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Global Solutions

Topics: Training to fight youth uneployment in Kenya / Solving global Problems: Interview with Prof.Dirk Messner / Bringing the Wifi to Georgia's remote mountains

Chicago's lost children

The reality for many children in Chicago’s notorious West Side is a short life in the fast lane. Gangs, drugs and crime are always present and so is the possibility to end up in prison or dead. Vera Bünten got to know some of these kids – and people trying to help them change their lives around. 

Surveillance and new hopes

TOPICS: Inside a re-education camp for Chinese Muslims -- Human Rights Watch's Sophie Richardson on surveillance of Uighurs -- How South Africans defy the country's high unemployement rates

Poverty and protection

This week on the show: Why Finland's efforts to eradicate homelessness are working, poor neighborhoods in northern Brazil fear for their survival, India makes massive progress in lifting people out of poverty, and how fair is "Fairtrade"?

Picking up the pieces

As more than one million people are leaving their homes in the US to escape Hurricane Florence, we take a look at disasters and disaster preparedness around the globe. What can you do to prepare yourself? What should you have at hand in case there is an earthquake or hurricane? We also hear how people are coping a few years after forces of nature wreaked havoc in their home towns.

World in Progress:

Fossil funding: Public investments in Africa favour fossil fuels over green energy --Waiting for the cleanup: Legal battle over toxic Oil contamination in Ecuador continues -- Harsh lives: Migrants exploited on Italian farms -- Successful Migrant: Western Union CEO on Migration and Money Transfers

Alexandria - where the past and present collide

With more than five million inhabitants, Alexandria is Egypt's second largest city, facing typical urban problems like overpopulation, and crushing poverty. Until the 1950s, Alexandria was a cosmopolitan idyll, dubbed the "Paris of the Middle East." During the Arab Spring, it was a hotbed of political activists and visionaries. Today, many are disillusioned. What happened to people's dreams?

Avocados... the good, the bad & the ugly

Avocados are hailed as healthy superfood, but the craze is wrecking havoc in many communities. For instance in Chile where it's led to water shortages. What can we consumers do? Should we do away with avocados altogether? Join us for a special episode on the avocado fruit.

Changing Aid

Humanitarian aid - what needs to change? // Helping to prevent forced marriages in the UK // Tahiti: Revigourating traditional culture to go into the future.

Unchaining Minds - Mental health in Bhutan and Togo

On this week's show: Find out why it's so hard to get adequate treatment for mental health patients in Togo, where the mentally sick are often beaten and chained for weeks or months, and how Bhutan, the country that wants to increase its official policy of "Gross National Happiness" is dealing with an increase in depression in society.

The Nile — Myths and Challenges

The Nile River has been the life line for East Africa for thousands of years. A mythical river, drinking water, irrigation, hydropower — the Nile feeds many needs in the countries it traverses. But now tensions increase over the water usage. Anna Osius and Linda Staude met people who depend on the river's water, from its southernmost source in Burundi down to the Nile delta in Egypt.

Are we prepared?

Bracing ourselves for heat waves, earthquakes and poor infrastructure: We'll hear how cities are vulnerable to heat and how the Italian city of L'Aquila is rebuilding itself after it was hit by a devastating earthquake almost a decade ago. We also meet people who are filling up dangerous potholes in Rome's streets. And how urban farming changes the lives of young people in Kenya's capital Nairobi.

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