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Lebo Leabile sits with me as we discuss health, fashion, beauty, cooking, financial literary and children issues while playing music that talks to your soul. Resemeletse is an entertainment and lifestyles magazine show that is geared towards empowering women & other “house managers”. Content is meant to benefit the entire family through the “link”. The brunch meets lunch show consists of features such as health, fashion, beauty, cooking, financial literary and child rearing that the listener keeps coming back for more. The music is laid back, relaxing and inspiring

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Go lopa madi a kotlo ke bo rre ba ba godisang bana ba le nosi le Advocate Petunia Seabi-Mathope (Chief Family Advocate)

Full custody of a child or children always seems to be an issue whenever the two parents split up, either having been married or not. The societal norm or expectation is that the mother is the one who will have full custody of children.
With the ever-changing times, lately fathers are rising and taking much more responsibility when coming to their children more than the mothers does. There is quite a few numbers of fathers who are staying with their children, some with the help of their parents.
Well what is not known or not popular is hearing of fathers requesting for maintenance assistance from absent mothers, but rather single mothers requesting maintenance from absent fathers. Today we learn from our expert guest on the chances and legibility of single fathers requesting maintenance assistance from absent mothers and the relevant procedures to be followed.

Mofuta wa kgwebo o tlang ka ditharabololo mo matshelong a ma Afrika Borwa le Ms Keamogetswe Matsho – CEO Aqua Air Africa

Lately the business environment has moved towards a direction of being self-sufficient, cost effective and competitive. Almost every new business or even existing ones time and again have to come up with everlasting solutions to on-going problems humanity is facing on a daily basis.
Due to the on-going shortage of water in the country that even went to an extend of threatening drying out of dams in a certain city in the country, day zero, a certain company got motivated to come up with solutions to the pending pandemic of water shortage in the country.
Aqua Air Africa came up with a solution to the on-going water crisis in the country; a new disruptive water technology. Aqua Air Africa is currently building Africa’s first atmospheric water generating plant where over 10 000 liters of water per day will be produced from the atmosphere.

Botlhokwa ba go tshameka mo baneng le Mme Malebo Mogapinyane – Educational Psychologis

Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth. Play also offers an ideal opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children.
More than just a chance to have fun, play is serious business when it comes to a child's health and development. The many forms of play enrich a child's brain, body, and life in important ways.
Play is also critical for children’s development because it provides time and space for children to explore and gain skills needed for adult life.

Go lekalekanya ditlhokego tsa tiro le kgwebo ka gangwe

Many big greatest things in this world has emerged whilst having started off as just a dream, a dreamer had to have just courage to take a step in turning dreams to be a reality.
Today we have many business people, both men and women from all different backgrounds; many are working hard in their respective fields of work to do well in their craft. Come knock-off time one has to back to being a mother/father to their children, a spouse to their partner and other home roles to fill.
Our guest today is a daughter, sister, mother and a businesswoman Renolda Nkgomotsang Kube, a hair specialist in Mogwase, just outside Rusternburg next to Sun City. Renolda was working for many years as a waitress at one of the restaurants in Sun City, until one day she decided enough was indeed enough and took a brave bold decision to pursue her dream.

Mabaka a a ka lebisang ko go amogelweng ga bana ko maokelong le Dr Tumelo Leeuw – Paediatrician

As we have just started the mid-year school’s recess, it is important to ensure physical safety of children when leaving them behind for work and their health safety as well against the chilly cold weathers of the current winter season.
The current season of winter comes with many infections/illnesses which many children are prone to, making them fall ill now and then. Should the illnesses not be well taken care of, it may lead to serious condition for children which may eventually lead to hospital admissions.

