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Lebo Leabile sits with me as we discuss health, fashion, beauty, cooking, financial literary and children issues while playing music that talks to your soul. Resemeletse is an entertainment and lifestyles magazine show that is geared towards empowering women & other “house managers”. Content is meant to benefit the entire family through the “link”. The brunch meets lunch show consists of features such as health, fashion, beauty, cooking, financial literary and child rearing that the listener keeps coming back for more. The music is laid back, relaxing and inspiring

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Go bolelela ngwana wa gago ka mogare wa HI o a belegweng le one le Fikile Khoza (Ngwana) & Kehilwe Khoza (Motsadi)

Lately HIV has grown to be accepted as a part of our daily lives. Almost everybody is affected by infected people closest to them, or knows people who are affected by the HI Virus somehow. It is no longer the scariest killer disease like it was perceived or explained as back in the days.
As much as we might be having many programs to address the scurge of the virus, to curb it from growing further, we still experience growth of newly infected children born with it.
Currently there are many people who were born with HIV, somehow have grown to be younger adults now. The big question or issue for any parent who has a child born with HIV would be how and when to disclose to their child the status they were born with.

Tshegetso e e tlhokegang go tswa mo kgolaganong ya tshotlakako le Tebogo Moripe (Domestic violence survivor)

We are in that time of the year again whereby we commemorate 16 days of activism against women and children abuse, with the sole purpose of uprooting domestic violence from the roots, addressing all issues that somehow directly or indirectly contribute to domestic violence.
Being a victim of abused is not an easy walk in the park, it is hard and challenging. Having to deal with an abusive partner can be very traumatic for one, and psychologically oppressing. Many who are in abusive relationships feel like they have no way out, are trapped and the only thing to do is to just endure the suffering and hope for better days.
Much as it is hard and at times difficult to fight against oppression and claim one’s freedom, one lady decided that she had had enough and wanted to break out of the abusive relationship. Through the much needed support she managed to break the chains and free herself from the traumas of abuse

Go tsenya mowa wa boitumelo le keresemose mo baneng le Rre Karabo Mokoto gotswa ko Ntlo-kemedi ya naga ya Botswana mo

The time is here again for being all merry, rejoicing and appreciating live. It is during the festive season and December holidays when people practice the spirit of giving, lot of gifts will be exchanged amongst groups of people, families, colleagues, church mates and even to strangers as well.
Like the former president Dr. Nelson Mandela encouraged people to make everyday a Mandela day, a group of employees in Pretoria have decided to make today a Mandela day by visiting a Tshwaraganang Orphanage in Hammanskraal. They will be handing over gifts and other accessories like clothes, toiletries and groceries as well to a number of 52 children aged from 0 to 18 who are full time residents. The aim is to make Christmas look much brighter to the kids and stuff at Tshwaraganang.

Karolo ya rre mo setshabeng jaaka ele mosireletsi le Rre Kaka Mokakale – Motlhatlheledi wa Setswana

Mo malobeng go ne go itsege thata fa rre ele moeteledipele ebile ele mosireletsi wa lelapa la gagwe; go bo go latela tikologo otlhe ka kakaretso.
Fa rre a le teng mo lapeng, go ne go itumelwa ebile go tshelwa ka phutologo ele fa botlhe ba itse gore ba sireletsegile ebile sengwe le
sengwe se se tlhokegang rre oteng otla neela jaaka go tlhokega. Malatsing ano a segompieno go tota go senyegile gose nene, bo rre ba a tshabiwa jaaka ba iphetotse dilalome mo malapeng a bone.
Fa rre a tsena mo lapeng mme le bana ba felelwa ke monyebo go nna le Khutsafalo ya gore kana nako nngwe le nngwe go ka tsoga ya matlho-mahibidu. E ka tswa go senyegile kae bo rra etsho?

Masaikategang a a ka tlisiwang ke tiriso e e feteletseng ya nnotagi le Dr Isaac Mashitisho – Specialist Physician

We have slowly but surely approached that time of the year of endless parties, celebration day in and out. This is the time of the year whereby there will be lot of parties, celebrations of various archievements and so on and on.
During this festive season, season of various celebrations, it is whereby people will be consuming alcoholic beverages a lot.
Excessive alcohol consumption can bear negative outcomes on one’s health. Frequently drinking too much alcohol is harmful to health. Alcohol can have an impact on every body system.
How much alcohol a person drinks, genetic factors, gender, body mass, and general state of health all influence how a person's health responds to chronic heavy drinking. Studies consistently show that, overall, heavy alcohol consumption is detrimental to health and a leading preventable cause of death.

