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Award-winning series exploring religious, spiritual and moral issues. All Things Considered adopts a variety of formats, from documentary to interview and discussion, but is always revealing. The programme is broadcast weekly on BBC Radio Wales on Sundays 0831 - 0859 and Wednesdays 1832 - 1900.
Roy Jenkins marks Refugee Week by meeting families and individuals from Syria and Africa who are being welcomed and helped by St David's Uniting Church, Pontypridd.
The feast of Pentecost, which is celebrated this week, is seen by Christians of many traditions as the birthday of the church and the start of its mission to the world. It focusses on the descent of the Holy Spirit on the first followers of Jesus in an event of intense drama.But what does it all mean today? Who or what is the Holy Spirit? Increasing numbers of people claim ecstatic experiences as a result of encounters with that Spirit; but to what extent do they differ from the kinds of ecstasy offered by a high octane pop concert, a sublime choral work, or some illegal substance? Joining Roy to discuss the topic are: Jules Evans, philosopher and author of The Art of Losing Control, published this month, and Policy Director for the History of the Emotions at Queen Mary University of London; Chris Cartwright, General Superintendent of the Elim Pentecostal Church in Britain and Ireland; Rev Dr Rosa Hunt, minister of Salem Baptist Church, Llantwit Fardre; and Canon Matthew Jones, Catholic parish priest of the Llanishen area of Cardiff.
Roy Jenkins and guests discuss fear following the bomb attack in Manchester, asking how to deal with fear, why it is so powerful and if religious faith can make a difference.
Roy Jenkins asks if politics should be the business of religious bodies and if mixing faith and politics can be as much a curse as a blessing for politicians and people of faith.