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Book Choice, is broadcast on the first Monday of each month, presented by Cindy Moritz.

While you’re munching your lunch or driving the myriad motorways, you’ll hear all that’s best in books. Cape Town’s top book reviewers will entertain and inform you as they cheerfully chat about the newest and nicest fiction and non-fiction on current book shelves.

You love author interviews? Well, we line up those for your pleasure and leisure too.
You want an easy-peasy competition each month with good prizes? All there, prettily planned for your lovely listening.

Do join us for your delectation… for your entertainment… for your information.

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Book Choice - 02 May 2022

A big hello from the Fine Music Radio studio here in Cape Town, and welcome to Book Choice, sponsored by Exclusive Books, with me, your host, Paige Nick. This is your hour long feast of book reviews and interviews, to take you into lunch time on this first Monday of May.
I’m super excited about today’s show. We’ve got a ton of incredible local fiction and non-fiction, with a few international books snuck in, to entertain you too. All punctuated by the most wonderful music to whet your whistle, selected by Rick Everett and compiled by Dave Woods. So there’s not a second to spare, we have too many books and not enough time, so let’s get on with the show.

Book Choice - 04 Apr 2022

: Welcome to chapter one, page one of the April edition of Book Choice, here on Fine Music Radio sponsored by Exclusive Books.
My name is Paige Nick and for the next hour, we have 8 wonderful book segments, including 5 great book reviews, and 4 meaty interviews with authors, to share with you, so I hope you’ll stick around and discover some new gems for your book shelf.

And since this station isn’t called Fine Book Radio, and it is called Fine Music Radio, we don’t only have books, we have plenty of fine music too. And to celebrate the month of April Fools, all the music tracks in our show today, selected and compiled by the wonderful Rick Everett and Dave Wood, are about fools.

Book Choice - 07 Mar 2022

Welcome to the March edition of Book Choice here on Fine Music Radio. We have a massive show lined up for you today. So pull up a seat, or pull up your steering wheel, and join us for a full hour of great recommendations for your next must-have fiction or non-fiction reads.
We have two guest reviewers this month, with Helen Moffett, telling us about some very exciting new local fiction. And Nerine Dorman, joining us to fill John Hank’s hiking boots this month in our nature segment.

Book Choice - 07 Feb 2022

I have just one question for you?
Will you be my book valentine?
Well, technically I suppose that’s two questions.
Welcome to the February edition of Book Choice here on Fine Music Radio. I’m your host Paige Nick, and for the next hour, we’ll be bringing you a whole lot of reviews of some great new books, and interviews with authors that I’m sure you are going to just love. All sponsored by our friends at Exclusive Books.

Book Choice - 03 Jan 2022

Happy New Year, and a big bookie welcome to our first Book Choice of 2022. And we are still so lucky and grateful to have Exclusive Books join us as our sponsorship partner for the show as we go into the new year. We love books, they love books AND sell books, it’s a match made in heaven!

Book Choice - 06 Dec 2021

At last, we made it to the final Book Choice show for 2021 here on Fine Music Radio! Welcome to the show, sponsored by Exclusive Books, and I’m your host, Paige Nick.
We have some wonderful reads to recommend, and a whole lot of xmassy music to really get us all in the mood.

Book Choice Teen Podcast 2: 'Diamond Boy' by Michael Williams

The second Book Choice Teen podcast took place at Herzlia High School on 13 October 2021. Grade 8 and 9 learners from Gardens Commercial and Herzlia in Cape Town met to discuss the novel 'Diamond Boy' by Michael Williams, this was facilitated by headmaster Marc Falconer. Thanks to everyone involved: Herzlia’s engineer David Watkyns and FMR’s sound engineer Ewan Inglis for post-production. The learners are Benjamin Lazarus, Cassidy Wilson, Leah Rodenacker, Mira Gibson, Shakira Maart, Taylar Pinn and Wangisani Mpotalinga. We are grateful that the author, Michael Williams, joined us for the discussion via Zoom. Thank you to Oxford University Press for sponsoring the books.

Book Choice - 01 Nov 2021

Welcome to Book Choice on Fine Music Radio, sponsored by Exclusive Books. I’m your host, Paige Nick.
It’s election day, so I hope you’re out there making your mark. Hey if there are any politicians listening, how about we take VAT off the sale of all books? They are an important staple after all.
We have a special tribute show this month. Not just a tribute to books, which is pretty much what we do every month anyway. But this month we’re paying tribute to a very special book about a very special man who made some very fine music that changed this country.

October saw the launch of Scatterling of Africa, the new memoir by Johnny Clegg, published by Pan Macmillan.
So, stay tuned. We have a review of this book at the end of the show. And all the music in this month’s show are great Johnny Clegg tracks

Book Choice - 04 Oct 2021

It’s the first Monday in October, which means you’re tuned into Book Choice on Fine Music Radio. We’ve got reviews, we’ve got interviews, we’ve got fine music, we’ve got everything you need to know about books for this month.
I’m your host, Paige Nick, and Book Choice is sponsored by Exclusive Books.

Book Choice - 06 Sept 2021

Welcome to Book Choice, sponsored by Exclusive Books. I’m your host Paige Nick, and for the next hour we’ll be talking exclusively about books.

Did you know that this year South Africa has not one, but TWO finalists in the Booker Prize Literary Awards. One of the world’s most prestigious literary awards, it’s essentially the Olympics of literature.

To celebrate South Africa’s excellent showing, we have interviews with both of these long-listed authors in our special Booker Prize segment, at the end of the show.

Book Choice - 02 Aug 2021

South Africa is still offering us plenty of chilly weather, making this the perfect season to curl up with a good book. So good thing that you’re tuned into Book Choice on Fine Music Radio and I’m your host Paige Nick. For the next hour, we’ll be joined by reviewers and authors, sharing what’s on their to-read pile right now. So you can line up your perfect lock down entertainment for the next few weeks.

Book Choice - 05 July 2021

So, what have you been reading lately? A novel that made you laugh? A biography that made you cry? maybe you read something that comforted you? Or that changed the way you feel about the world, or reasserted something you’ve always felt.
Or perhaps you’ve read something that made you furious! I have a friend who once threw the Brett Easton Ellis novel she was reading out the window, she couldn’t bear to have it in her home for one second longer. Or maybe all this Covid trauma has you unable to read anything longer than the back of a cereal box.

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