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Ask A Man 15/04/21

Anonymous is heart broken that his partner seems to no longer be interested in him because he's unemployed

Ask A Man 13/04/21

Anonymous is dating a man that is draining her financially. Her man's family has also started tapping into her financial resources.

Ask A Man 12/04/21

Anonymous is in a lesbian relationship, he partner is a serial cheater. It seems as if she cannot let go of her ex. Her partner shares intimate information regarding their relationship with other people. She feels her partner has turned her violent that's why she has started beating her.

Ask A Man 9/10/21

Anonymous is in tears as he breaks down his situation. He recently met an abused lady, whom he took in, showed a better life and fell in love with but boy oh!! boy, sh'e showing him flames.

Ask A Man 8/04/21

Anonymous is disappointed that she is fighting the root of all evil alone in order for her marriage to her pastor husband to work

Ask A MAn 07/04/21

A "young anonymous' has trouble finding the right companion. She keeps changing then like fresh underwear. is this normal for a girl her age?

Ask A Man 06/04/21

Anonymous is married to serial cheater, he has made babies outside of the relationship, he's abusive and she's lost the love and determination of staying in this relationship

Ask A Man 31/03/21

Anonymous is in a bad relationship. Both her man and his mother have been keeping secrets from her. He is a serial cheater and anonymous just found out the he has impregnated a girl.

AskAman 30/03/21

Anonymous is caught up in a love triangle and doesn't even know it. His ex keeps feeding him negative information about his current partner.

Ask A Man 29/03/21

Today we deal with mental illness. Anonymous met a man 5 weeks ago via whatapp/videocalls. He lived overseas at the time, the moment he arrived in South Africa he was put in a mental health facility. She speaks to him daily when she calls the landline at the facility. Should she stay in this situashionship?

Ask A Man 26/03/21

Today's Ask A Man episode cuts so deep, Anonymous lives in fear for her life because of the abusive relationship that she's in.

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