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Algeria Latest

Polls have closed in Algeria where a contentious presidential election, boycotted by tens of thousands of protesters nationwide was held. It is the first vote since former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika was forced out after a two-decade-long rule in April in the wake of nationwide peaceful protests. The polls have been deferred twice since the unprecedented leaderless protest movement, commonly referred to as the Hirak, erupted in February.

For more on the significance of the polls , Channel Africa’s Khumbelo Munzhelele spoke to Dr Zoubir Yahia, Expert on Algerian Politics.

Algerian Convictions

An Algerian court has sentenced two former prime ministers to long jail terms amid a huge corruption investigation. Ahmed Ouyahia was sentenced to 15 years in prison and Abdelmalek Sellal to 12 years. The two were accused of abusing authority in a car manufacturing embezzlement scandal and were the allies of long-time President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who resigned amid mass protests in April. Protesters have continued to call for sweeping reforms, accusing leaders of the governing party of widespread corruption and repression ahead of presidential elections, to be held tomorrow.

For more on this , Channel Africa’s Khumbelo Munzhelele spoke to Noufal Abboud, Executive Director of the Nordic Center for conflict transformation.

Namibian Elections

Over 1 million Namibians headed to the polls - to elect a new president and members of parliament. The elections came against a backdrop of discontent over a lagging economy and massive unemployment. President Hage Geingob is vying for re-election after his first term was marred by a recession that stirred anger against the ruling- South West Africa People's Organization-SWAPO, which continues to bask in the legacy of the liberation struggle.

For more on this Channel Africa spoke to Panduleni Nghipandulwa, Project Coordinator for The Namibia Institute for Democracy.

'Save a Childs Heart', SACH conducts work in Ethiopia

More than 30 Ethiopian children are to benefit from lifesaving heart operations and cardiac catheterization from 'Save a Childs Heart', an Israeli-based international non-profit. The SACH's team have been working around the clock in the week-long mission. Simon Fisher is Executive Director of SACH..

Underage drinking

The Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education or Aware-dot-Org in South Africa has launched a campaign which aims to address the scourge of underage drinking in the country. The campaign, underpinned by the message 'Underage drinking starts long before it begins. You can stop it' is built on the insight that many people's first exposure to alcohol is usually at a young age and is generally enabled by parents or other caregivers. Research shows that South Africans are the sixth-largest consumers of alcohol in the world, with children as young as ten-years-old already drinking. More from the Campaign ambassador and South African musician, Kabelo Mabalane.

That's Kabelo Mabalane, a South African musician and Ambassador of the Aware-dot-Org's underage drinking campaign talking to Elizabeth Lediga.

Disability Awareness

South Africa is this month observing the National Disability Rights Awareness Month, which aims to increase awareness about the rights of persons with disabilities as equal citizens among society. Some people with disabilities in the country continue to be excluded from the mainstream of society and are sometimes prevented from accessing fundamental social, political and economic rights. Zukiswa Nzo is Senior Manager for Strategy and Research at the National Council Of and For Persons with Disability, NCPD..

US terrorism

United States report has accused Iran of being the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism in its annual report on global terrorism. The report has also identified Kenya as the country which suffered most terrorist related attacks throughout 2018, and it comes as militants in northeast of Mali killed more than 50 soldiers in an attack on a military post.

For more on the report, Channel Africa’s Khumbelo Munzhelele spoke to Dr Akinola Olojo, Senior researcher in the Transnational Threats and International Crime Programme at the Institute for Security Studies.

Poliovirus type 3 eradicated

In another historic step for humanity towards a world free of polio, an independent commission of experts has certified that type 3 of the wild poliovirus had been eradicated globally. Following the eradication of smallpox and wild poliovirus type 2, experts say this news represents a historic achievement for humanity. For more on this, Elizabeth Lediga spoke to Dr Nicksy Gumede-Moeletsi, senior virologist at the World Health Organisation's Regional Office for Africa...

Lottery claiming process

Ever wondered about the process that follows after winning large sums of money? With Lotto being the most popular type of gambling in South Africa. Channel Africa's Nhlanhla Mahlangu spoke to Khensani Mabuza Corporate Relations Executive at Ithuba Holdings - operators of the South African National lottery to find out about the process..

African Governance Report

The quality of education and training provided by African countries has worsened since 2014, leaving many of the continent's growing population of young people ill-prepared to enter the job market. This is according to the new African Governance report by Mo Ibrahim Foundation. The Report, which uses data from the Ibrahim Index of African Governance , the most comprehensive survey of its kind on the continent, found that enrolment and access to education was particularly low in the tertiary sector.

For more on this, Channel Africa spoke to Jay Naidoo, Mo Ibrahim Foundation board member.

Kais Saied wins Tunisian election with a landslide victory

Retired academic, Kais Saied is set to become Tunisia's next president after a landslide victory in Sunday's vote. The Electoral Commission announced that the former law professor secured 73 percent of votes in the run-off election. He was up against media mogul, Nabil Karoui who had campaigned from prison after being arrested on charges of money laundering and tax fraud. Exit polls suggested that Saied benefited from huge support among young voters. Tunisia's Electoral Commission says 55 percent of those registered to vote cast their ballots.

For more on what Saied's presidency means for Tunisia, Channel Africa’s Khumbelo Munzhelele spoke to Dr Mohamed Chtatou, an expert on North African Politics

Pope Francis Summit

Pope Francis has opened a highly contentious three-week summit in the vatican that could potentially clear the way for some married men to become Catholic priests. The meeting -- which focuses on environmental and religious issues in the Amazon region - will take up the question of whether some respected married elder men could be ordained to help overcome a shortage of priests in remote areas in the region. Currently indigenous Catholics in remote parts of the Amazon can go months without seeing a priest or having a proper mass. For more on some of the controversial proposals on the agenda, Channel Africa’s Khumbelo Munzhelele spoke to Reverend Father Patrick Rakeketsi, Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference Associate Secretary General..

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