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Looking for a change of pace - with Rory McGuirk

Markus chats to one of our CoachParry Online Training Platform members on today's episode of RUN with CoachParry - Rory McGuirk. Rory has both a green and blue number for Comrades and Two Oceans respectively, however has been struggling with getting some motivation back. Markus and Rory explore some ideas to to find new ways to tackle the training; they venture into the advantages of perhaps changing Rory's weekly schedule from a 7 day cycle to a 10 or 14 day cycle and the positive influence of strength work in his program.

They also look at some new exciting tech ideas such as training with power and discuss the aspects of Rory's critical power tests and how to interpret and use the data to plan for Rory's next Sainsbury attempt at Two Oceans next year. 

If you're looking for some guidance and programs for your next challenge join the CoachParry Online Training Platform where you get access to all our training programs as well as to our members only forum where you can chat to all the coaches for guidance.

Keep a look out for our #BiogenJourney with Hobbo who just finished his first triathlon this last weekend and share your journey and training with us using #BiogenJourney and you could win 3 months subscription to CoachParry Online Training Platform
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Overcoming adversity with Vance Harris

If you're looking for some inspiration, listen to today's episode of RUN with CoachParry. We talk to Vance Harris, a member of the CoachParry Training Platform who has a special place in his heart for the Comrades Marathon. He has run the race many times and has a phenomenal story overcoming cancer and run Comrades while receiving chemo treatment.

Lindsey and Vance discuss his Comrades 2019 aspirations as well as some pacing principles for Comrades up run. 
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Training to Power with Garth Willis

On this edition of RUN with Coach Parry, Brad & Lindsey are joined by one of the members of the Coach Parry Online Community Garth Willis to chat about using a power meter to enhance your training and racing.

We also hear from James 'Hobbo' Hobson who has had a tough week and is struggling to get his heart rate up while doing intervals as part of his #BiogenJourney

We also announce the next winner of our #BiogenJourney competition.
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HItting the training right to run Comrades with confidence

On today's episode of RUN with CoachParry, we chat to another one of our CoachParry training platform members - Andrew Watt. Markus and Andrew discuss hill training and heart rate training specific to Comrades and all this builds towards running Comrades with confidence. We help Andrew put a goal time in place for his upcoming races as well as his next Comrades. 
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How to get faster over the shorter distances

Today's episode of RUN with CoachParry is all about getting faster over the shorter distances. Coach Markus chats to one of our CoachParry online training platform members about his goals of getting faster over these distances and the best way to do it.
They discuss the balancing act of strength work (and the tired legs that accompany that) and running. As well as what is an ideal pre-run warm up (and post run beer count) is.
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Are you struggling to get back to fitness? Listen to this for some inspiration

On today's episode of RUN with Coach Parry, we get to hear an inspirational story of getting back to fitness and health from one of our CoachParry community members - Steven Moodley.

Lindsey and Steven discuss the advantages and benefit of slow aerobic base training and how this puts Steven in a good position on his road back to the Comrades Marathon in 2019. They also briefly chat about some tips on running as a vegetarian.
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What do to the last two weeks before a marathon

Today on RUN with Coach Parry we are joined by one of our members Tracey Salgado who has been training hard for the upcoming Kaapsehoop Marathon. Lindsey advises Tracey on what she should and shouldn't do in the final two weeks in the run into her marathon.

PLUS we announce our next winner of out #BiogenJourney

4:50...What's the Comrades Deal?

Today on RUN with Coach Parry we talk about yesterday's big announcement that the Comrades Marathon Association has changed the qualifying criteria for The Ultimate Human Race. 

4:50 it is. Now what?

Also on today's podcast, we announce the first winner of the #BiogenJourney competition we're running. (If you want to see what Hobbo has been up to, you can here.)

Don't forget to use the hashtag on social media to let us know what you're up to and what you need help with and you too could win 3 months access to the brand new Coach Parry Online Training Platform. 
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Boston Marathon - We help John plan a Marathon PB [One on One Coaching Call]

On today's episode of RUN with Coach Parry, we chat to one of our online community members John Hauber. John has been using one of our 12 week marathon programs and smashed his PB by 14 minutes; running 3:21 and in doing so also qualified for the Boston Marathon. Coach Parry helps John put a plan in place for the Boston Marathon for next year. 

They also discuss all things pacing, strength work and how to use shorter distances to help maximise training for the marathon distance. 
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Balancing speed & endurance - One on One Coaching Session with Jeff Ostrom

Today's one on one coaching call is with another one of our athletes on our marathon programs - Jeff Ostrom. Coach Parry advises Jeff on how to get faster across all distances, with KaapseHoop Marathon particularly in mind. Jeff comes from a team sport background and so Lindsey shares how this has probably helped his speed as well as his endurance for running.  They also discuss how much mental tenacity is required for running and how to overcome some of these hurdles. 
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