2013: The Future of Who Knows What

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From the whimsical to the deadly serious and from the academic to the practical, how we learn, how we teach and how we know are constantly evolving. This evolution is at its fastest and most profound at the intersection of technology and development. The future of who knows what is up for grabs and TEDxAIMS wants to figure out what’s going to happen next.

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Arthur Attwell - Tech Spreads Slowly

Arthur Attwell is a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow and the founder of Paperight, a network of print-on-demand bookstores. Here Arthur talks about how, when we think technology moves quickly, we work on the wrong problems -- tomorrow's problems -- and we neglect the simple solutions the world needs today.
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Robyn Farah - The Artist and the Arduino

Robyn Farah is a Sound Artist, with a background in instrumental and electronic composition. Her aim is to make everyday objects come to life with sound, allowing the manipulation, interaction and/or processing of sound more accessible to the public. Here Robyn tells us how the Arduino allows artists with no background in computing or engineering to integrate electronic interaction into their work.
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Kevin Govender - Astronomy For Humankind

Kevin Govender began work at the Office of Astronomy for Development on 1st March 2011 as its first Director. He has extensive experience using astronomy for development during his previous position as the Manager of the SALT Collateral Benefits Programme at the South African Astronomical Observatory. In this talk Kevin tells us how astronomy can and is being used to build a better world.
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Nicole Klassen - Hearing Africa's Voice

When it comes to the business of being creative there are three things that drive Nicole Klassen: local content, youth and micro-enterprise development. It is these drivers that led her to Emma Kaye and Bozza where she has found a niche, marrying creativity with technology to produce extraordinary results. Here Nicole talks about how mobile technology can be used to extend the reach of African oral media.
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Ilana Wetzler - How Do You Know?

Ilana Wetzler designs, delivers (and trains people to deliver) experiential programmes in transformational & facilitative leadership -- leadership that creates uplifting and sustainable change from the inside out. She works with organisations, communities and individuals around the world. Here Ilana talks to us about the knowledge we all hold within ourselves.
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Neil Turok - The Next Einstein From Africa?

Neil Turok is the director of the Perimeter Institute and the founder of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences. Here Neil talks about Africa as the world's greatest untapped pool of scientific and technical talent. Unlocking it could result in Africa doing for science what it has already done for music and art.
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