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"Womanity - Women in Unity" is a weekly programme produced by Dr Amaleya Goneos- Malka. The programme celebrates prominent and ordinary African women's achievements towards self-emancipation, human rights, and democracy. It also deals with social ills, such as, racism, socio-economic class division, and gender based violence.

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Chairperson Associated Media Publishing: Jane Raphaely

This week we talk to Ms Jane Raphaely Chairperson of Associated Media Publishing, which publishes both internationally acclaimed, and South African brands, ranging from Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, WOW, House and Leisure, Good Housekeeping/Goeie Huishouding, H&L Renovations, H&L Food, SA Lingerie to Cosmo on Campus. We discuss some of the pivotal movements that have gathered momentum in the last 12-months to advance women’s rights of equality and empowerment, such as MeToo, SheDecides, HeforShe, and Impact 10x10x10. We mention the rise of alignments, like those established between Marie Claire and Business Women’s Association to develop action plans for women heading up companies to jointly target issues that are holding women back, moving from merely talking about problems to taking resolutions. We recognise that justice for women requires men to be part of the delivery and not the problem. In closing we acknowledge that positive changes for women are not only possible but probable. Tune in for more…

Award winning vocalist Shekhinah Donnell

This week we talk to 2017 MTV Africa Music Award pop /R&B vocalist Shekhinah Donnell. We discuss some of the highlights in this young musician’s career, the inspiration behind her music and her creative process. We address some of the challenges that women encounter in the entertainment industry, which impinges on their development, for example, noting the need to promote more female artists as headline performers. We remark on the responsibilities of becoming a role model for girls and being a brand ambassador for the country and continent. Tune in for more…

CEO Lereko Investments; non-Executive Director FirstRand, Massmart & Sun International – Dr Lulu Gwagwa

This week we talk to Dr Lulu Gwagwa, CEO of Lereko Investments, Chairperson of Aurecon Africa and non-executive director of FirstRand, Massmart and Sun International. We discuss some of the milestones in her career, like serving on the committee that decided South Africa’s current provincial boundaries; developing policy to transform the construction industry; and managing a R609 million job creation process. Dr Gwagwa’s work addresses issues of spatial equality and highlights the social as well as economic importance of infrastructure. We consider the low numbers of women occupying senior and executive positions in the corporate sector and explore potential interventions, notably sponsorship as a purposeful mechanism to promote talent. We emphasise the importance of education, role models, support structures, affirmation and self-belief as building blocks for success. Tune in for more…

Non-Executive Director RMB/RMI Holdings & Co-founder of Identity Partners - Sonja De Bruyn Sebotsa

This week we talk to Sonja De Bruyn Sebotsa, who is a non-Executive Director of RMB/RMI Holdings & Co-founder of Identity Partners. Our discussion focuses on economic empowerment of women. We acknowledge the time, sacrifices and effort that were invested to ensure South African women attained their political freedoms, but in order to fully maximise those rights they need economic access. We discuss the business case for greater representation of women in the corporate sector particularly in leadership and decision-making roles - notably more diverse companies outperform less diverse organisations. Women who are seated at the table are positioned to open the doors for other women to access organisations. We recognise male champions who are committed to make the world more equal, especially those who have ambitions on behalf of their daughters to live in a world with no limits. Tune in for more…

Non-Executive Director Nedbank & founder of Lima Business Solutions – Linda Manzini

This week we talk to Linda Manzini, who is a non-Executive Director of Nedbank and founder of Lima Business Solutions. We discuss some of the thinking behind her decision to become an investment banker, including being able to unlock economic growth in various sectors and financial inclusivity via financial services - as the engine room of the economy. We consider some of the issues that women confront in leadership roles, which for the forerunners can mean navigating unchartered territories, overcoming cultural stereotypes and perceptions of inadequacy as they push new frontiers. We highlight tools to overcome these challenges, for example, coaching, mentoring, support and opening the door for more women to take a seat at boardroom tables. Ms Manzini further suggests creating a union of women, as a platform for women to stand firm, support one another, and continue developing. Tune in for more…

Deputy Minister of Social Development - Hendrietta Ipeleng Bogopane-Zulu

This week we talk to the Deputy Minister of Social Development, Hendrietta Ipeleng Bogopane-Zulu. We discuss some of the Deputy Minister’s past and present accomplishments, as well as her future plans involving integrated development and sustainably changing communities. We discuss several programmes underway in the department like: food for waste, recycling, early childhood development, positive parenting, establishing shelters for men etc…The Deputy Minister shares a few factors behind her success, such as being motivated by hardships in her personal journey as a woman with a disability, establishing a group of trusted individuals to serve as a sounding board and support system, and changing environmental barriers to enable people to flourish. Tune in for more…

Dream Big – Women in Unity

South Africa has many young achievers that are truly reaching for the stars, we revisit the stories of three young ladies who featured on Womanity in 2017. Dr Ncumisa Jilata who at the age of 29 became Africa’s youngest Neurosurgeon; Dr. Adriana Marais who is a Theoretical Physicist and aspiring Extraterrestrial with ambitions to rocket off to Mars. and former Miss South Africa 2017 and current Miss Universe, Ms Demi-Leigh Nel Peters, who have all dreamed big and manifested those dreams into reality. Tune in for more.

