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The City Guy vs The Village Guy

Anonymous has difficulty in choosing between two men, the city guy is apparently boring but monied, the village guy is exciting and can lay pipe but he broke. hmmmmmm choices choices

The Return Soldier

Anonymous's old flame has made a dramatic return into his life. She now is married and has three children but anonymous is will to leave his woman and two kids to be with her. is this a healthy situation?

The Office Marital Situationship

Anonymous is dating a married man at work, this married man is becoming the jealous type, she's not allowed to interact with other men at the office. This situation is now taking a toll on anonymous, where can she find a better married man to date?

The Gay Industry

Anonymous has been working out of the country for quite some time, while he's away his man has been sleeping with all his friends. Should he stay in this relationship or leave

Tales of a Liar

Anonymous has four kids with different women the problem is that his fiance doesn't know. Should he tell her?

Parents Evening Reloaded

Anonymous has kids and since she's been lonely, her kids suggested that she sleep with their friend's father. She's now addicted to the dance and the kids don't like it.

The Great Depression

Somizi joins naked and JJ on today's instalment of Ask A Man, anonymous is in a messy situation, after many STi's and Miscarriages she still doesn't know whether she should stay or go

Double Trouble

Anonymous is a twin, he recently found out that his ex girlfriend is sleeping with his twin brother. Does the twin know that this woman is his ex? should he tell him?

The Streets Are Talking

Anonymous is being told by the streets and her man's colleagues that she is no longer loved. She gets calls from his colleagues and messages from his family that she is a difficult woman. Could the rumour mill be true?

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