unclear.

Mabaka a a elwang tlhoko pele ga kopo ya go tsaya ngwana semmuso e ka atlegiswa le Ms Kedibone Kekana – Social Worker

One of the greatest gifts one can give to the next person on this planet earth is giving them a sense of hope, hope for a better tomorrow, better life and better future.
Many have been doing that to underprivileged children by legally adopting them. For a quite a while now a formal and legal adoption was seen as something not so African, many Africans just take in a child and take care and provide for them through their childhood all the way to adulthood.
Lately formal and adoption has been recognized by many, they even legally adopt their siblings' children, and those of their new partners. For one who intends to adopt, it is very important to take into consideration all the factors that will be looked at or rather evaluated, to ensure that the adoption process and application goes as smooth as possible.

Itshireletso ya dingaka tsa setso kgatlhanong le go tsenwa/fetelwa ke mogare wa Covid-19

Whilst the country and the world at large is hard at work combating the spread of the Covid-19 virus and equipping people with all the basic practices needed to ensure that they avoid at all cost contracting the virus, there happens to be the important but yet marginalized group of people that have not been mentioned anywhere anyhow since the outbreak and measures of combating the outbreak have been implemented, the traditional healers.
Traditional healers from a very important part of our society, they assist greatly in preserving and prolonging our cultural practices, heritage knowledge and indigenous knowledge as well.
Whilst so many advices and tips have been issued/shared ever since the dawn of this outbreak, a little was said or no mention at all has happened as far as traditional healers are concerned, there has not been a mention as well of whether if they are classified as essential workers during this period of national lock down or not.
To help us learn more about measures in place to help assist traditional healers in protecting themselves whilst executing their duties, we have invited a panel of guests to help share the information which will most definitely be of importance to society.

Go netefatsa go atlega ga kgwebo kgatlhanong le dikgwetlho tsa moruo le Mme Mmapula Thwala – Mapsflow

Tough times are definitely here, just knocked on our doors and threw themselves in without having to wait for us to allow them in. Unemployment has risen to the most unacceptable level in this country, the economic growth in this country has taken a major deep as well to an extend that the technical recession had to kick in. as if this is not enough, now the country is undergoing a nationwide shutdown of major close to all sectors. This will have a negative impact on all economic sectors.
Small micro and medium enterprises will suffer the most, as they have already been under immense pressure due to the latest consecutive economic challenges the country has been facing, technical recessions as well. Now the proposed nationwide shutdowns pose a major threat to our country’s economy.
34 years old Miss Mmapula Thwala happens to be one of the affected smme owners who will be severely affected by the shutdowns. The mother of two has just recently opened her own clothing boutique in one of the fastest growing economic hubs of Gauteng Province, selling clothes of both men and women.

Mefuta ya dijo e e siametseng go ka jewa le Ria Tintswalo Mojapelo – Dietician

: In this hard times that the country is currently facing, one can’t help but wonder about the survival of many, most of whom have weaker immune systems and so on. Lucky the enforced nationwide shutdown will help many to avoid contracting unnecessary infections and various illments.
Now in the coming shutdown, many will definitely be locked up in the comfort of their own homes, cuddling on their couches and eating and watching tv all day long. This may have negative effects as some will consume lots of fats and other materials that may not be good for their health.
It is important to advice those who will be staying at home to carefully note and pay attention to the kinds of food they will be consuming, rather than eating any other kind of food it might be best to consume kinds of food that will help boost immune systems and enhancing body to fight against virus infections.

Ditshwanelo tsa bo rre bao ba ntseng ba se teng mo matshelong a bana le Ms Kedibone Kekana – Social Worker

Amidst all the life challenges that one goes through, we all have our own ways of dealing with them, though some ways may not make sense to others, maybe they are just not meant to be.
Of all the various challenges that do exist and are faced by people on a daily basis, having to be a single parent has to be one of the most toughest ones. Parenting alone is tough for both parents, now for a poor soul to bear such kind of brunt and all alone.
Now the test of time is after all the years of endless sacrifices and parenting all on your own, there emerges out of nowhere the long lost co-parent, whom at times mostly disappear before the child is even born to come and partake their roles in a child's life. In most cases these long lost co-parents happen to be men.

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