Kgodiso ya bana le Rre Kaka Mokakale – Motlhatlheledi wa Setswana (NWU – Potch Campus)

Most of us our lives would be incomplete without our elders. There are lot of people currently who find strength in their grandparents, seeing them, having conversations with them and spending time with them as well. The unfortunate part of life is some cannot live on a fulltime basis with them like they would have wanted to, because of work and other life commitments they find themselves booking in their elders in old age homes.
Old age homes has been seen as a cornerstone of hope for many, providing shelter, care and company for elders that their children and grandchildren could not due to their work and other activities keeping them busy and away from home.

Go dira kgwebo ka go rekisa malomo le Salome Khunoana – Salome Florist

The rise of many small businesses has come as a rescue for our everyday life styles, almost anything that one may want or need is offered by nearest small businesses.
Most of the local businesses were formed as a result of identifying the gap in the market, most people after having seen a need of a certain thing, they come up with a plan providing for the much needed service.
After being employed as a florist for almost two decades, Miss Khunoana saw a need for florists in her home township of Mabopane. Miss Khunoana started her own florist company which caters for an everyday growing market of the townships.
Salome florist specializes in the supply and arrangement of fresh flowers. Their clientele boast from private individuals buying flowers for various occasions and regular business clients.

Mokgwa o mogare wa HI o ka amang itekanelo ya tlhaloganyo ya borre le Mme Nono Lekgowe - Counselling psychologist

The society as a whole has been in much awareness of HIV/AIDS for the past 30 years and more. Lots of awareness campaigns have been made educational programs at health facilities and schools as well have been made. Of all the things preached as far as HIV/AIDS is concerned, one major lesson that has been repeatedly emphasized is that HIV/AIDS is not a life sentence. Testing positive for HIV does not mean end of life.
Be that as it may; learning that you are HIV positive after testing can be quite devastating and shuttering as well. It may have lot of emotional dilemmas as well, more especially for men.
Because men are known to be the kind of people who do not usually share or speak out about how they really feel, it can be a great concern about them when coming to deal with the issue of testing positive for HIV. This can be much of an issue because HIV/AIDS has been perceived much as a somehow different disease, one that usually gets attached with a certain stigma.

Mekgwa le dipoelo tsa go bapatsa kgotsa go phasalatsa kgwebo le Mme Refilwe Tselanyane – RT Good Eats / Aide de Cuisine

One of the most important aspects of ensuring a business succeeds is thorough marketing to the rightful clientele; this does not only make people aware of your business but constantly reminds them of the existence of your business and the services offered.
Young and beautiful Refilwe Tselanyane, who taught herself how to bake from an early age, has been performing wonders with her business RT Good Eats that was initially started as Aide de Cuisine.
Refilwe is a self-taught baker whose passion for baking emerged when she used to take flour at home and make some of the wonderful recipes from magazines. As she grew up in Khutsong, Refilwe started off by selling muffins at train station and over the years, she started baking for birthdays, weddings, tombstones and baby showers.

Bo Rre le go dira diteko tsa mogare wa HI

For a very long time the society has been advised as a whole society to time and again take out voluntary HIV tests. The greater benefit of voluntary HIV tests is for one to know their HIV status, thus ensure that you take care of yourself. If you are negative, you keep it that way, if positive then you start changing your lifestyle and taking good care of your health.
Be that as it may, there has been an outcry about men not pitching up for voluntary HIV tests like it is would be expected. Men have generally been perceived as not taking much into cognizance their health statuses; do not visit clinics/health centres or doctors frequently as advised.
Early HIV detection is critical to reducing patient morbidity and mortality as well preventing future HIV transmissions. HIV screening programs save the lives of those infected and help prevent others from getting infected.

Mekgwa e e siametseng go kgalemela bana le Mme Kedibone Kekana

Parenting can be regarded as a full time job. Having to take care of a child and upbringing them requires a lot from a parent emotionally, physically and psychologically as well. Not only does one have to provide for the child financially, help with the home works but engage them emotionally and psychologically as well.
Now there comes a daunting and quite challenging task of having to discipline your kids as a parent. Disciplining can be a bit challenging as at times it might not go through or the child might take it politely. But none there less it is important to have disciplinary methods and do put them into use when the time arises for such.

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