Bua Le Mmino

MOTSWEDING FM  |  Podcast , ±22 min episodes every 4 days
Bua le Mmino seeks to encourage easy, laid back office listening. The show mostly targets office executives, addressing their day to day challenges, equipping those entering the job market with “surviving the workplace” skills and helping those at home find work (addressing unemployment). The show has a monstrous task to educate and inform local audiences of the “gaan-an’s” in their backyard (reflecting South Africa to South Africans) and providing them with a glimpse of what is taking place in the world (Reflecting the World to South Africans)

A sejanaga sa gago se ipaakanyeditse setlha sa dikgakologo?

We as motorists, often don't prepare our vehicles for anything. Few motorists understand that certain car elements are affected by seasons. Things such as engine coolant, tyres etc have to be checked regularly, but it is more important to perform a thorough check at the end every season. Wipers also need to be checked and replaced if necessary.

152 episodes

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