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WorldLink: Reality check

A week after the Christchurch attack, DW speaks with former WorldLink co-host Samantha Early about the mood in the New Zealand. Also: How Brexit has polarized families in the UK, the experience of growing up as a child of in vitro fertilization and celebrating the Persian New Year in Berlin.

WorldLink: Brexit fatigue

Against the backdrop of one of the most momentous but also inconclusive Brexit weeks since the 2016 referendum, DW takes you to Northern Ireland to find out just how worried the locals of Derry are about a possible return of the Troubles in the event of a hard border. We also meet the English Shop owner in Berlin who is closing down because of Brexit after years of good business.

WorldLink: Breaking free

A French couple is desperate to repatriate their grandchildren from the ruins of Islamic State and Russian bands push back against the government's crackdown on Western pop music. Plus, we hear from a former nun who is speaking out against the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church and women in India march against the culture of victim blaming.

WorldLink: The state of Latin America

On this week's show: We meet civilian groups in Mexico searching for their missing loved ones and join Central American migrants trekking towards the US border. We also take an in-depth look at what's missing from English-language press coverage of the Latin American region.

WorldLink: Hustle to win

We report from Berlin on the refugee women tackling new lives on the soccer pitch, and talk to the photographer who has documented their game. Plus, the refugee winning literary awards from a detention camp and the nonclassical music revolution.

WorldLink: Religious battles

On this week's show, we'll be meeting families from a Muslim minority community who've fled China for a safer life in Turkey. We'll also hear about the devastating and deadly conflict between Christian farmers and Muslim herders in Nigeria. And we’ll hear a first-person account on the conflict in Yemen.

WorldLink: Thinking out loud

This week on WorldLink: Demands for political change in Hungary, and the extraordinary story of the last survivor of the trans-Atlantic slave trade — and the extraordinary woman who wrote it down. And, just in time for Valentine's Day, we look at love — the struggles and the celebrations.

WorldLink: Venezuela on the brink

We report from Venezuela, where political tensions have hit a new high and citizens are flooding across the border to Colombia. From Berlin, we hear about a novel approach to tackling teen smart phone addiction. Plus, the Filipino lawyer who overcame blindness to help others.

WorldLink: Time to fix this mess

This week we investigate rising homeless numbers in San Francisco, discover what's going on at this year's World Economic Forum and meet the participants of the Miss Haiti beauty pageant in Chile. Plus we speak with a young IS fighter in the Philippines and visit to a refugee camp in Jordan where people are paying for groceries with the blink of an eye. 

WorldLink: Moving on

This week on WorldLink, we venture into an area of Baghdad that has previously housed both Saddam Hussein's regime and the US military, but has been closed to the public for 15 years. We also step inside Soweto's first adult shop and explore the legacy of Oscar Romero, a Salvadoran Archbishop assassinated in 1980.

WorldLink: Between a rock and a hard place

We meet a woman in war-torn northern Syria who has won a seat in her local council against all the odds. Plus, we speak with a Senegalese chef who is sharing his love of West African cuisine with the world and journey to the untamed Blasket Islands to discover Ireland's literary heritage.

WorldLink: What's it like to be blind?

This week DW reporters Neil King and Gabriel Borrud teamed up to find out what it’s like to be blind in Germany. They spent some time with a man who gradually turned blind and a teenage girl who was born blind. This episode explores the personal challenges blind people face on a daily basis and tries to shed some light on the blind spots that sighted people may still have on the topic.

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