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WorldLink: Freedom and belonging

This week, we visit the Iraqi city of Mosul to find out how residents are rebuilding their lives after their liberation from the so-called Islamic State. We meet a group of people grappling with digital privacy at a 'crypto-party' in Berlin and discover what it means to feel at home in an adopted country. Plus, we journey back to California's 1968 protest movement.

WorldLink: War, tradition and memory lane

This week, we meet a Yazidi mother whose family was torn apart by the so-called Islamic State, we pay a visit to Russia's cheese man and discover an unusual childhood tradition in Berlin. Plus, we take a trip down the real-life Penny Lane in Liverpool — the home of The Beatles.

WorldLink: In times of hate

As Germany grapples with the fallout from far-right protests that saw thousands take to the streets in Chemnitz, we examine the dynamics of hate speech, censorship and excessive political correctness.

WorldLink: Rage, riots and race

This week on the program: An in-depth look at the eruption of far-right, anti-immigrant protests in the German city of Chemnitz, a largely forgotten US scheme to deport Mexicans during the depression, and how the inhabitants of Easter Island are keeping their Polynesian culture alive.

WorldLink: Change and opportunity

On this week's show, we take a look at the impacts of climate change and what it could mean for those most at risk of natural disasters and heatwaves. Plus, we meet people who are working to improve their communities, be it through gang mediation, a new fitness craze or even cheesemaking!

WorldLink: Faith, doubt and control

On this week's show, we meet a respected reformist Iranian cleric who’s hoping for peaceful change in his struggling country. We also introduce you to Father Nikodemus – a charismatic German Benedictine monk who says religion has a “hooligan problem” and we find out how IS victims and perpetrators are trying to rebuild their home town of Mosul.

WorldLink: Making connections

On this week's show, we meet a Bangladeshi activist who is fighting for workers' rights in the garment industry, we learn more about a startup in Berlin teaching refugees how to code and we discover the struggles of late-life loneliness. Plus, we journey down the River Nile which continues to touch and influence lives.

WorldLink: Life in aftermath

Two cities piece humanity back together in the wake of IS occupation, Tahiti reclaims its Polynesian identity from French colonialism, and growing up as the first IVF baby. Plus a student's take on the ongoing conflict in Nicaragua.

WorldLink: Pitching for change

On this week’s program: 50 years on we take stock of the momentous protest year of 1968. We'll be going to California which was one of the protest movement strongholds in the US to find out how events played out there and what legacy remains of 1968 today. We also have another installment of the Neil and Gabe podcast series, where they head out to explore American baseball.

WorldLink: The women speaking out

On this week's show, we meet a woman in Japan who is speaking up against sexual violence in a male-dominated society, we learn about the history of the suffragette movement in Britain and an Indonesian woman talks about her fight to protect women's rights in conflict zones. Plus, we meet a model who won't let her handicap keep her from the catwalk — even if she's in a wheelchair. 

WorldLink: Life on the edge

We look at Norway's transition from one of the most liberal countries on immigration to one of the strictest, and report from Berlin on controversial plans for reception centers on German borders. In Ecuador, we find out how the border town of San Lorenzo is coping with spate of violence, and we meet prisoners taking to the stage Colombia. Plus, Canada's top female sommelier.

WorldLink: On the other side

This week's WorldLink follows DW reporters Sandra Petersmann and Birgitta Schülke as they travel to Iraq to visit Yazidi refugees, four years after the genocide campaign by the "Islamic State." We also visit the US-Mexico border, remember a wartime romance in Korea and check out a mourning trend in Los Angeles that includes sweat and laughter.

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