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5 Live Science : 09/08/2020

Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists look at a new study which suggests children can carry more coronavirus than we previously thought.

Its also a big week for space exploration and we’re one small step closer to nuclear fusion, in France.

Plus, how science could help assess your relationship with your cow, and cook a tastier barbecue. Get more in the podcast from the BBC Sounds app.


Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientists weigh up the science behind Boris Johnson's anti-obesity drive, and go swimming with the physics of sperm.

Plus, a look at the fascinating life of pioneering chemist, Rosalind Franklin and why your cuppa can help explain leaves on the line isn't a such a flimsy excuse after all.

How coronavirus has created new ideas to tackle global warming

Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team investigate local lockdowns in Australia, why planting trees to capture carbon might be a bad move, plus the pros and cons of deep sea mining. And a special look at how the coronavirus crisis has created some radical ideas to tackle global warming

The fifth state of matter

Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Science team look at the latest science news. Including: how a llama could provide help in understanding coronavirus antibodies, evidence eggs prefer some sperm over others, and growing replacement livers in a dish. Plus a quantum leap into the fifth state of matter.

The global race to find a vaccine for Covid-19

Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team look back at past 6 months since the coronavirus pandemic began, and feature the global race to find a vaccine for Covid-19. Plus the app to help you shop safely, and the launch of two NASA astronauts into space on a commercial space flight.

The chemical fingerprint for COVID 19, and adapting to the "new normal".

Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team with the latest scientific developments on Coronavirus. Including the research into the chemical finger print for COVID 19, and why hydroxychloroquine trials have been suspended. Plus a special look at how we're adapting to the "new normal" for GP appointments, education and transport.

Loss of smell and coronavirus

Updates on coronavirus including how the loss of smell has now become a recognised symptom in the UK. Plus a special look at how scientific papers are published.

The Science of World War II

This week on 5 Live Science, we’re bringing you a special episode, diving into the science and technology of World War II, to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.

Within the discussion of the science and events of war, there are some parts you may find upsetting.

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