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WorldLink: Changing minds

This week on WorldLink: 30 years after the Lockerbie bombing, one father rejects the official story of what happened that day. Tensions are on the rise in Colombia as more and more Venezuelans crowd into Bogota. A German man has gone from left-wing convict to an advocate for jihadis sitting in German prisons and Norwegians are helping refugees bring their own ideas to the European labor market.

WorldLink: Looking for answers

This week: the harrowing story of a German family trying to find out what really happened to their 2-year-old son, who was declared dead 40 years ago under suspicious circumstances in a hospital in the former East Germany. And we take a closer look at Ceuta, a frontier town on the front line of migrant clashes in North Africa.

WorldLink: The difficulties of integrating

This week, we find out how food is helping refugees integrate in Germany, how sex workers in Colombia are making their voices heard through journalism, and how a transgender man is dealing with parenting after his transition. Continuing our Salafism series, we hear from a German mother who’s struggling with her daughter’s new religious beliefs. And we also visit a so-called Death Café in Berlin.

WorldLink: The sex workers running a community newspaper

A group of sex workers in Colombia has turned to journalism in a bid to tackle negative attitudes towards prostitution. Last summer, the team set up their own newspaper in downtown Bogota: It’s called La Esquina, or ‘the corner’. They’re now onto their third printed edition and it’s flying off the shelves.

WorldLink: On target

On this week's show we meet a Syrian refugee in Cologne who has landed his dream job. We meet Mr. Climate Change, the professor who got the ball rolling three decades ago. And we what it's like to mediate between rival gangs in South Africa.

WorldLink: After the fall

This week on the show: In the wake of Turkey's currency collapse, Istanbul's residents are struggling to make ends meet as prices continue to rise. Plus, a prominent Salafi preacher who's alleged to have helped radicalize hundreds of young Germans, and the world's youngest face transplant recipient talks about starting over.

WorldLink: Shedding light on blindness

This week DW reporters Neil King and Gabriel Borrud teamed up to find out what it’s like to be blind in Germany. They spent some time with a man who gradually turned blind and a teenage girl who was born blind. This episode explores the personal challenges blind people face on a daily basis and tries to shed some light on the blind spots that sighted people may still have on the topic. 

WorldLink: In search of answers

This week we discover a love story that began during the Korean War, and never really ended. We speak with a friend of a man who disappeared while hiking back in 2004 — and could have been kidnapped by North Korea. Plus, we learn more about the power of running to cope with grief, overcoming illiteracy, a unique clothes shop which caters to transgender people and reviving traditions in Tahiti.

WorldLink: Understanding extremism and pushing our limits

In part one of this week's show, we explore Salafism in Germany and speak with a mother who lost her son to extremism in Syria. In part two, we examine the rise of far-right presidential candidate Jair Bolsonar in Brazil and meet two people who are choosing to live their life to the fullest by testing their physical endurance, regardless of disability or age.

WorldLink: Year 1 of #MeToo

This week we're marking the first anniversary of the #MeToo movement that originated in the US and has since spread across the globe. A year after media mogul Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault and the hashtag went viral, what's changed? We also walk with migrants in Venezuela, meet a blind balloon artist and look back at the 1968 hit musical Oliver! with star Mark Lester.

WorldLink: October 13, 2018

On this week's show, we meet a German writer who speaks of the fear of being attacked for her ideas. Also, the Senegalese migrant in Spain who's been waiting for 18 years for a new life to begin. Plus, the fight to survive of a local paper in Kentucky. And why the Japanese go BONKERS for high school baseball.

WorldLink: Changing minds and perceptions

This week, we take a closer look at the idea of national unity in Germany, 28 years on from reunification. We discover how sound can impact our mental well being and participate in a 'happiness' class at a primary school in New Dehli. Plus, we check out Berlin's own version of Oktoberfest and meet a father and son tracing the steps of US military history across Europe.

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