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WorldLink: A coincidence of history

Fifty years after the first moon landing, we'll hear how images of the historic feat were beamed to millions around the world thanks to a radio telescope in the Australian countryside. We'll also mark the 75th anniversary of Operation Valkyrie — the failed plot by Count von Stauffenberg to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

WorldLink: Risk nothing, gain nothing

As Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement gains momentum, we speak with Joseph Cheng of the pro-democracy coalition Alliance for True Democracy. Plus, we meet the Berlin renters fighting to save their communities from investors, discover an innovative approach to treating alcoholism in Canada and hear the sound of guitars made of wood salvaged from New York's torn-down buildings.

WorldLink: Present imperfect

We investigate the disappearance of activist Sombath Somphone in Laos, discover the growing world of satire in India and find out how people in the "new" Russia are faring 30 years on from the Soviet Union. Plus, we visit a community garden for refugees in the US state of Georgia, examine the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen and explore the link between art and science in Venice.

WorldLink: Trailblazers and transcendence

This week on the show, we hear from a big name in Russian rap about Russia's clampdown on the music scene, Indian artist Raghava KK on how artificial intelligence can create transcendent art, and a pioneering African American doctor from the Bronx who's still practicing medicine in her nineties.

WorldLink: Identity

On this week's show, we'll be meeting the Uighur families who've left China for a safer life in Turkey. Plus: the British-Somali woman changing perceptions about food and identity.

WorldLink: China's path

This week on WorldLink we look at China's past and future. We hear from former activists about the brutal crackdown on student-led protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square 30 years ago, and we find out how a sleepy village in the German countryside became a hub for Chinese businesses. Plus, a mountaineer's take on this year's deadly Mount Everest climbing season.

Worldlink 01.06.2019 59min - MP3-Stereo

On this week's show, we visit a women's soccer club in Berlin that has become a home away from home for refugee women. We'll also hear the story of how a DNA test became a life-changing gift for a woman who had just turned 60.

WorldLink: EU elections

As Europeans head to the polls, Politico Europe's Ryan Heath explains what's at stake in this year's vote. We'll also meet two hopeful candidates who will set precedents if they win seats in the European Parliament. Plus, the family torn apart by Argentina's deportations and how a tech startup in Mexico City is helping Mexican returnees find their feet.

WorldLink: Last orders

Against the backdrop of seemingly stymied talks in Brexit Britain, DW takes you to Northern Ireland to find out just how worried the locals of Derry are about a possible return of the Troubles in the event of a hard border. We also meet the English Shop owner in Berlin who is closing down because of Brexit after years of good business.

WorldLink: Reclaiming the last word

This week: We go underground to meet Thai dissidents in hiding, speak with a rape survivor in India and visit a street art festival in the war-scarred Bosnian city of Mostar. Plus: Venezuelans struggle to survive the collapsing oil industry, Moroccan teen refugees in Ceuta, culinary graffiti in Verona and $1-dollar eyeglasses in Bolivia.

WorldLink: Disaster deja vu

Five years on from the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, WorldLink visits a survivor in Liberia who says his village blames him for the local death toll. We also speak to Katrina Roper, an epidemiologist or "disease detective," from Australia who was deployed to Sierra Leone to figure out how the virus was spreading. Plus, Brazil's indigenous groups are fighting to save their land from development.

WorldLink: Doing Time

On this week's show DW visited Turkish children who are living in jail. Because their moms were imprisoned for opposing President Erdogan’s government. And, DW visits one of Australia’s oldest slammers, the Fremantle Prison, which housed some of the most violent criminals down under for 130 years.

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