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Antifragility in Software Architecture with Barry O'Reilly

Everything fails eventually - how do you recover? Carl and Richard talk to Barry O'Reilly about building anti-fragile systems. Anti-fragility is the philosophy of accepting that things can break and you need to be able to detect and recover from that failure, whatever form it might take. Barry talks about the four aspects of anti-fragility: redundancy, diversity, modularity and loose-coupling. They're all common terms, but understanding how to do them well within your system is a challenge. How reliable do you need to be? What's an acceptable level of failure? This is what modern software systems are all about!

Microsoft Buys GitHub with Phil Haack

Microsoft acquires GitHub! What does this mean? Carl and Richard talk to Phil Haack about what's going to change and what isn't - starting with, at least for the foreseeable future, Phil is not a Microsoft employee! GitHub is going to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft, operated independently. But having Microsoft resources available does open some interesting doors - Phil talks about the vast amount of resources that Microsoft has to move quickly on cool features and projects around the open source world!

Open Sourcing Uno with Francois Tanguay and Jerome Laban

Where has Uno been all your life? Carl and Richard talk to Francois Tanguay and Jerome Laban about Uno - the open source cross-platform UX library based on the Microsoft Universal Windows Platform (UWP) - the other flavor of XAML! Francois and Jerome talk about using various versions of Uno the past four years to build cross-platform applications for Windows, Android and iOS - more than 200 of them! Now they have implemented a web assembly version as an experiment and are open sourcing the framework to broaden the community and explore more UX ideas - check it out!

Essential C# with Mark Michaelis

C# is not done - there's more to come! Carl and Richard talk to Mark Michaelis about his work on Essential C# 7 which digs into the new bits in the 7.x version of C# - which is cool, but so is the conversation around what happened at the Build event and how that is reflected in C#. Mark talks about the new language features in C#, even going into some things that should appear in version 8 to deal with modern programming problems. And then there's Core 3 - what will it mean to have WPF and WinForms? Could they be cross-platform? Should they be? Lots of good thinking!

Azure Tooling for Visual Studio with Paul Yuknewicz and Andrew Hall

Azure is good - but tooling makes it great! While at Build in Seattle, Carl and Richard talked to Paul Yuknewicz and Andrew Hall about the latest tools available in Visual Studio for developers wanting to get the most out of Azure. The conversation starts out with a response to a listener about debugging services in Azure - the challenge of following an execution path through your software and the various service offerings of Azure that your application might depend on to understand where problems lie. Then a dive into the new bits - new container support, tooling around Kubernetes and more!

Visual Studio for Mac Update with Mikayla Hutchinson

More news from Build - the release of Visual Studio for the Mac 7.5! Carl and Richard talk to Mikayla Hutchinson about the latest features coming for the former Xamarin product. The biggest news is support for Razor, JavaScript and TypeScript intellisense, which sounds simple, but involves a ton of changes and makes VS for Mac more than just that mobile development tool. There's plenty of improvements in the mobile dev space too, and the first steps to integrating with VSTS!

Life on Other Planets Geek Out

Could there be life on other planets? Time for a Geek Out! Richard chats with Carl about Fermi's Paradox, Drake's Equation and all the latest science we've gathered around how common life is on other planetary bodies. This does lead to a discussion about what makes a planet a planet in the first place - that definition is changing and being heavily debated. And as for intelligent life... well, that's a whole other problem!

MSIX with Andrew Clinick

Desktop installation needs to get better! While at Build in Seattle, Carl and Richard talked to Andrew Clinick about MSIX, the next generation installation technology from the Windows team. MSIX is open source and available at GitHub, and works to make your desktop application installation experience a bit less painful. Andrew discusses the various approaches that Microsoft has taken over the years around installation and some of the unintended consequences that have come along - all that learning has been merged into MSIX to make desktop installation better. Check it out!

Windows Sets with Raymond Chen and Jason Watson

Tabs for Windows apps? While at Build in Seattle, Carl and Richard talked to legend Raymond Chen and Jason Watson about the upcoming Sets capabilities in Windows 10. The conversation dives into the virtual desktop, Windows 10 timeline and other tech to get you back to a productive state quickly, from one device to another. Jason and Raymond talk about how developers can add functionality to their applications to take advantage of Sets to further increase productivity. Windows continues to evolve!

Writing High Performance .NET Core Code with Ben Watson

.NET Core is fast, but does how you write code in .NET Core help with performance? Carl and Richard talk to Ben Watson about the 2nd Edition of his HIgh Performance .NET Code book. The original edition came out in 2014 when .NET Core was just beginning (ASync/Await were brand new too!) and so an update is welcome. Ben explains that there is no one right way to write high performing code, every implementation is on a case-by-case basis. You need to benchmark and instrument to understand where bottlenecks are, then measure performance carefully before you start trying to improve. But there are a bunch of options available to improve performance!

MFractor Update with Matthew Robbins

MFractor grows up! Carl and Richard talk to Matthew Robbins about the progress he's made over the past 18 months (since his last show) on MFractor - now an extension for Visual Studio for the Mac to make building mobile applications with Xamarin easier. Matt talks about improving the mobile development cycle - the time it takes from writing code on your PC to it running on your smartphone, and recognizing that it's not just about compile and transfer times. It's also image sizing and copying, catching errors early and more - things that can be done while writing code!

Announcing .NET Core 3 with Scott Hunter

Fresh from Build (actually recorded before Build) - a new version of .NET Core! Carl and Richard talk to Scott Hunter about the announcement of .NET Core 3. Scott leads off with a conversation around .NET Core 2.1, now a release candidate at Build. And then the big news, the next version of Core bringing love to the desktop side, at least for Windows. Versions of WinForms and WPF run against Core. It's a separate package because it's not cross-platform, but it certainly brings new Windows desktop development to Core! Check out the site for video on Core 3!

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