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Defending human rights

As the UN Declaration of Human Rights turns 70, we take a look at the state of human rights. Are our democracies at risk as populism rises? We also go to Jordan to see how Syrian refugees are faring and check in with returnees in Somaliland who are now trying to realize their dreams back home.

Laws to save the Planet

Client Earth CEO James Thornton how using the law creatively helps to save the planet / Marid's new traffic restrictions to curb air pollution meet mixed reactions / villagers in India use plastic waste to create new items while protecting their tribal culture and their ancient forest.

Madrid curbing smog with strict traffic rules

To curb air pollution, Madrid now has some of the strictest restrictions for vehicles in Europe. Older cars are banned from entering the inner city, visitors will need special permission. Sidewalks are being widened, and the speed limit has been set at 30 km/h in many places. The decision has proved to be highly controversial — but the left-wing city government remains committed.

From hurricanes, climate funding & tech for the homeless

The Florida Keys were devastated by Hurricane Irma over one year ago — we check in to see how residents are coping with destructive storms and rising sea levels. We also take a look at new ways of helping the homeless. And just before the COP24 global climate summit kicks off in Poland, we talk about what's at stake and where the stumbling blocs are.

Improving Lives

This week on the program we look at how lives can be improved across the world. In a remote village of Kyrgistan, we find out how the internet offers new opportunities. We learn how the UN is supporting change for the millions of migrants and displaced people in Somalia. And we meet girls in a Cairo slum, who are learning to become more self assured.

Alexandria - where the past and present collide

With more than five million inhabitants, Alexandria is Egypt's second largest city, facing typical urban problems like overpopulation, and crushing poverty. Until the 1950s, Alexandria was a cosmopolitan idyll, dubbed the "Paris of the Middle East." During the Arab Spring, it was a hotbed of political activists and visionaries. Today, many are disillusioned. What happened to people's dreams?

Hopes and Clashes in Ceuta

Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in Morroco, is a European town on African soil. It's often the frontline of clashes between Africans trying to reach Europe in search of a better life, and a European Union desperate to keep them out. It's also a port town where 85,000 people live, providing livelihoods for many Moroccans.

Fighting for the future

This week on the show: How three brothers are bringing the internet to rural Zimbabwe, the young entrepreneurs building a future for themselves in Kigali, and we meet activists working to improve human rights in the DRC, China and Brazil.

Stories and Populists

Fighting fake news in Kenya - How Brazil's election has divided the country
- Populism and the narrative behind it - we talk to an expert on storytelling


An isolated village in South Africa launches its own internet service provider to give young people better opportunities, how resourceful students in Greece are creating their own jobs, and why some Indian schools have started happiness classes.

Global Solutions

Topics: Training to fight youth uneployment in Kenya / Solving global Problems: Interview with Prof.Dirk Messner / Bringing the Wifi to Georgia's remote mountains

Chicago's lost children

The reality for many children in Chicago’s notorious West Side is a short life in the fast lane. Gangs, drugs and crime are always present and so is the possibility to end up in prison or dead. Vera Bünten got to know some of these kids – and people trying to help them change their lives around. 

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