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Lebo Leabile sits with me as we discuss health, fashion, beauty, cooking, financial literary and children issues while playing music that talks to your soul. Resemeletse is an entertainment and lifestyles magazine show that is geared towards empowering women & other “house managers”. Content is meant to benefit the entire family through the “link”. The brunch meets lunch show consists of features such as health, fashion, beauty, cooking, financial literary and child rearing that the listener keeps coming back for more. The music is laid back, relaxing and inspiring

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Go simolola kgwebo ntle le thuso ya matlole le Mme Mirriam Kgole – Liomi Perfume

Establishing a proper well functional business from the ground can be a bit of a stiff hustle, more especially if you have no financial backing; you have to start everything on the little that you have.
Be it a tough task as it may be, many people have transformed their ideas into projects, and taken off their projects from the ground to being a sustainable successful business ventures.
This is almost the same to have happened to Miss Mirriam Kgole, a Public Relations graduate who found herself in cosmetics industry. Miss Kgole decided to start her own company Liomi perfumes after completing her course in Public Relations. Instead of waiting for funding for her ideal business venture, she took a risk with the little that she had and grew her business to where it is currently.

Tshegetso ka matlole a thuto mo go bo mmeng ba ba godisang bana ba le nosi le Mr Aubrey Kunene – Legal Aid

More often than not, the mother of a child whose former partner or spouse refuses to co-operate, is called upon to account to the school for issues or problems related to the non-payment of school fees. In the normal course, in the event of joint and several liability being imposed, she would be liable for the full amount of the fees with a right of recovery against the other parent for his / her share. The responsibility for recovery is therefore placed on the custodian parent and not on the school.
A vast number of parents find themselves in the same or similar position as Safer, and this judgment will go a long way in assisting the plight of many single parents, particularly mothers, who struggle to make ends meet and to enforce maintenance orders and orders for support against ex-spouses.
This does not, however, open the door to all single parents to apply for exemption for the payment of school fees. It also does not mean that in every case, a single parent is not obliged to obtain the financial details of the father of the child. If the parties are in a position to pay and to provide details of a combined income, they must do so.

Go samagana le kgatelelo ya morago ga go itsise batho seemo sa gago sa mogare wa HI le Dr Gadirobe Mothibi

Most people in our societies have grown to accept that HIV is just an illness like any other, and if treated and patient well taken care of, there will be not much of damage to the body by the virus. Many people who are diagnosed and living with the virus do disclose their status to their nearest or close of kins. This helps them in gaining moral support, and even reminders of taking medication and taking good care of their health.
Now having to disclose one’s status comes with lots of doubts and challenges as well. You are never sure about the reaction you will get upon or after disclosing your status, and this comes as a reason why many do hesitate to disclose their statuses, fearing criticism and stigma.

Tshwanelo ya puo fa ngwana a bua le mogolo le Rre Kaka Mokakale – Motlhatlheledi wa Setswana (NWU – Potch Campus)

Re dumela gore ngwana o bonwa ka puo e a e buang le motsadi wa gagwe kgotsa mogolo mongwe le yomongwe fela, gore a ke ngwana yo o maitseo kgotsa nnyaa. Le fa ngwana a na le ditshwanelo, re lebelela gore a ditshwanelo tse di mo itsa go bua puo e e tlotlegang le Motsadi/Mogolo mongwe le mongwe. Re tlaa dirisa tšhono e go lemosa bana gore, motho o lejwa le go tlhatlhojwa ka puo e a e buang le batho. Fa puo ya gago e siame, o tsewa jang mme fa puo ya gago e tlhakatlhakane, o tsewa jang.

Takatso ya dijo mo baneng le Dr Ria Mojapelo

Taking care of children can be a bit challenging at times, sometimes happiness in their faces can fade away and there be no explanation to it. Sometimes they can indulge whole heartedly into food and sometimes they will just not be that much into it. Unexplainable loss and gain of appetite in kids may be very worrisome amongst parents.
Illness sometimes causes loss of appetite. If a child has a sore throat, rash, fever or other symptoms, the child may be sick. If a child appears healthy and happy, there is probably no reason to be concerned about a temporary fall in appetite.
Meal times are important social times for growing children. As a parent, one has to try to make this time of the day more enjoyable for a child. Offering a child different foods and having them choose which foods they will eat can help. Another ideal thing to do will be not to focus on what a child is not eating, but rather focus on what they are eating. Show by example that eating is fun and enjoyable.

