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How to stay motivated to train on your own

Running alone when training for any race is tough. Coach Parry provides some insights into what you can do to keep motivated if you do not have a running club / group to train with and most of your training runs are done on your own. What is the best way to keep things interesting and hold yourself accountable without negatively affecting training load and intensity in the build up to your race.
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How to get the most out of your running shoes

Coach Parry shares some tips on how to care for your running shoes to ensure you get the most mileage out of them. What is the best way to clean and dry your shoes and other general care ideas. Also, what is the optimum amount of mileage you should have in your shoes before tackling a race? All this is answered in today's episode of Run with Coach Parry.
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Chafing and how to deal with it

Chafing ("friction burn") is one of the most common problems runners face. And every runner has heard sage advice and remedies from other runners on how best to avoid this. From vaseline and ointments to plasters and finger-toe socks. If this is something you struggle with, then today's episode of Run with Coach Parry is for you. Listen to Coach Parry share his tips on how best to avoid chafing and blisters.
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Running Nutrition - Do you struggle to eat during a marathon?

We're sidestepping from some specific training topics onto some running nutrition on today's episode of Run with Coach Parry. Do you struggle to eat during marathon and ultra-marathon races? Many runners battle with this even after practicing it on some lower intensity training runs. Coach Parry provides some advice as to how to get over this struggle.
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How to make the run/walk strategy work for you and other pacing tips

You've seen athletes like Caroline Wostmann use the run/walk strategy very successfully. In this episode of Run with Coach Parry; Lindsey explains the intricacies of how to make the run/walk strategy work for you whether you're a faster or a slower runner. Not only for Comrades Marathon distance but for races ranging from 10km all the way to ultra marathons. Coach Parry also gives some other tips on pacing, talking about even and negative splits for you to calculate your race paces.
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How important is cross-training to marathon and ultra-marathon runners?

In this next episode of RUN with Coach Parry, we chat about the importance / relevance of cross-training to the marathon and ultra-marathon runner. Is it beneficial? How much cross-training should you be doing on your rest days from running in the lead up to the Comrades Marathon and will it help if you are not managing to get to your long runs?
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