Best of Womanity – Women in Unity 2017 – Part 1

This week we reflect on episodes of the past year with a compilation of some the show’s memorable segments on women in leadership, starting with Ms Phuti Mahanyele the Executive Chairperson of Sigma Capital, and former Chief Executive Officer of the Shanduka Group, one of South Africa’s leading investment holding companies. We raise concerns about the perceived regression of women in executive roles, and postulate measures to raise the number of female executives, such as instating gender quotas and celebrating successful businesses with women in executive roles to acknowledge the positive performance of entities with women occupying leadership roles. Secondly, Professor Penelope Andrews, the Dean of the Faculty of law at the University of Cape Town, raises various impediments as barriers to women’s advancement and remarks that eradicating racism is easier than eradicating sexism against women; which may be blatant or benign, and perpetuated by women, as well as men, as they attempt to hold on to outdated stereotypical expectations of women. We note that female leadership makes a difference in the lives of girls and women, particularly when it comes to directing and influencing policy. Lastly, Margaret Hirsch, COO of Hirsch’s Homestore highlights some of the responsibilities associated with business ownership. and shares some tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, such as cautioning against taking out loans, working while others are sleeping, the importance of exercising mind and body, working hard, building networks and social capital, and embracing lifelong learning. Tune in for more…

Deputy Minister of Public Service and Administration - Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba

This week we talk to the Deputy Minister of Public Service and Administration, Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba. We discuss key milestones in her career, ranging from women empowerment programmes in horticulture to a roadmap for community moral regeneration that nurtures responsible citizenship. We review some of the opportunities and challenges arising from the fourth industrial revolution in relation to women’s participation in the economy. We remark on the loss of low skilled repetitive jobs in the retail sector and others, where women will be the biggest casualties. On the other hand, we consider the possibilities of prosperity through innovation and embracing technology, all the while emphasising that we must prepare and educate our youth to ready their skill sets for the future. Tune in for more…

High Commissioner of India to South Africa & Lesotho - Ruchira Kamboj

This week we talk to the High Commissioner of India to South Africa and the Kingdom of Lesotho – Ms Ruchira Kamboj. We discuss some of the work underway to grow inter-country relations in political, economic, trade, defence and cultural spheres, for example, the ‘Indian Technical and Economic Co-operation’ program, which aims to enhance skills in Africa. We highlight some of India’s endeavours to actively empower women, such as public programs like ‘Educate the girl child, save the girl child’; attending to inadequate sanitary infrastructure in rural areas to provide more toilets, which has dramatically reduced school dropout rates amongst teenage girls; to the all women crew circumnavigating the globe in the naval sailing vessel Tarini. We emphasise the symbolism of female achievers who have proven that boundaries can be pushed in any industry and in doing so serve as valuable role models. We note that effecting equality is neither linear nor time bound, but requires persistence, influence and continued action amongst both men and women. Tune in for more…

Deputy Minister of International Relations and Co-operation - Nomaindiya Mfeketo

This week we talk to South Africa’s Deputy Minister of International Relations and Co-operation - Nomaindiya Mfeketo. We discuss how she developed her political consciousness under the tutelage of staunch ANC members from an early age, the impact of Apartheid on her life; and key highlights in her career, from roles in local government dealing directly with communities to managing people’s expectations of transformation in the process of building a new non-racist democracy in South Africa founded on equality. We emphasise that gender equality is not just for educated women, but for every woman. We consider the women empowerment efforts underway from regional players, like SADC (Southern African Development Community) and IORA (The Indian Ocean Rim Association), and how this extends to conflict resolution and stability on the continent. Tune in for more…

Toya Delazy – Award Winning South African Musician

This week we talk to multi-award winning South African Musician Toya Delazy, who talks about her musical roots and the emergence of her unique genre of jazz electro hiphop. We discuss the inspiration behind her creativity, and acknowledge that contemporary artists “feed” off their surroundings – capturing current moods and moments in their music. We consider the debilitating effects of women abuse and the need to continue campaigning to raise awareness of this issue via bodies like UNICEF. We highlight some of Toya’s other endeavours, from voicing the first black Powerpuff Girl for Cartoon Network; to her role as champion for UNICEF’s Generation 2030 agenda to uplift African children as the future leaders of our continent; to being a descendent of Zulu royalty and the humility required for people in positions of authority. Tune in for more…

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