Mabaka a a lebisang ko go emiseng go tsaya melemo ya di ARV’s le Dr Gadirobe Mothibi

Lately HIV is no longer a death sentence, well provided one accepts their status, and follows doctor’s orders by taking good care of themselves and taking medication accordingly as and when advised to do so.
The unfortunate part is that with the endless amount of information available at our disposal, educational programs and so on, there are still people who end up somehow defaulting on their ARV’s medication.
There's a growing number of people living with HIV/Aids who are defaulting on their anti-retroviral (ARV) drug treatment in most areas across the country. Reasons for defaulting may vary depending on the patient and the socio-economic challenges they encounter in their lives, or any other challenges emerging during the course of life.

Mekgwa e e siametseng go kgalemela bana le Mme Thapelo Tlhabane – Counsellor & Life Strategist/Relationship Coach

One of the most stressful and joyful jobs of all time, is being a parent. Parenting is regarded as a fulltime job because of the amount of time you have to dedicate in caring for your little one, ensuring they are safe, happy and healthy at all times.
One of the trickiest parts of parenting is disciplining your child. Children naturally do have their on and off times, there are times whereby they will just be on their best behaviours, and then there comes times whereby they really can’t be seated on same position, but want to stand up and cause a bit of havoc there and there.
How you discipline your child is of paramount importance. The way you discipline your little one determines the kind of person they will grow up to be, and how they will react or interact with other people. But then on the process of disciplining your child you need to take into cognizance their age group, and remember that they have got rights too that need not to be violated.

Go neelwa tlhokomelo e e feletseng ya bana ga bo rre le Mme Lenny Sefula – Social Work Supervisor

Lately the number of single parents raising kids all by themselves has been on a steady incline. More and more children are being raised by single parents. In most cases, these single parents happen to be mothers. Single fathers account to low percentages of the total number of single parents.
Though it is commonly known that when coming to awarding custody of children either in a case of separation by parents or any other reasons that may lead to custody battle, mothers are given priority. But there are certain things that are taken into consideration; custody is not automatically handed over to the mother.
Now what does it take for a father to be given full custody? Fathers do have rights just as mothers do. But for them to get custody of children is a little bit difficult or rare, what may be the causes that could lead to fathers getting custody of children other than a mother passing on?

Go samagana le seemo sa Eczema le Dr Mmule Florah Tshoke – Dermatologist

Skin care is one of the most important aspects of taking care of yourself as a human. Most women usually do prioritize highly on their skin care, ensuring that their face and the rest of the body has a beautiful bright smooth skin. Unfortunately due to factors like food or drinks we consume, lotions we apply on our skins or even the blazing heat of the sun we get exposed to.
Amongst many different conditions the skin get exposed to, is Eczema.
Eczema is the name for a group of conditions that cause the skin to become red, itchy and inflamed. There are several types of eczema: atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, nummular eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and stasis dermatitis. The condition is commonly found in both kids and adults.

Go itseela ngwana o mo ikgodisetse Jaaka wa gago le Mme Kedibone Kekana

Love can lead one to doing amazing things, little things which can eventually change the world for the better. Adopting/fostering a child is one of those that can really mean a lot to a child, growing up in a home with love can motivate them to be better people tomorrow who will in turn contribute positively to the society.
In South Africa the first rule that has to be complied with when adopting is that you must be a couple, you cannot adopt whilst you are single.
Adopting a child does not only benefit those couples who cannot conceive due to biological reasons or others known to them, but for the child as well to be afforded a chance to grow up/stay in a home with both loving parents can really be great for them.

Ditlamorago tsa go dirisa thibela-pelegi phetelela le Dr Karabo Juliet Tlale – Gynecologist & Obstetrician

Women’s health is considered tricky and very fragile if not well taken care of, but lately due to technological advancement in the medical sector; it has been a much easier process for women to take good care of themselves. Preventing illnesses and unplanned pregnancies is also a piece of cake nowadays; there are quite a few various methods of combating that.
Pregnancy prevention has quit a few various methods; they include implanons, morning after pills and injections from nearest health facilities. All these have made it much easier for women to control their reproductive system. Too much excessive use of prevention methods can have negative side effects though.
Hormonal methods of birth control affect the hormone levels in a person's body, so many people though not all experience side effects shortly after taking them

Mokgwa wa go leka kgotsa go itseela matshelo ga basha le Mme Nkhabele Marumo – Clinical Psychologist

This week has been aside to commemorate and strengthen attempts in prevention of teen suicides. Teenagers can be regarded as a bit of complicated and fragile group of people, subjected to pressure and the struggle to trying to find themselves for who they really are. Hence when pressure gets too much for them, they end up resorting to suicide.
According to WHO, a suicide occurs every 40 seconds and an attempt is made every 3 seconds. In South African, hanging is the most frequently employed method of suicide, followed by shooting, gazing and burning.

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