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Azure Success Stories with Christos Matskas

How do you have success with Azure? Carl and Richard talk to Microsoft PFE Christos Matskas about some of the projects he's been involved in helping organizations deploy apps and services into Azure. As Christos says, it's not an all-or-nothing thing - some applications and services make more sense in the cloud, and some work great on-premises. But there are a bunch of moving parts to organize and understand to have success with Azure. Christos tells stories of where things go right, things go wrong, and how it has less to do with the technology involved, and more with how you think and work together as a team!

The .NET Core 2 Road Map with Scott Hunter

What is coming up for .NET Core? Carl and Richard talk to Scott Hunter, who leads all of .NET at Microsoft, about the road ahead for .NET Core. But first, a quick look back at where .NET has come from, including a discussion around performance and the impact of the Meltdown and Spectre CPU security flaws impacting performance across the board. Then into a huge raft of features coming up in the next year in .NET Core, including compilation and performance enhancements, as well as some old favorites like lazy loading in EF Core and SignalR!

Building Dashboards with Jessica White

How do you know how your software is working? While at NDC in London, Carl and Richard talk to Jessica White about her experience building dashboards to instrument operations, management and development. The conversation dives into what needs to be measured as well as how to represent those measurements in ways that help people understand - do it wrong and you can actually confuse people, or have your dashboard ignored. Jessica talks about how dashboards have to evolve with business needs. With new goals come new metrics and new dashboards to show those metrics. Your dashboard is no more static than your business is!

SharePoint Development in 2018 with Sahil Malik

SharePoint development continues to evolve in 2018! Carl and Richard talk to Sahil Malik about his view on the latest offerings around SharePoint. At the Ignite event in 2017, Microsoft announced SharePoint 2019, so there's definitely a new on-premises version of SharePoint coming. Obviously, it's taken from the cloud edition, which is why the development model has changed so substantially. Sahil talks about the SharePoint Framework as the model for doing SharePoint customizations, and the coding is primarily in JavaScript - now SharePoint development is web development!

Voice Programming with Heather Downing

What does it take to build an application where the UI is strictly voice? While at NDC in London, Carl and Richard sat down with Heather Downing to talk about her experiences building voice-driven applications with a variety of tools, including Alexa and Google Voice. Heather digs into the challenges of thinking through what the voice interface is really good at, versus more traditional screen, keyboard, and mouse driven software. This leads to a broader discussion about getting away from the desk entirely, into highly mobile and standing environments where the keyboard is just not a practical option. Voice-driven apps are a different class of app entirely - does it make sense for your organization?

The Docker Stack with Rob Richardson

What goes into a Docker stack? Carl and Richard talk to Rob Richardson about how containers are evolving in the .NET world. Rob talks about how the Windows side of Docker is actually getting stronger - most developers using Docker use Linux as the template OS. The conversation focuses on moving existing .NET applications into Docker - aka, without .NET Core. It's certainly possible, and you get some of the container advantages. But with containers comes new thinking around architecture, the ability to organize and scale your services differently. But you can implement those features gradually, and take advantage of what orchestration can do for you. Whether in the cloud or on-premises, containers have a lot to offer!

Teaching Software Development with Maria Naggaga

Modern software development is complex, how do you teach it to beginners? While at NDC in London, Carl and Richard sat down with Maria Naggaga to talk about her approaches to teaching software development, both to children and adults, from the very beginning. Maria talks about using more approachable cause-and-effect type tools at the beginning to learn about procedural programming, and how the latest bits actually allow you to take that code forward into more advanced tools. Interactive documentation and minimal installation requirements are also important - check out Try .NET!

Security for Non-Profits with Cameron Birge and Tarek Dawoud

Whether you're a multi-national NGO or your local church group, every non-profit has cybersecurity issues! Carl and Richard talk to Cameron Birge and Tarek Dawoud about tools, techniques and mindset to protect data and resist hackers. While the practices are broadly applicable to any organization and applications, non-profits have specific challenges that make cybersecurity all the more challenges - how do you train volunteers that turn over steadily? How can you be sure that a volunteer software developer is doing the right thing security-wise? Lots of good thinking about how to prioritize your security needs, it's a journey, not a destination!

Amazon Machine Learning with Kesha Williams

How is machine learning different over in the land of Amazon? While at NDC in London, Carl and Richard talked to Kesha Williams about her work building machine learning solutions using various Amazon technologies. The conversation starts out talking about the challenges around bias being amplified by machine learning technology - there are no simple solutions. Kesha talks about building a crime risk evaluation system using image recognition and machine learning. Just a prototype, but it opens the door to a deep conversation about the moral obligations on developers today. And the tech is cool too!

Building Cloud Native Apps in Azure with Scott Guthrie

What does it mean to build a cloud-native application? While at NDC in London, Carl and Richard talked to Scott Guthrie about the latest features available in Azure. While there are always the Infrastructure-as-a-Service options of VMs and the like, you don't really get the power of the cloud until you move into more of the platform features. Scott describes how existing applications and be lifted-and-shifted into VMs in the cloud, and then broken apart to take advantage of various services. The ultimate manifestations use technologies that are cloud-specific, like CosmosDB and Logic App features so that you focuses solely on your code.

More on Blazor with Daniel Roth and Steve Sanderson

What if you could program in C# in your browser? Carl and Richard talk to Daniel Roth and Steve Sanderson about the evolution of Blazor - Steve Sanderson's amazing project using WebAssembly to put .NET In the browser. The big news is that Blazor is moving from a Sanderson research project into the ASP.NET GitHub repository - the team is going to work on it! Still experimental, the Microsoft team is keen to see what all of us will do with Blazor. If you want a C# experience end-to-end in web development, you need to check it out!

Postgres and Curious Moon with Rob Conery

How can space science help you learn Postgres? While at NDC London, Carl and Richard talk to Rob Conery about his latest book, A Curious Moon. Rob talks about being inspired by Andy Weir's The Martian to write a book that teaches Postgres by using the data from the NASA Cassini mission to Saturn. The book is part story, part tutorial about using Postgres, data loading and analytics. And the data is real - you're working from the actual data from the Cassini mission. The book is an innovative way to learn and starts you down the path of doing real data analytics, looking at what your data says!

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