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Dr Terrence Kommal

With more than 18 years experience in various industries from medicine to entrepreneurship, Dr Terrence Kommal has led teams from start-ups and family businesses, to national and international multi-million dollar entities. Known as a CEO, non-exec director, strategist, entrepreneur, medical doctor, author, speaker and YPO (Young Presidents’ Organisation) member, Gareth picks his brain on matters like the state of South Africa's healthcare, the Road Accident Fund, being a former Presidential Medical Team Doctor and so much more.

Lindiwe Faith Mokate

As the former Chief Executive Officer of the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), Lindiwe Faith Mokate has been committed to promote respect for, observance of, and protection of human rights for everyone - without fear or favour. Gareth finds out more about the work that she did with the SAHRC, and understanding more of what goes into the national institution established to support constitutional democracy.


Born and bred in Johannesburg to Iranian-born parents who pioneered to South Africa from the UK in the early 1980s, Gareth chats to LEXLEO. Known for his electrifying multi-faceted personality on the SA entertainment scene, LEXLEO is a musician and dentist to the stars. From his roots, beliefs, what drives him and what's on the horizon... find out the fascinating story behind the name here.

Krijay Govender

It's Krijay Day - the new official catch-up the #GCS has with comedian and director, Krijay Govender. The hilarious guest leaves the team in stitches as she lets them in on some of the thoughts she has... taking parenting tips from Serena Williams's father, what marriage means to her, and what she reckons Marianhill is notoriously known for. Things even take a peculiar turn when Krijay also admits to collecting Toby jugs, how Enya factors into her life, and keeping an eye on President Putin's botox regime.

Bongani Bingwa

Acclaimed broadcaster and journalist Bongani Bingwa gets frank with Gareth in this conversation which starts with his explanation around what was behind his recent career move. From how he’s finding the SABC, balancing his various roles, to how the media landscape has changed… he also discusses the work that he does. And of course, Gareth has to pick his brain on his views on Trump, SA politics, and whether or not we’re moving forward as much as we think we are.

Stuart Taylor

Comedian Stuart Taylor is the driving force of South Africa's Big 5 comedy show, a show currently entertaining people with a star-studded lineup. He and Gareth also talk about life on the comedy road, what international audiences like about SA comedians, and how social media is changing content that makes it onto stage now. They also touch on fatherhood and what his kids think of his life on stage.

India Martin & Camille John-Jenkins

India Martin, a 25 year veteran of financial services and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and Camille John-Jenkins, Senior Vice President, Business Strategy, Global Commercial Banking - Bank of America, are women in the country for the Leadership for Life Centenary Delegation Business Summit. During their stay, they're also focused on sharing thoughts on leadership and build business relationships. How are they going about that? How can Africa connect more with the rest of the globe? What are some of the lessons they want to share with African audiences? In this conversation with Gareth, they discuss the answers to these and so much more.

John Sanei

John Sanei is a trend specialist, entrepreneur and speaker. A fair few lay claim to these professional attributes, but John is well and truly defined by them. His passion for change and doing things better has seen him become an accomplished author in recent times, with his latest book entitled Magnetiize. He and Gareth talk about the motivation around it, and the need to forget the chase and focus more on the purpose of our lives.

Lazola Gola

As head writer for the 2018 Comics' Choice Awards, Lazola Gola shows that there is more than one star in his family. He and Gareth talk about his rise to fame in comedy, his obsession with PJ Powers, Grahamstown being a bit of a dump, and how he messed up online relationship-wise according to Poppy.

Moeletsi Mbeki

"South Africa doesn't have a land problem, the ANC has a political problem." Author and academic Moeletsi Mbeki joins Gareth to talk about some tough topics facing the country right now, including the land. Always one to fearlessly cut to the chase and reveal what's really happening socially and economically, Moeletsi provides a great deal of food for thought heading into the 2019 elections.

Riccardo Spagni

Being one of the lead maintainers of the Monero cryptocurrency project, and co-creating the new consortium that’s building an open-source blockchain protocol for digital assets called Tari is work that fuels Riccardo Spagni. The curious mind and astute businessman is blazing new trails in the world of cryptocurrencies. From 3D printing, his hobbies and the future of money, Gareth covers a wide variety of topics with him here.

Neil Harbisson (Cyborg)

Neil Harbisson raises many eyebrows around the world, just by being himself - the Catalan-raised, Northern Irish-born artist is best known for being the first person in the world with an antenna surgically implanted in his skull and for being legally recognised as a cyborg by a government. His antenna sends audible vibrations in his skull to report information to him. This includes measurements of electromagnetic radiation, phone calls, music as well as video or images which are translated into audible vibrations. His WiFi-enabled antenna also allows him to receive signals and data from satellites. Since 2004, international media has described him as the world's first cyborg or the world's first cyborg artist. Gareth gets to know more about Neil here as he explains his new implant on his knee, finds out how he hears colours, his experience of having his antenna hacked, coming to South Africa to speak at the SAS event and donating his organs (including his antenna) once he's dead.

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