Diphetogo tse o ka itemogelang tsone fa o simolola go dirisa di ARV le Dr Mpho Mogonediwa

The treatment of HIV has been massively improved and made better over the past previous years, from taking in a number of pills, now narrowed to only one pill. This has assisted in simplifying the process of taking medication to those who do not really like it.
Whether one has known for some time or recently found out of their HIV status, it is common knowledge lately that it is no longer needed to wait for a certain scale or number of CD4 count to decrease up to thus far, but can and should enroll for ARV’s treatment immediately after testing positive.
Just like any other forms and types of medication, ARV’s do have their own fair share of side effects. Side effects have been reported with all ARV drugs and, in the earlier era of combination ART, side effects were among the most common reasons for switching or discontinuing therapy and for medication non-adherence. Fortunately, newer ARV regimens are associated with fewer serious and intolerable adverse effects than regimens used in the past.

Dipoelo tsa go ikatisa ga bagodi le Mme Cathrine Mathebe gotswa Bophelong Fitness Club

Better health and wellness is one of the most important pillars of the elders’ wellbeing, keeping busy by means of exercising and stretching muscles now and then can really save lives.
So it has been the case with Miss Cathrine Mathebe, the now 63 years old Tembisa based granny who saw her health deteriorating badly to such an extent that she ended up quitting her job. Simple basic exercises in her sitting room brought amazing changes to her well-being, which in turn motivated her to help others.
Miss Mathebe went on to start Bophelong Fitness Club with an aim of assisting many elders in and around her township to get their health in good condition and their bodies in good shape in order to ensure that they do not experience what she once went through. The elders convene from Monday to Thursday for a session of aerobics dance to help keep fit and healthy.

Go dira kgwebo e e tlisang pharologano mo matshelong a batho le Ms Eugenia Mokone – Addnum holdings

Education has been preached over and over again as the key to success, an empowerment tool all should equip themselves with in order to make it in the journey of life.
Having seen this to be true and seen all the gaps within the educational centres and facilities in our society, this prompted Miss Eugenia Mokone to do something about it. The Bushbuckridge born lady saw a need to prepare learners properly for the complex demands of the 21st Century knowledge and therefore established ADDNUM Holdings Ltd, the managing company of Education Centres from Pre-School, Primary School & Training centres for Corporate and communities.
Miss Mokone had realized that, today and in the future, all learners need to be principled, creative & critically literate in order to make informed decisions, communicate effectively and thrive in an ever-changing global community. For the past 20 years, they have invested time and resource to educate, train and empower people.

Go samagana le setlha sa mokgotlhoane - sefuba Dr Kholofelo Maponya (Specialist Paediatrician)

The winter season has once again brazed us with its presence, favourite season for many and not so favourite for others. The season is not only known for freezing weathers only, but the forever troubling influenza viruses.
Each winter, millions of people suffer from seasonal flu, the short name for influenza which is caused by viruses. Viruses are very small germs. Some viruses can spread easily from one person to another. They cause illnesses or infections like the flu. Older woman with the flu blowing her nose
Flu is a mild illness for some people. For older people, especially those who have health problems like diabetes or heart disease, the flu can be very serious, even life-threatening.

Botlhokwa ba go dirisa ditsiboso-phatlalatsa ka mogare wa HI le Mr Jim Phandle – HIV/AIDS activist/ambassador

After more than 25 years of the existence of the pandemic HIV/AIDS, there are still many people who do not know much about the virus, are not well informed on the proper ways of managing with the virus, taking good care of themselves and preventing possible infection of the virus.
07 years ago a man from Rock-lands township, just outside the city of roses Bloemfontein, decided to embark on a mission/journey of creating as much awareness as possible about the virus, informing people on better ways of taking good care of themselves and ensuring that they do not get infected or infecting others by the virus.
Mr. Jim Phandle, who works at Bloemfontein SAPS as a cleaner decided to enroll in a program that was taking off at their workplace about peer education. This program would later see Mr Phandle as an HIV/AIDS ambassador. Their work as HIV/AIDS ambassadors include going on awareness programs, informing fellow colleagues in various SAPS about ways and means in which they could manage and better prevent any possibilities of HIV infection.

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