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Battling inequalities

Cape Town's building boom pushes people out of their homes in the city center to shacks in so-called resettlement camps. We'll also hear how old cars from Europe are polluting roads in Africa and how Egypt's new capital is shaping up.

Breaking the silence about rape in Japan and Africa

The #MeToo movement has caused shockwaves in the USA and Europe, but in many countries, the discussion about the taboo topic of sexual violence has met much more resistance. In Japan, one woman changed the debate when she wrote a book about being raped by a high-ranking journalist. And in Africa, female filmmakers are setting out to change things through film.

Working against the odds

This week on the show: South Korea's automation craze is taking a toll on employees. Former gang members in El Salvador are struggling to reintegrate into the workforce because their tattoos mark them for life. And how are Haitians in Miami's Little Haiti coping after US President Donald Trump ended their temporary protected status that allowed them to legally live and work in the United States?

China's claim to global power

China's president Xi Jinping dreams of a strong China elevated to a world power. The giant empire is expanding its influence on all continents, including Europe. China's economic interests have been steadily expanding abroad. And after decades of mainly focusing on internal affairs, Chinese foreign policy is moving in a new direction as well. 

Education is key

This week on World in Progress: How teaching kids how to swim can prevent the silent killer of drowning. A former prison inmate now helps other inmates in Kenya to get an education. A children's dream park in Japan tries to help kids who couldn't cope with school. And: the importance of reading in South Africa and French lessons at Quran schools in Senegal.

To the rescue!

This week, we'll talk about culture: In India, a group of people have come together to compile a dictionary which they say helps preserve the language of Gondi. We hear how a ballet dancer in Peru is helping kids turn away from gang violence. And: Stories about Morocco's dying movie theaters and animated films made in Burkina Faso.

A lab for the future - Smart Cities in Finland

The "Smart cities" of the future will be digital and connected, using smart technology to improve the transport network, cutting down on resource consumption, and connecting people. The Kalasatama quarter in Helsinki for instance has become a lab for Smart City experiments. And not just for the hip and young - senior citizens too are at the cutting edge of smart technology,

Women's Power in Poland

What's changed in the textile industry five years after the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh ? --- Women in Poland take to the streets to protest planned tightening the country’s restrictive abortion law

Stolen childhood

This week on the show: We'll hear about children who were uprooted from their homes in Reunion and shipped off to France. Children in Zimbabwe working on tobacco fields are getting sick from nicotine poisoning. And: A sex abuse scandal shakes up Argentina's soccer clubs.

20 years after the Peace agreement in Northern Ireland

The Good Friday agreement ended three decades of violence between Catholics and Protestants in 1998. Since then, Northern Ireland's economy has picked up and tourists have returned, but divisions can still be felt today and the peace process continues. This report takes you on a roadtrip along the Northern Irish coast to get a feeling for what life is like 20 year after the end of the conflict.

Seeking inner peace in times of turmoil

Sharia Law and tourism in Aceh, Indonesia -- Tolerance and Christian theology in Morocco -- More young Copts in Egypt are interested in monastic life -- Daoism is seeing a revival in China's Zhongnan mountains

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