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Inside Europe 21.04.2022

Critics slam the UK’S plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda - The German chancellor under fire over weapons for Ukraine - Concern in Moldova that it, too, is in Russia’s crosshairs - Protests in Turkey as the authorities seek to silence a women’s rights group - And On the Green Fence: How clean is the River Rhine

Inside Europe 14.04.22

Uneasy deja-vu in France, war crimes in Ukraine, football as therapy and ordinary people open their homes to refugees. Also: Boris Johnson is fined for breaking his own lockdown rules, Turkey’s doctors leave the country, a journey into the politically charged world of Spanish matadors, plus a wee dram of climate vulnerable Scotch whiskey.

Inside Europe 07.04.2022

No end in sight to the war in Ukraine, but some refugees are heading home - The horror revealed after the Russian retreat - Ukrainian conflict draws comparisons with the Balkan wars. Also: A portrait of a nation as the French vote in presidential elections - Election results in Serbia and Hungary indicate President Putin has friends in the West - Ferrari celebrates 75 years in the fast lane.

Inside Europe 31.03.2022

Sex traffickers target Ukrainian refugees, Ukrainian cultural heritage becomes a casualty of war, is Turkey becoming a back-door for Russian wealth? Plus a look at the political fallout from the royal tour of the Caribbean. Also: election time in Hungary and Serbia, parenting advice for refugees and Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov experiences sadness and sanctuary in Berlin.

Inside Europe 24.03.2022

Finland weighs up the NATO option, Serbia’s not ready to cut ties with Russia yet, Russia’s financial troubles deepen, and journalists become targets. Also: a Ukrainian environmentalist makes a powerful plea for exiting fossil fuels, British seafarers react to a brutal mass sacking, Istanbul’s mayor taps citizen solidarity and Greek fishermen take matters into their own hands.

Inside Europe 17.03.2022

Snapshots from Ukraine, NATO weighs up its options, the UK’s refugee response comes with a catch.
Also: the DW technicians bringing medical supplies to Ukraine, double standards in Spain and Ireland puts St Patrick Day’s back on the calendar.

Inside Europe 10.03.2022

Ukrainian refugees tell their stories, Russian protesters know that it’s all or nothing, Poland's surprise fighter jet offer, and an Italian primary school where Ukrainian children have already started lessons. Also, a closer look at how Russia's war is impacting food security, climate pledges, bilateral alliances and the world of sport.

Inside Europe Medium 03.03.2022

Perspectives from a continent racing to adjust to: dramatic shifts in foreign policy, over one million refugees seeking shelter, and the crashing of Russia’s economy. Also: portrait of Ukraine's president, Turkey blocks the Bosporus, the IPCC reports back, racial discrimination at Ukraine's borders and France’s presidential race continues under the shadow of war.

Inside Europe 24.02.2022

War in Ukraine. We’ll be considering the situation from a variety of different angles: sanctions, energy dependence, the mood in Russia. And, most importantly of all: The ordinary people of Ukraine. Plus: Poland cuts language funding for its ethnic German minority. French departments reject the Olympic flame. A peak inside Hungary’s burgeoning film industry. And Italy's TikTok grannies...

Inside Europe 17.02.2022

Russian military capability, Poland welcomes NATO troops, a postcard from Eastern Ukraine and the UK's Ukrainian diaspora rallies round. Also: Greek human rights defenders given suspended sentences, a Spanish man’s quest to break down age-based banking barriers, exposing Italy's neo-fascist networks, plus a Berlin trio with South American roots.

Inside Europe 10.02.2022

Vladimir Putin's secretive backstory, Ukrainians gear up to fight and Germany's new chancellor keeps a low profile. Also: France’s far-right presidential candidates court mayoral nominations, respite from the Serbian brain-drain, the problems with Spanish macro-farming, EU ghost flights and how to stop them, plus a controversial mining project in Poland.

Inside Europe 27.01.2022

Life in Ukraine goes on almost as normal, Gotland islanders eye up NATO membership, Britain’s Prime Minister has some explaining to do and passions run high at Ferrara’s Week of Memories.
Also: the biggest coming out in the history of the Catholic Church, dark secrets from France's recent past and music from Budapest and Berlin.

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