BBC In Touch: News for Blind People

In Touch: News for Blind People

News, views and information for people who are blind or visually impaired. Presented by Peter White every Tuesday evening from 20:40 on BBC Radio 4.
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4 Episodes

Tactile Paving Completions; An Extant Theatre Pantomime

Network Rail's Rupert Lown gives clarification as to when all tactile paving installation works will be completed across the entire UK train network. Extant Theatre are a performing arts company that put visual impairment at the heart of all they do. One of their most recent renditions is a pantomime…
14 Mar 18 min

The Protests in Iran; Audio Description on Adventure Films

The Islamic Republic of Iran has seen widespread protests in recent months following the death of Mahsa Amini in custody. The news of the brutality of the regime against its protesting citizens has been widespread; we discuss how some protesters are being purposefully shot in their eyes and blinded. Khosro…
7 Mar 18 min

A Guide Dog at Gatwick Airport; A New Travel Companion on Trains

Eleanor Burke recently travelled to Ireland via Gatwick Airport with her guide dog. She has made this journey many times before but this time was held up for an hour in the security area by a member of staff that was not satisfied with her guide dog's documentation. We invited…
28 Feb 18 min