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Presented by Nancy Richards
Sharing info on the AFRICAN MARINE WASTE CONFERENCE; on climate activist INNOCENT SIBEKO; small holding sustainability champ LESEGO SEROLONG and energy use specialist KIMANTHRIE PILLAY plus dirty laundry in the UK is an environmental hazard!
Bugs and beetles! Amongst other things that's what we'll be talking about on THE ENVIRO-SHOW - including how to make buildings fire-proof in the light of recent infernos and the value of aquaculture in fostering food security
On The ENVIRO SHOW: we look at what some YOUNG greenies are doing locally and in Tanzania to clean up, save water and plant. How damaged are the legendary FORESTS of Knysna post the fire and what's new in the green building sphere
On The ENVIRO Show: What was DONALD TRUMP thinking when he pulled the US out of the Paris Accord? Why are ANTS beneficial and how do WORMS perform agricultural miracles.
We look at the last of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, No 17: Partnerships. And hear about the impact of Climate Change on our Physical and Mental health and then - Harvesting FOG to collect H2O. To wrap - REINDEER for dinner!
Penultimate in UN Sustainable Development goal series, No 16 Peace Justice and Strong Institutions – hearing from three institutions who came together to discuss a Transition to the Circular Economy: EXPRA, GREENCAPE and GREEN HOUSE. The last in the eco-friendly hobby-sports: Mountain Climbing with Grant Rens chair of Jbg branch Mountain Club of SA; managing food waste with chef Sherwin Waeich and The Biggest Elephant Cake in the world – both to be at the upcoming Good Food and Wine Show June 2 – 4 at the CTICC.
ENVIRO SHOW 18 5 17 In our Sustainable Development Goal series: SDG 15 – Life on Land In our Eco sport-hobby series: Cycling with Yster Xatasi acting vice president Cycling SA Robert Vogel CEO of Pedal Power Association Glenice Ebedes of grounded Landscaping on A Gardener’s Guide to Indigenous Garden Plants of Southern Africa Koot Prinsloo of Langside Meats on grass-fed, veld-reared beef available at Frankie Fenner’s Meat Market. Meat Manifesto the book by Andie Fenner
ENVIRO SHOW 11 5 17 Braam Malherbe and Wayne Robertson arrived Rio after 8,200 km row from Cape Town In our Sustainable development Goal series: SDG No 14 – Life in water: Julia Barnes, deep sea diver and film maker talked about her movie Sea of Life In our Eco sport-hobby series Tudor Caradoc-Davies talked about The Mission, flyfishing magazine Trevor Sithole flyfishing guide Pavitray Pillay of SASSI SA Sustainable Seafood Industry on state of the oceans Junaid Francis of SASSI on their new labelling system
Continuing series focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal: No 13 – CLIMATE ACTION. Heard from SARSHEN SCORGIE Director of policy and fiscal instruments at Conservation SA; the concept of Just Transition from Johan Van den Berg of African Climate Reality Project; broad picture on global weather with: Dr. PAUL EGERTON, World Meterological Org representative in NY – and started a new mini series for May on environmentally friendly hobby sports – today Birdwatching with Dr KABELO SENYATSO Director, BirdLife Botswana