Comedy of the Week

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Brighten your week with an episode of the latest Radio 4 comedy. Every Monday we bring you a fantastic variety of comedians including Mark Thomas, Lenny Henry and Tom Wrigglesworth alongside classic shows such as Just A Minute and Ed Reardon.
Just A Minute is 50 years old this year! Nicholas Parsons has been hosting since day one, and kicks off the first episode of the new series with a cracking line-up: Paul Merton, Josie Lawrence, Graham Norton and Stephen Fry. The panel have to talk on a given subject for sixty seconds without repetition, hesitation or deviation. Graham tells us how he lets off steam, Paul informs us about Charles Darwin, Josie tells us what she thinks of low hanging fruit, and Stephen gets stuck into selfie sticks. Hayley Sterling blows the whistle and it was produced by Matt Stronge. Just A Minute is a BBC Studios production.
In a Comedy of the Week podcast first, Cariad Lloyd chats to Beef and Dairy Network's Benjamin Partridge about his surreal bovine-themed comedy. But first, Cariad introduces this week's comedy pick...Cracking Up (Series 1, Episode 1: Let's Talk About Sex)Psychotherapist Spencer finds an uncomfortable conversation with daughter Tilly leads him to an inappropriate outburst outside the school gates. Meanwhile, ex-wife Tina is struggling to get teenager Dylan out of the door in the absence of his lucky pants.Spencer has an awkward moment with a man on a tube train and decides to make himself feel better by taking Tilly (and bagfuls of his clothes) to a charity shop. Unfortunately, there's a misunderstanding with the owner that results in Spencer shouting a lot about cancer and smashing a door down - but Police eventually let him off with a caution.Tina's boyfriend Owen's motorbike has been vandalised with a magic marker and Tilly's curious as to why Spencer's hands have got ink all over them. A Big Talk production for BBC Radio 4.